Vlog Milan 2016: Misskaykrizz in Duomo Terraces..


vlog milan 2016

Vlog Milan 2016

Milan is one of my favorite layover! That is why I am so excited about this vlog!

Mainly because of food, fashion, beauty and the shopping.

To he honest, if I can choose a place to move. Italy would be it for me.

I like how the city relaxed is not busy  like New York or Paris.

The people are also amazing. They are almost always a pair of old people in the train, on the streets, the restaurants.

On the busy shopping streets you would also see so many diverse and dynamic people. The fashion is always on point. And pets! OMG I go crazy over those pretty little fur friends that people strut along with them.

I wasn’t expecting this sunny weather. But I guess you can never go wrong with wearing black! 😀
The famous gelato! Only 2 Euros from carts on the streets. 5 euros from more fancier shops.
vlog milan 2016
There are two ways to get to the Duomo Terraces. By Stairs 7 euros and by elevator 12 euros. We went by elevator. 😛

For eating I would really suggest eating on local restaurants that are nearby your hotel. Eating pasta from fast food stores around the touristy areas are not nearly even on the 10th level good of the food that we experience with the local restaurants.

I would recommend the Marinara Pasta and Pizza and the Tiramisu for dessert!

One of the strange traditions in Milan is spinning on this Bull’s Balls to ward off bad spirits. Place your foot firmly on the balls area and spin backwards three times.
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II. Can you believe it took 14 years to build this belissima (beautiful) structure. They really don’t make malls like these anymore!

Ah Milan! You will always be my dreamy happy place.  I’d love to visit you as much as I can!

Another plus side of this place for me by the way, is the number of Filipinos who live here!

Its so common to meet a lot of our kababayans everywhere on this place.

So that’s all for this Milan Blog guys!

Be sure to check out my video / Vlog for this short trip here:


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