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Vlog: What do Pinay Flight Attendants do on Manila Layovers

Being a Pinay flight attendant, One of the best part of the job is getting to go home and see familiar face, eat familiar food and do your favorite home activities. You are not like any other OFW that needs to save a lot of money and get an arranged vacation days just to go home again. I would say this is one of the best perks of working as a flight attendant.

I don’t really have much family and friends back in Manila (my friends and family are mostly in Cebu)  so most of us who lives in the province will not be able to go back home during short layover like this one.


So on this particular layover I met with my Aunt who is based in Manila.

We went straight away for live music that night. I miss live music the most when I go home I always want to go out and listen to our home grown talents.

Pinay Flight Attendant
Listening to bratpacks. In “Strumms”
pinay flight attendant
with my colleague Nice, She is from Thailand

The best part of any place I ever go to is of course the food.

But in this case I also loved loved the girly stuff that I get to do for such an affordable price compared to anywhere in the world.

Also did you know the best the dentists can be found in here in the Philippines?

My gosh the horror stories of dentists abroad will scare you to death 🙂


Here is a video of me and my Tita having a great time just being girls.