Why you should not apply as a Flight Attendant?

having second thoughts? If you’re thinking about working as a flight attendant, I list down things that can be encountered if you apply as a flight attendant. This is gonna be all the Details that you might want to know before you move out of the country and become a flight attendant.


Why you should not apply as a Flight Attendant?


Why you should not apply as a Flight Attendant?



Homesickness is real. There are some people who are home sick to the point they are having suicidal thoughts and what not and some people do not finish their contract because of the loneliness that you would feel if you move to a different country. You have to be Physically, mentally and emotionally ready to move out of your comfort zone because it is really Different. Everything it’s gonna be hard if it’s your first time to to adjust you need to be flexible you have to make new for new friends new connections.


Culture shock is real!

Do not apply as a flight attendant if you are not open to new cultures for example you are a Christian your whole life and you saw some Arab or Muslim do their things and you don’t like the way they are doing things. You need to accept that other people have other ways of doing things and you know this is how they do it in their culture. You have to respect that and you have to open to that or don’t judge them.


You need to study a lot as a flight attendant.

Third thing that I want to talk about on this blog is that do not apply as a flight attendant if you do not like studying. Because it may come as a shock to most of you But flight attendant study a lot especially before a flight and most specially when you just first got your job there is a training, and if you fail the training you’re “Out” from your job. You study about the airplane the emergency procedures every single scenario that might happen when you are on air and there’s nobody there, people rely on you because you’re the one in charge so you have to train. You have to be able to to memorize every single procedure.


Jet-lag is real guys!

That item number four let’s say you have made it to the training, congratulations you are now flying! But something will hit you in the face and you wont even see it coming. Jet lag is real. There will be times that you won’t know what date time and there will be times that your body clock is really messed up and it’s really hard to fix it because one day you will travel to Europe and the next flight destination is Asia. Also you need to take care of your body because after long flight and you can’t sleep as much. Unless you are ready for this jet lag thingy, Flying would be great!

There is no I in the word TEAM

Don’t apply as a flight attendant if you don’t want to work with people. so what do I mean by this? You are flying with the team, and their are your seniors and colleagues. Sometimes those colleagues of yours are hard to work with or they are too toxic to work with. Sometimes you just have to let it be and do your best. If you don’t want to work in a team I suggest you refrain from applying as a flight attendant.


Flight attendant = Customer Service

Customer Service is the bread and butter of being a flight attendant. Do not apply as a flight attendant if you don’t think that customer service is the industry for you. It basically means taking care of passengers, you have to keep them happy. In short you need to serve them. Passengers will always have something to complain or request. So if you don’t think that you can act professionally or if you can’t enjoy serving other people,  then this is not for you.


I might sound that I don’t want you to be a flight attendant but I am just warning you guys about this job so you have expectations. This is just the basic things that you will experience throughout working as a flight attendant. So that’s it for the blog guys, I hope you guys learned a thing or two. So if you read this and still want to be a flight attendant, I salute you guys!

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3 Replies to “Why you should not apply as a Flight Attendant?”

  1. Hi Miss Kay Krizz! Thanks for your very informative blogs and YouTube videos. I have just started last year applying online for FA positions, and have received various regret e-mails aready 😭 Anyway, I applied for QR for the cabin crew recruitment event in Manila (Shortlisted/Females only) and received a regret e-mail today for this, BUT upon checking my applications, there will be an open day event (in a different city in Ph) this coming July on my account which says ‘Manually Applied by Recruiter’. Obviously, I didn’t apply for this job post, now I’m wondering whether it was just a mistake on the system or what… It is an OD but I cant find this from QR’s careers page. Sorry for the long comment, but I hope you could give light to my predicament. Thanks and much love — Rhz

  2. Once you resign as a flight attendant, will you be able to use the visa provided by the airline, if you have prospects to go overseas? Or will they revoke it?

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