Vlog: Random afternoon in New Jersey and my 29th birthday! :)



During my US vacation – winter edition. One random afternoon of doing nothing the day before my birthday.

I went out of the house to take mommy’s new camera for a spin.


So I went to the nearby park to hopefully find some good subjects to photograph.

Noting much to do in the states in an ordinary day when all your relatives are working and nieces are in school so you go ahead and entertain yourself.

It was freezing cold (for me) spent some time on the park until my hands froze and I went to Walmart for some medicine.

it is funny how people would just strike a conversation with you out of nothing. So this elderly man just talked about my camera out of the blue and chat me up all the way while waiting for my turn for the cashier.

If you would like to see the Vlog video, its here:


Anywhooozz.. The reason I was spending my time in the states is that I wanted to celebrate my birthday with family.

I am not really a big birthday celebrant but I guess the Filipino in me cant help it.

In the morning of my birthday, snow fell all over Jersey City as if it was just there for me. 🙂

Snow on my birthday
Magical. Especially for someone who has lived all her life in a tropical country
birthday snow
Special. Because for the whole 26 days that I am staying in the states, That is the only day that snow fell.


I told my mom that I want a bowling party for the two of us.

We went to Hudson Lanes for some bowling fun, chicken wings and beer.

IMG_8139new jersey

My mom is the coolest!



My mom bought a whole lechon de leche for me and we had a nice dinner! My mom my brother and nieces and nephews. All wishing me a happy birthday. The best feeling in the world.


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