SAUDIA Cabin Crew Recruitment Experience

SAUDIA Cabin Crew Recruitment Experience

Before I am happily employed with my current airline right now, I tried my luck in getting in the SAUDIA Cabin Crew Recruitment Day. It was of course my goal to get in because I love their destinations, benefits (Maternity Leave) and the compensation of course. However this is another sad story because I just made it until the Final interview. Anywhoooo.. I would like to share my experience here in the blog because maybe my failure of a story be a way to become a success story for some of you.
Here I would just share what happened on the recruitment process.

Initial Interview:

February 14, 2014
Even though its Valentines Day, A lot of pretty ladies lined up in front of IPAMS office instead of going on a date with their boyfriends or the firing squad.
I arrived at around 9am with my resume and pictures and we were instructed to wait outside before we were accepted inside the office.
Once we were allowed in, we waited in the ground floor interview area for a while and then we were called to go to the 2nd floor room which is filled with chairs. We waited in a lined fashion once again. after about 1 hour we were instructed to go to the top level of the building (i think its the 4th floor) where in more chairs are waiting for us!
The room was much bigger, more like a big event place, like a ballroom of a hotel but less fancier but can hold about 200-300 people I guess.
Again we waited in line, sitting in a chair in an orderly manner, there is a point in the chair line where in, one by one we were asked to go to a corner and they would check our height and weight. And after that they will let you know right away of you are qualified or not. Those who are qualified will be going back to the line and others were sent home.
Once you are asked to go back in line you will be waiting to be interviewed by the 3 recruiters in front. They have a line of tables and a recruiter from IPAMS will be on one side and the applicant on the other side of the table. It was a one on one interview. However when it was almost my turn, my name was called together with 10 other applicants. We were asked to go to a room with a recruiter and she explained that she will be doing a group interview. I think this is because they want to save time.
On the group interview, each one of us were asked to stand in front of the group,  introduce ourselves, state our work experience or educational background, what is our edge compared to other candidates and why should saudia airlines hire us.
So each and everyone of us went. and after that we were instructed to wait for the email to let us know if we passed and the schedule of Final Interview with the SAUDIA Recruitment Team.
After about 1 week,  on February 21, 2014 I received the email. Screenshot shown below.
My invitation letter for the final interview on SAUDIA just this year. It was scheduled on my birthday! You would think that is a good sign! 

I was so excited because the date of my interview is on my birthday! Which totally means it is meant to be because my current work at that time gives us Birthday OFF. Which means I can totally make it on the interview. Even if it means I travel from 4am from Cebu to Manila and be back to Cebu by 10pm that same night.

So that is exactly what I did. 🙂

FINAL Interview

I arrived early on IPAMS office.
We were asked to wait in the waiting room which is filled with sofas.
There I met Noelle from *PEX and also a colleague of mine from Manila named Steph.
noelle, me and steph 🙂 selfie time!
photo credits to sis noelle!! 🙂
We were first instructed to meet the SAUDIA Recruiters as a group.There were 4 of them, 1 female 3 males.
We lined up in a half moon fashion all 20 of us. 
They introduced themselves. Gave instructions for the interview. Like we were instructed to walk across the big room forming a square and finally walk across the middle of the room towards them and back.
After the walk we will then be seating in a chair and be interviewed by the panel of judges, este recruiters.
After that we were asked to come forward as they will take our height and weight measurements once again.
Once measurements of all 20 girls are done we were instructed to go back to the waiting room. Then one by one we all went in the room for the interview.
Some interviews were shorter than the others.
For me they asked a bunch of questions.
First of all they asked me how am i doing today? (I said I am doing great! its my birthday today! :))
then they asked me to introduce myself. From what I have said they will then build on to ask other questions.
Example; so you say you are passionate about this career of flying, I just like to ask if we don’t hire you today, what do you think you will be doing with your life?
They also asked me about my current job and why I would like to apply with them.
What is your worst experience in flying?
Why you want to be a flight attendant?
Why did you choose to apply in SAUDIA?
What do you know about our company?
What do you know about Saudi?
What would be my reaction if a passenger was rude to me?
So you are Pisces, you and me are mnot going to get along with each other because I am Virgo? What do you think about that?
It was a combination of random out of the blue questions and the basic big guns type of interview questions that they asked me.
After the interview you are free to go home and wait for the text if you made it. If you don’t receive a text that night, it means the inevitable has happened. LOL
So that is how I spent my 27th birthday this year. I was kind of depressed because of my age adding-up and well you already know I did not get a text that night.However, as I would always do, i picked myself up and prepared for the next challenge life has to offer me.
On hindsight: I think the more you talk the more mistakes you can make, I was just too happy on this day that I think I blabbered a lot on my interview. I was also too casual with them that I think i did not come off as professional to them. 
All in all i think it comes down to the preparation. I truly believe that I was not prepared on this interview, because the stress of travelling from cebu to manila as well as working on my tight schedule in my job at that time is a little bit stressful for me. 
My all time advice to everyone that I know really works is that:
You have to  “Prepare prepare prepare”.
I believe that there are 3 levels of preparation one has to go through so that you can truly get the job on that day! 
No matter how pretty,  experienced,charming or perfect your resume is on that day if you are not prepared; you still will not get the job. 
Bottom line is you are being judged on your performance on that day and on that day only.(period)

