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Should I get a Flight Attendant Course? ICATS FA School Review

Should I get a Flight Attendant Course? | MISSKAYKRIZZ


Flight Attendant Course:

Do I need the training to get a Flight Attendant Job? What are the advantages and disadvantages of enrolling in a Flight Attendant School? Is it gonna be worth it? Would I recommend it to you? How is it like? Would it give you an edge to the interview?

These are just one of those burning questions that you guys have been asking me for a couple of years now and I have always answered these questions based solely on my experience

To give a more educated answer, I did a little more digging and I explore the other side of the coin. I actually talked to 5 friends that have gone through the experience and learned some valuable insight. However, my friends are very camera-shy (typical Filipina quality) But, I am so happy that one of them finally agreed to share an interview and talk about their experience of taking a flight attendant course via one of the FA Schools available in the Philippines. I interviewed Mara, my friend. She went through a Flight attendant course in ICATS (flight attendant school).

Miss Mara and me during our Initial FA training as Official Cabin Crew in Middle East @maraclarazara
Miss Mara and me during our Initial FA training as Official Cabin Crew in Middle East @maraclarazara

We talked about:

  1. Why did she enroll in the flight attendant course/school in the first place?
  2. How was the training like of getting a flight attendant course?
  3. What were the advantages and disadvantages of going through a course like this?
  4. Would she recommend others to go for a flight attendant school?


So this is how the interview went and this is what she has to tell us…

Q – How did you decide that you wanted to enter the flight attendant school?

A – I knew about ICATS from my friend. She came from there and I saw her, she’s with Oman Air now. So I asked her how did she make it? She recommended (ICATS) so I decided to enroll.


Q – What can you tell about the class? How long did your class last?

A – 3 months (not so sure). It was 3 years ago. I think it’s 40 days. Weekends were not counted. Only week days.


Q – So what can you say about your experience with ICATS?

A –  First and for most, I met a lot of friends there. We have the same goals. There are a lot of things introduced about aviation. They have given a heads up about the world that you’ll enter. Because I have no experience working in airlines. So they were able to build up my confidence. They will teach you how to walk, makeup and everything. The instructors are very hands on. We were like family, yet they are very professional. I learned a lot.


Q –  Was it 8am-5pm class?

A – Yes, It’s a whole day class and we had exams too. There is a swimming class too I really enjoyed.


Q – What I heard about them, there is a screening? Will they interview you first before you enter (ICATS)?

A – Yes there is.  So not all who wants to enroll can enter. In that moment you’ll know if you’ll make it or not. The first day is the screening. There is a height requirement.


Q – What do they ask you, Is it same as the questions on the (Airline) Interview? What do they do on your screening?

A – They’ll ask like “Tell me something about yourself” and such.


Q – Will you know if you passed right away?

A – Yes.  They taught us to how to answer questions in the interview too. It was a big help. They have taught us so many things. Personal development, interview questions, and answers.


Q – I heard they have a training about aircraft like airport codes?

A – Yes. I have a book but I left it at home.


Q – They have a book?

A – Yes they have. Not all get the chance to enter the school. I was surprised.


Q – Do you recommend enrolling to a flight attendant school to aspiring flight attendants?

A – Yes of course!




Q – So we have talked about the pros, what can you tell about cons when going for a flight attendant school?

A – Well, you have to spend a lot of money. Because for me, I live in the province. I have to rent a dormitory for that and the food. I don’t have a salary. It’s like going back to school.


Q – How much did you pay?

A – I guess it’s 56k. (56,000Php)


Q – Is that with the uniforms and everything?

A – Yes, I think so. I’m not so sure coz it has been three years ago. I’m not sure now. Maybe they could check on the website or maybe visit them.


Q – Where is their office?

A – It’s located in Pasig.


Q – What are the consequences in going for flight attendant school?

A – I’ll say the time. What if there is hiring (Airline walk-in/open day) and yet you’re still in the FA school and you paid already. Grab the opportunity immediately. Wherever you are, whatever you do, if you have the opportunity, grab it right away. The money for the dormitory and tuition fee.


Q – But over all, did you enjoy your experience there?

A – Yes of course. Until the graduation, we were all happy. The thing is, even if you enrolled in a flight attendant school, not everybody can get in an airline. Although you are together as friends. You can’t all enter at the same airline. I have a friend, she’s now on Qatar Airways. Others, they are now pilots. Maybe they fell in love and they want to do other kinds of stuff. Then the other one went back as a nurse. It still depends on you. What you really want to do. Like it was served to you but you’ll decide what to do next. If you’re really motivated. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll be a flight attendant even if you went to the flight attendant school. Although they will help and prepare you for the interview. That’s what I liked the most of the instructors, they will really help you in the instructions. They are very organized.


Q – How was it before when you were applying? Have you had any special treatment?

A – Somehow yes, we were prioritized


Q – Were you placed on the priority list like there is a special line for the graduates of the flight attendant school?

A – Yes that’s right.


Q – Do they message you?

A – Yes. They’ll let you know if there is an opening for a certain airline. They will follow up necessary information you need to know. You’re on-track where you will apply. That’s the benefit.


Q – Everybody will fall in line, but you have your own line (FA school graduates) right?

A – Yes, that’s correct.


Q – Does that apply to all hirings or does it depends?

A – As long as it has been referred by ICATS.


Q –  I remember, PalEx had a hiring only for ICATS graduates. They had a picture before. Have you not heard about that?

A – No, I was too busy flying around. I’m proud to say that I came from ICATS.  I strongly recommend ICATS. Coz I came from there of where and look where I am now and I still look back where I came from.




