Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Final Interview Day 3

If you are going to have your Final interview with Qatar Airways i would Just like to say Congratulations and This blog is for you!

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Final Interview

You made It through The first day and the second day of The Qatar Airways Assessment Days I am so proud of you! You deserve it! Give yourself a Little pat in the back! Just a Few more Steps and you will be on your way to traveling the world with the five star Airline!

So you are probably wondering how do You nail the final interview of the Qatar Airways  Final interview Assessment..

I’m speaking from experience, I tried Applying for this Position  for more Than eight Times. I Actually Just Remember The eight Times but I think I applied more than that. I was Able to get the job at the last time that i applied.

All those learning and and  experiences i was able to take note of my mistakes and what works for me and what didn’t work. Because Qatar Airways is notorious for not telling you What you did wrong for the final interview.


Expect that they will be on time for your schedule because during that, You’ll be able to select your slot on what time you want to be interviewed. Sometimes when the person ahead of you is late or not present, they Will move you up next. You will be earlier than Your schedule. Expect that you might be called earlier than your scheduled time.

Expect that they will probably Spend about 30 minutes talking to you one-on-one. That’s the average time that they take for each and every final interview. After the interview they will tell You that they will contact you by email in around two weeks but that never Really happens. Sometimes it’s earlier sometimes it’s Longer. Indeed it is a waiting game.

Let’s move on to my tips for you!



Make sure that you do your Makeup in broad Daylight. During the one-on-one interview with you, they will open the curtains in the hotel. In all of those times I was given the chance to do the final interview. Sometimes we do our makeup really thick for the yellow lights of the hotel that’s understandable For the first and second day, but during the third day or the Final day, make your makeup  daylight Friendly. Make sure that it is all nice and  pleasant for the daytime or the White lights.


Prepare for behavioral questions. They will not ask you basic questions like why do you want to be a flight attendant or the basic things that you would expect, what is your strength and weaknesses. Qatar Airways are very particular in this one they really try to find good fit for their company because they are a picky company. They will try to find out what your character is.

Example of a behavioral question is like tell the interviewers something that you have overcome in your life so far.

S-T-A-R Method!

I have this STAR method. I use this Star method to structure my answer in a way that interviewers will like my answer.

The “S”stands for Situation.

The”T” stands for the task.

The “A” stands for the actions taken.

The “R” stands for the resolution or the results.

For example the interviewer asks; Tell us of your biggest obstacle that you have overcome in your life.  Start with an overview of a situation perhaps the biggest obstacle that I have to deal within my life is when my parents died. That’s a brief summary of the situation, The task is that I have to be there to be the rock of the family as being the firstborn child and  Also I was Dealing With my own Sadness and Depression, Actions taken, I tried to be strong for my remaining siblings and the rest of my family, but I talked to my friends and I have seek their support in this difficult time. resolution, You can say that in the end everything was okay in the end I was able to pull through the depression I wasn’t that bad I was able to find solace in prayer and find strength and knowing that life will always get better in the end. Or; There is nowhere else to go when you reach the bottom but to the top.In that way, you don’t get lost by how you answer this vague and difficult question.

The tendency when you are answering behavioral questions you might get carried away. You guys may forget to do the basics when doing the behavioral interview. Always keep your answers as well in a nice flow. Apply all the rules of basic “Interview 101” like keep your hands on your lap, Sit properly, wear your smile and lastly eye contact. I really think that the star method is something that you should really work on, because that will be your bread and butter in this final interview.


And that’s it guys! This is the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Assessment Day 3!
Don’t worry guys, there will be more stuff coming from this series.
To those who didn’t get into the day 3 of the Assessment, no worries! There will be next time, I will help you guys in your application and I know you guys will come back and get your dream job.


If you guys want to know more you could book me on Skype for a Skype Coaching. I do all coaching and one-on-one coaching like this but it’s going to be customized to your own needs.CoachingGet a copy of my book “Ready for Takeoff: 8 Proven Steps to get Your Dream as a Flight Attendant” This is actually my own cheat sheet when I was still trying to get the job as a flight attendant. It took me 8 years to go figure it out and now it’s written here in the book so if you’re interested in that, Order it now!

Good luck and Fly with you soon!

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