If you are wondering: My colleague Steph made it and is now training with Saudia. She said that it was just a short interview with her and she was asked common questions about her educational background. She graduated BS Nursing.

* —> there is an  FA wannabe thread

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  1. went through a diff process earlier. theres about 80 of us in a room and we were asked to pick a question. it was our public speaking skills that was being tested. after that we were sent home and advised to wait to be notified if we passed that round. no reach test. Saudia is pretty much strict with the height bec the recruiter said 165cm but they will try to work it out with Saudia. what do you think are the chances of us being called?

  2. with steph's age, it's just so inspiring how she did't give up on becoming one. im 25 and thinking of a quarter life crisis. it seems much sweeter if you really have waited quite long and eventually have your dream materialized. sana ako na sunod!

    *me here reading your post in the office 🙂

  3. How old na ba c steph? Ako din im 28 i gave up dreaming to be an fa when im 24 kc worried n ko i need a permanent job. And now permanent n ko sa job. I still want to pursue my dream to be an fa. And decided titigil lang ako pag 30 n ko. 🙂

  4. Hi Kaykrizz,. So there's no AD for Saudia? derecho FI na after initial? talaga bang mahigpit sila sa height?

  5. Miss kaykrizz salamat sa imong blog. Informative kaayo.

    Do you have tips for guys applying for Qatar Airways? Mas lisod ba sa mga laki kung mag apply as FA? I hope to read your reply soon. Thanks!!

  6. This was the process last march 2014 sis. I am just sharing what I went through but I cant guarantee that this is going to be the same this time.

  7. walay sapayan dong.
    the first time I applied with them it is with guys ass well and I have observed that it is the same chances maybe more for guys because usually the girls that applies are more and the guys are lesser in number. as long as you pass all the stages you are sure to get the job. My opinion the guys are not competing with the girls for the slots.
    My advice for the guys/males will almost be the same with my advice for females.
    Please watch my video dishing out all the techniques I have accumulated over the years.
    Goodluck dong!

  8. Thank you kaayo miss kaykrizz for replying.

    Nihit ra lagi ang mga cabin crew recruitments diri sa cebu sah? Or basig sayup lang jud ko sa akong pagpangita ug mga job vacancies?

    Do you have any advice for me? Should I really fly to Manila just to apply, kay kasagaran didto jud ang mga recruitments.

  9. Hi girls!any idea kng ilan ang kelangan nla applicants?bec i went on open day oct 4.and there were more than 600 girls that applied based on the number.and then i found out that hiring is still opem until oct 10.ganun b krami ang kelangan nila or they just wanted to have more options.ika nga there are so many fish in the sea!what are our chances?lalo nq 161.5 lng hgt q s knila…hay…sna swertehin tau laht…

  10. hi ms. kaykrizz!! ask ko lang po.. nagcheck po ba sila ng legs? arms? sa ibang airlines po kasi mabusisi pag dating sa ganun.. may scar kasi ako sa knee.. and i know na ang uniform ng saudia ay slacks and naka long sleeve.. so baka di sila masyado mahigpit.. how about sa oman air? nagcheck din po ba sila?
    maraming salamat po sa tulong!! and i really love reading your blog.. you help a lot of aspiring flight attendants like me.. thank you..

  11. hi kaykrizz! I also applied last october 4, gosh Im bothered lang kasi sabe nila they will start calling last monday pa but then until now no feedback from them. Is it normal to wait this long coz I heard others passed already after the interview


  12. Is there shortlisted already?at least we would know if we are just waiting for nothing.

  13. Sept. 25 k girl tas yung isa kong kilala oct. 4. Oct.3 ako ngapply nlgpasan n yata.. 🙁 overweight kc ako. Try ko n lng ulit next time.. 🙂

  14. ako rin oct 4, I'm 166cm then 2kg underweight. I think they are serious on how proportion you are.. hay sayang! nextym girls


  15. waaah 165cm? akala ko 160cm is ok. 160cm lang kasi ako sa ipams. kung nagemail na sila from oct 4 applicants i guess d ako nakapasok s screening. tapos na kaya un mag email? yoko na umasa haha. wla kpa din ba email? ano height mo sis?

