Interview Question Series: Why should we not hire you?



So many of you my readers came to me and asked for how to answer this tricky question: Why should we NOT hire you?


I was honestly dumbfounded, I never encountered this question before. So I took it as a challenge. I did some thinking and researched. I figured out how to tackle this particular question and now I am going to share it to you.


After some digging, I realized this question is a Surprise Type of Interview Question.

During a surprise question, the recruiter wants to assess the ff:

-How quick do you think on your feet.

-How your logic works.

-How you handle failing.

Most surprise questions really don’t have a correct answer. The real test is to see how the applicant will handle the situation. It is more of a test of character type of question.

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-Keep your composure. Smile and carry on.

-Decide for a logical answer and try to explain why you chose that line of reasoning.

-Always find a way to steer a negative conversation into a positive one.

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Sample answer:

I am the type of person who believes in doing her best in any undertaking. So when I came in here for the interview this morning, I truly believe that I can do this job. I prepared 100% for it and I am confident that my skills and personality fit the role of a cabin crew. I honestly can’t think of any reason why I should not be hired. Given the chance, I’d like to tell you all about the reasons why I think I should be hired instead. 🙂

Another Option:

Its a fact that humans are not perfect and I am sure I come with my own faults and quirks as a person.  However, being a cabin crew has been my dream job and I have dedicated many years preparing for the job by finishing a degree in tourism and cultivating my skills in customer service. I am positive that I have what it takes to do this job right and given the chance I will prove it to you through my hard work and excellence. 🙂

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