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On this VLOG: Paris Layover, my Pinay mafia and I went out to see the Notre Dame Church and went shopping at Champs Elysees.

It was not my first time in Paris. However, it seems that I have deleted my vlog files the first time I went here. I am so sad about that. T^T

The first time in any dream place is always magical. I lost my friends but I still marched on to exploring the city even if I am alone. True Story! Scary a little bit but when I get to see the Eifel tower the first time, I almost cried. But that is a whole other blogpost.


Now lets focus on our trip to the Notre Dame church and flying with batch mates.

batch flight layover paris

A Batch flight is a flight where most member of the crew is your batch mate. Meaning you went to the training together. This is one of those amazing flights where everybody gets along, great teamwork and you feel like you are not working at all and you are going on a vacation with your friends. Only this time, the ticket, hotel accommodation and the pocket money is for FREE. Its the best feeling in the world!


It was the Holy week so it is only fitting that we first visit the church that day.


There was not much tourists and queue for the church maybe because it was not a peak season at that time.

The entrance to the church is free and we can take pictures inside the church.

My first impression of the church. “Why is it so dark here?”

I guess that is part of its aesthetics.

Lots of statues of different saints and gargoyles can be found all over the pillars and the walls of the church.

It is just surreal to be in the place where you only seen in cartoons as a kid. Seeing that places like these really do exists is a mind expanding experience. You get to realize the world is so much more than what you have imagined it to be. (Mainly because I didn’t see any hunchback there, it was pretty much a tourist spot with all the touristy stuff. But that is not the point )


Now shopping in this city is a whole lot of different kind of adventure.

Their stores are HUGE and has almost all the stocks that you can think of.

The shops offer you drinks while you are trying to decide which item would you like to buy.


Shopping in Paris is also very practical because items are priced way lower than you would get these items from other parts of the world. Mainly because these products are made locally. Getting the hefty Tax Refund is also one big factor why people love to shop here.

Some Flight Attendants actually makes it a side business to buy and sell bags from here.

Which is what I am doing before I lost my Paris flights to another fleet (meaning I don’t get to fly to Paris at the moment since it need another training for the airplane that flies there.)

However, If anyone of you are interested in ordering branded bags from MILAN, I’m your girl. You can send me an email at kaykrizz@gmail.com if you want me to shop for you. 😉 #shamelessplug

vlog: paris layover


Now without further ado, here is the video of my Vlog: Paris Layover