  16. pareho lang tayo sis 160cm lng din ako..d ko alam kung tapos na cla mag email..nabasa ko kasi sa pinoy exchange..sana e consider nila height natin.hehe..pray lng tayo bka may miracle..kung para tlga sa atin,ibibigay tlga ni lord..guduck satin! batch daw kc ang final interview..

  17. sis ano link dun s pinoyexchnage? dko masearch. magbabasa dn ako hehe. hoping for the best. dami kasi tlga applicants and super strict ng ipams. last hiring nung feb nkapasok ako for fi kaso d ako nkapasa sa fi. 160cm lang dn ako. ewn mgyon kung bkt 165cm na.

  18. yes sis i think height ang nging problem ng mga girls ngyon. kasi taas naman nung 165cm minimum. sna pinauwi nalang ako ng ipams aftr ng height Kung d pala ako qualified talaga. kasi namam grabe ang kaba s mala beauty pageant ng screening sa question and answer na impromptu hehehe. tapos wla namam pala tlga chance kasi 165cm hehe. sna nxt recruitment back to 160cm na sila. and sna hire ulit early nxtyr. sv lang kasi gusto ko airline e

  19. wag lang tayo mawalan ng pag asa..bka kc gaya din ng dati pnatawag nla ung mga may height na 160cm..

  20. May nacontact na ba from the open day? 🙁 wala padin kasi ako. And kung sino sana malakas ang loob na icontact ang ipams kung tapos na yung list. Para di na tayo umaasa hehe

  21. Hi everyone..may email na poh ba kayo na narecieved yung ng apply poh ba sa feb 27 open days sa office ng ipams?

  22. Hi fellas! I need ur advice, open day ng ipams on june 11. Should I go on the openday or wait for a regular day to walk in nalang? Thank you so much

  23. hye im a malaysian dear and im so glad tht you have made it miss kaykrizz. is there any way i could apply? and how do i apply

  24. Hi! sino na nakaattend ng open day recruitment ng ipams this year (2016)? May changes po ba sa process before or almost same lang? Tumatanggap po ba sila kahit may maliit na scar? Thank you

  25. Hello. I am interested to be a FA but I have a mole at my cheek. Do you think that they will accept me?

  26. Hi Miss Kay,I’m Rose from Malaysia.You’re inspired me about this career.Now,I’m waiting for a reqruitment from Saudia in Malaysia.But,the sad thing I heard is Saudia maybe not hired Malaysian citizen now.I’m so sad.I’m really want to be a cabin crew.

  27. Hi Gurls.. Nag-apply ako last June8. until now wala pang email. May inemail naba sa inyo na nag-apply for june2017? thank you

  28. @jessyGirl hi! nag apply din ako last open week nila june7 ako nag punta, i got a text after a week june 14 for the second screening.. wala naman email. nkaka kaba kasi .

  29. @jan Hi Jan! Congrats.. 🙂 how was the 2nd screening?.. I heard Saudia final interview would be July 9-14? Did you receive an email already? Goodluck to us!!.. hope to fly with you soooon… ^_^

  30. Hi @Anonymous, sorry now lang nakareply. Same sa post ni MissKayKrizz, first is reach test. You have to reach a certain marker. 212cm yata yun. Then measurement of Height and Weight. titingnan nila kung proportion height and weight mo. Then yung iba one-on-one interview., but for us, ginawa nang group interview kasi late na yun. May groupings then magpepresent kayo sa harap nung Ipams staff. Then wait for email, call or text if makaproceed ka sa next step. 🙂 Hiring pa daw Saudia until June 30. Go go go na 🙂

  31. Hello @jessyGirl, have you received an email for the FI yet? Do you think they would still notify us until the first week of July? Thank you. ?

  32. hi @M, no update until now.. But they said wait for the email until nextweek since the final interview would be on july 9-14.. Goodluck to us!
    Thanks MissKayKrizz because your blogs and youtube videos inspired me to pursue this dream. Hope someday I will be able to bring you a good news of my success story as a Flight Attendant. But for now, I know I have a long way to go. Still many thanks! from the bottom of my FA heart! ^_^

  33. @jessyGirl heyy girl pls can you tell me are you now in Saudi? And is there anyone who work for them? I need to go in few days on final interview so any tips helps will help me a lot ?? and if i can help any of you go ahead and ask me dont hesitate

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