Ready for take-off: 8 Proven steps to get your dream job as a flight attendant



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Ready for Take Off  has finally arrived! Ruth Ramos (Miss Kaykrizz) is here to show you how to kill it on your Flight Attendant Interview. With a collection of strategies and tactics from years of experience in trying to achieve her dream job as a flight attendant. Miss Kaykrizz shares time-tested, proven methods to preparing yourself  systematically that would make you stand out among the rest of the candidates.



✈️How to have that X-Factor that will make your impression last and. Page 103..

✈️Examples of actual Interview Questions and how to understand what they are really asking. Formulate your own answer and sample answers. Page 61.

✈️The truth about how the recruiting officers assess the flight attendant candidates. Why all the successful candidates focus on ONE THING. See how it works on page 49..

✈️Know the top 10 airline specific questions that you need to HAVE THE ANSWER FOR, BEFORE applying to any airline. Page 72.

✈️Expectations Vs.Reality. Know what a flight attendant really does and many other assumptions people have about this career. See on Page 19.

✈️The surprising truth behind aspirants who “make it”… and those that don’t. Page 15.

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  1. I want to buy the book of flight attendant.but I don’t know what kind I can get it .
    I am Cambodia 🇰🇭.
    Can you tell me ?

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