Thank you, Mara, for sharing! I Hope you enjoyed that interview. A quick recap of everything of going through a flight attendant school are the following:

Disadvantages/Cons: The money, time, and it is not a guarantee to get hired as an FA even if you graduated the flight attendant course.

Advantages/Pros: You get introduced to the aviation world so that during the training you will not be so overwhelmed with trying to cram everything on that small span of time. They will give you interview skills. Teach you personality development. How to do your makeup. Affiliation with different airlines that are hiring. That means they will call you up if an airline is hiring and tell you to prepare. I think it’s a bit personalized when you get in to the flight attendant course.


Interested in checking out this flight attendant school? I’ve put a link down below which is their contact form that means that you will get an interview scheduled. Pass their physical assessment then you will be able to go and enroll in their school.

Schedule a Physical Assessment with ICATS here

If you pass the screening… Because you watched this video, you can get a CASH PAYMENT Discount of Php1,523.00 on your tuition fee or for Installment Option: Get a FREE Polo Shirt (part of the school uniform)

Just use the PROMO CODE “Misskaykrizz” on your inquiry form and physical assessment form, where they ask you how did you learn about their training school.


Full Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored.  MissKaykrizz gets an affiliation fee only for every successful student enrollee. Opinions expressed based on experience for education purpose only. No intention to cause any harm to parties mentioned. Guest and Host do not represent any airline company or Flight attendant School. Typos and inaccurate information due to the time factor in the conversation may not be construed as misrepresentation.

We were talking a lot in Tagalog in this video. If you don’t understand Tagalog, ENGLISH subtitles are available! Just click on the CC box on the lower right side of the video.





I want to hear from you!

How were your experiences with other flight attendant school?

Comment down below

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Why did I become an FA? Story of my life..

cabin crew in Philippines and Abroad
misskaykrizz in PAL Express. cabin crew in Philippines and Abroad

A little introduction may be in order..

Just like any girl, I’ve always wondered about becoming a flight attendant at some point in my life… thinking of the exciting places I can explore and getting paid to do it! Such a seductive dream for a young girl. Just imagine me? a cabin crew in Philippines and Abroad

Exaggerated comments from my loving friends and relatives that says something like, “hey, your so tall you should be a flight attendant! Or you should be a model!” gave me the idea. But it had always been at the back of my mind, i was focusing on school and finishing my nursing degree and getting a ‘real’ job after graduation. For me being a flight attendant is nothing but a far-off little girl’s fantasy.

Then circumstances lead to another, which pushed me to seek another option from the kind of life I was living back then. Lets just say a very troubled family situation got me on a corner where all I want to do is pack my bags and leave. As I am planning my escape there it was another text from my beautiful cousin telling me to apply for Qatar Airways at the Marriott Hotel this coming Saturday. I have always been receiving these texts from her since I was a 19 year old college student but I never really took those seriously. This time i did not see a simple text that i would usually take as a compliment and say thank you ate, you really think i have what it takes? This time I saw an escape route and I am going for it!

They call that an Open Day. Where in people will walk in with their pictures and resume, stand in a long line and pass the documents to the recruiting officer. That faithful day way back in 2009 I was dressed with the only formal ensemble I own. A white sleeveless collared top and a high waist, knee length brown skirt. (all bought from UK -filipino thrift store) I believed I used these clothes as costume on school plays I would join back in college. And my school shoes a black 2-inched pumps.

As I walked in to the hotel I saw so many beautiful ladies and handsome men all lining up for the ballroom. It made think twice before getting in, did I go to a job fair or an Audition for a Hollywood movie?! In filipino slang _*Artista Search ba ito?!*_ The feeling of being in the presence of so many well dressed, well groomed people and good looking people is overwhelming! Its hard to explain.. its like you are in awe, starstrucked mode but at the same time you will feel conscious of your looks all of the sudden because you did not go there to watch but you were there to apply for the same position!

No matter what I am already here, I said to myself. So I did go through the long line, enjoyed the view and met new people on the line. It took about 2 hours to get from the standing position at the very back of the ballroom to get through to the seats and finally pass the resume and talk to the recruiter. A good 1 minute and a half and that is it! For some, they complained about waiting for hours to be only assessed for a minute! Man these girls were pissed. I was not disappointed I remember feeling relieved that it was all over. I did enjoyed eyeing on all the cutie-patooties and its my first time to enter the Marriott Hotel, its so big and grand for my humble taste, so I have nothing to complain about.

That night about 7pm I received “the text” saying that i was shortlisted. I jumped for joy and cant believe my luck! I really thought I would not make it since I did not even get the dress code right. I was in sleeveless for god-sakes and almost everybody else is in blazers or suits. Anyways I attended the second day, still at awe and amazement of the whole process. I did make it to the Group Discussion round before I got eliminated. It was sad but then that was the day I felt a spark in my heart. I now realized, I want to be an FA. Not just any FA, a Qatar Airways 5 star flight attendant. Thus, on this day begun my obsession with QR.

Maybe its the glitz and the glamour, maybe its the magic i felt when i received that text, or maybe its the pep talk that the recruiters gave before we got eliminated.

“The fact that you are here today, is an achievement in itself, over the 500 applicants we saw yesterday we saw you have potential. Now you know how far you can go. This is just saying no to you for now, maybe it is not yet time for you. But if you really want to pursue this career you should look into yourself and see what needs to get improved and work on it. Perhaps next time it will be your time and we will be here ready to welcome you.”

Some may say that this is just a load of — to say for the ones who did not get in but for me its an inspiration to do better, i already got this far there is no way i am going to stop now! and i will never stop until I get in.

Perhaps it is the feeling of almost getting something that is life changing, it was on your fingertips then you did not get it. Some may give up but for me its just an invitation to try again. Oh well, I’m stubborn that way.

Next chapter: The QR Application Timeline


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