Qualities of a Flight attendant that recruiters are looking for a candidate

Qualities of a Flight attendant that recruiters are looking for

How do the recruiters match the applicants to a possible candidate? What are the Qualities of a Flight attendant that they’re looking for a flight attendant? Few questions on how to become a flight attendant. I have answered your questions through my social medias. But, in addition to that, I made this one for you!

Qualities of a Flight attendant

Here are the Flight Attendant Qualities Recruiters are looking for:


Top one Flight Attendant Qualities Recruiters are looking for when interviewing a candidate is a Team Player. Working on an airplane, you will be working with a team. The Captain, Pilots, Ground Staffs, and you guys (Cabin Crews). You are one whole team. It’s you against the passengers.


You need to be responsible to be a part of a good team. Everybody has to carry their own weight. They’re (recruiters) looking for someone who has shown responsibility in their life.


Basically, it is a service-oriented job. You’ll face with people and you’re not dealing with a computer here! You need to understand what people are going through. What condition they are right now and just be able to feel the room.


As a flight attendant, you are the spokesperson for the airline. They have some rules and regulations that they need to implement. Nobody is gonna to be there to implement those, but you. You have to be confident in doing so.


A sense of humor is always an asset to any kind of situation. It’s such a great life skill. They are looking for this in their team. When you’re working with people who are always happy and has a sense of humor, it makes everything lighter. Isn’t it?


This is another way of understanding nature. Caring is you care about people that you talk to. You care about your teammates, pilots, and passengers. They want to have someone that has this most endearing Qualities of a Flight attendant.


Yes, we’re only humans but it also entails that you carry the image of the airline. They always want someone who at least presents themselves the best way all the time. You always have to present your best version of yourself because when you wear that uniform, they don’t see you. They don’t see me as Ruth. They see me as a flight attendant for this airline. They will say “Ah! That flight attendant of AirAsia is so hot. Oh my God!” All Flight attendants of AirAsia are hot! Right? This is how it naturally works in the minds of passengers. They want to see that you will be someone will be able to portray a very good image of the company.


You will not be doing you job with someone looking over your shoulders. You will be doing the job alone and you will be on air on your own. They want someone who’s motivated to work. Motivated to care about the industry and things as such.


Enthusiasm can be found very handy in this type of profession. Can you imagine, if you’re dealing with people who are delayed in their flight, who are very grumpy and angry. They come to you and you’re all smiling and enthusiastic. You kind of influence those people, Right? That’s a good asset for any airline company!

Qualities of a Flight Attendant | MISSKAYKRIZZ


The first quality that we need to have is Team Player. A good team player is always dependable. if you are working in a flight attendant job, your labor is divided. There’s division of labor among the crews. If you are someone that would just say “Oh! I don’t want to do my part of the job day“. The whole team will be compromised because of you. They are looking for someone who they can depend on to do their part of the job and even more. That is why recruiters are looking for dependable people.


You might already have an idea that a flight attendant deals with different kinds of people. From all sorts of different backgrounds. In all sorts of different place. Being friendly is a quality and trait that the airline ambassadors or airline flight attendants must have. Because you have to welcome everyone into your flight.


During the fight, there are lots of challenges. Passengers don’t listen to you. Kids or very naughty passengers trying to see where your limits are. You have to be resilient when you’re trying to implement those rules of the airline. Also, you are resilient in trying to do the job that you have and not giving up if times are hard.


This is the number one trait you need if you are going to work in a customer service industry or any service industry. Because the customer is always right. There will be times that your patience will be tested. They are looking for people who will not cause more trouble in a difficult situation, but someone who will be able to go through it. Be patient about it and not make a small issue to a bigger one.


Somebody who doesn’t make small issues into a bigger one. An international flight attendant especially, you have to leave your own country. Your mom will not be there for you. You are in a totally different country with a totally different culture and you gotta have to be able to handle yourself in that kind of situation to survive in this career.


One of the job descriptions, says that you are in charge of the catering, supplies, food in the airline. You have to be organized in a sense that the job will sometimes challenge you in a way that you will have only two hours of flight. In that two hours, you would have to feed 300 people. How do you do that? You have to have such great organizational skills to manage your time and deliver a satisfactory service.


When people complain to you, the first thing that you need to do is listen to the complaint. Don’t assume that you know what they’re talking about. Because that will make the issue bigger. They’re looking for people who know how to listen. Also, who listen to their colleague and to their captains. This is definitely one of the top Qualities of a Flight attendant!


Assertiveness is being firm without being aggressive. It’s standing your ground but being classy. Being nice but firm in what you want to implement. You don’t really have to cause an argument just implement those. Being assertive is a skill and that is what airlines are looking for.


This job entails a lot of communication with the passengers, with your captains. That is the daily grind of the job. They need people who communicate very well. Not just on speaking in English. Also, the way they handle themselves. The number top source of problems in life and in Airline is miscommunication issues. That is why this is very important.


Now you have learned the Qualities of a Flight attendant that recruiters are looking for.

That’s lesson one and the next one will be lesson two.


What ensures a successful flight attendant interview? What does it really take to get your wings?

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