Ultimate Guide on how to be a Flight Attendant in 2019

ultimate guide how to be a flight attendant in 2019

Are you ready to stop dreaming and get your flying career started?

Here are the ultimate guide on how to land your dream job this 2019.

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1. Be alert on what airline is hiring.

Join my hiring alert newsletter, facebook groups like misskaykrizz, Future FA, Fly High Manila to know what is happening around the flight attendant aspirant community.

You can also frequently check my very own sources on who is hiring. The airline official websites and official agency listings below:

2. Be savvy with online application.

  • Have a ready picture available to submit online. You will need a colored 1 full body picture in 4R and a headshot or 2×2 close up picture. Dress in formal business attire.
  • Have your Resume /CV ready.
  • Have a digital copy of your passport. Get a passport if you have not gotten one yet.
  • Be ready for online interviews – dress appropriately with proper grooming, look directly at the camera, sit up straight.
  • Prepare for online exams – Time pressure exams in english and math problems are common during online application.

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3. Get ready to apply in person.

  • Have your bare minimums ready. (outfit, make-up, shoes, nails, CV, picture and passport)
  • Prepare physically (communication and posture)
  • Mentally Prepare ( Airline Research and common interview questions) My book “Ready for take-off: 8 Proven Steps to get your dream job a Flight Attendant have a more detailed preparation steps and sample questions and answers for interview question.
  • Know what to expect (read blogs and social posts of others’ experiences)

4. On the Recruitment day.

  • Deep Breaths to calm your nerves. You got this!
  • Remember the mantra: Eye Contact, Smile and Posture. This will help you look composed at all times.
  • Stop comparing yourself to each and every other applicants. Leave this stressful job for the recruiters. Focus instead on your interview answers, lifting your mood and having a present mind.
  • Make friends to your seat mate. Some airlines take it to consideration that you are showing a friendly character.

5. During the interview.

  • Remember to smile before speaking, during pauses and after your answer. This will automatically make you stand out among the other nervous candidates.
  • Deep Breathing to handle the nervousness.
  • Presence of mind.

6. After the interview.

  • Add your co-applicants on social media so you can all keep tabs on the results of the interview and also gain a friend.
  • Claim it!
  • Pray the novena
  • Avoid stressing about the little details
  • If the results are not available right away. Welcome to the waiting game. You did your best so sit back, relax and try not to stress about it.


Chasing this dream career is not always easy breezy. A few bumps and turbulences are bound to get in your way. So no need to panic if you are having difficulties at the moment. I assure you that it will all be alright in the end.

If you are reading this and you still feel that you need more help, a support system or an interview coach for you flight attendant interview, check out the different ways Miss Kaykrizz can help you ace your flight attendant interview below.

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