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Flight Attendant Aspirant Toolkit #FAA Toolkit

Flight Attendant Aspirant Toolkit #FAA Toolkit

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The Flight Attendant Aspirant #FAA Toolbox contains over 

-6 templates (editable / customizable)/sample documents to help you prepare your


CV and

Cover letter

for your application as a flight attendant both for fresh graduates or seasoned applicants. 

In addition to that, it also contains powerful tools like

-Preparation Checklist

-Photo Guide

-Grooming Standards Checklist (male and female)

-What to expect in an Open Day Guide


-Flight Attendant Interview Answering Guide with 10 sample answers for frequently asked questions.

All this tools is designed to help you showcase your best self for the day of the Cabin Crew Interview and win them over… because you deserve it.

This toolbox was curated over several years and is chock full of templates and tools that takes your preparation from a novice flight attendant aspirant to full-on, professional, stand-out candidate.

I wished I had these tools in one place when I was starting out in my applications, maybe then it would have not taken me 8 years to start my flying career.

Perfect for aspiring cabin crew / aspiring flight attendants with a lot of passion and enthusiasm but lacking in the organizational and/or strategy department. This toolkit is downloadable and fully editable/customizable using Microsoft Word or Google docs.