Perks of a Flight Attendant | FAST Series #4

Hey guys, it’s MissKayKrizz, And today we are gonna talk about the perks of being a flight attendant. So guys, if you are interested, Just read on!

Perks of a Flight Attendant


Perks of being a Flight Attendant!


First Perk: Free tickets but not so totally free tickets.

P.S for PAL express


The first perk that that I want to talk about is Having free unlimited tickets to all the destinations of PAL express. That means we can get a free charge or FOC tickets. We just need to apply the destination and do the process needed to get this FOC tickets and pay for the Airport fees which is 200 pesos and pay for the taxes which is around 70 to 100 pesos. With that, you get 10 tickets for free for yourself. So the thing here in the Philippines, the perks extends to your family so that you could also give this free of charge ticket to your  family as long as you register them in the H.R when you started flying with the company.

The thing with this perk that it’s not totally guaranteed that you have seat. You have to be on standby. So you have this free ticket and then if you want to go on a flight, if there are free seats, that’s the time you could use that free ticket of course. They will prioritize the paying customer and aside from paying customer they also prioritize by seniority what if other flight attendants are also waiting to get on that specific flight the free flight that you wanna go on. Most of the time they will go by seniority, first come first serve or who tells the captain first.

Industrial Discount

for Local Philippine airlines

Another perk that I really like in being a flight attendant here in the Philippines is that you can make use of the industrial discount. I use it all the time when I was in Cebu. A good example of this is that in Water front hotel they accept industrial discounts or those people who work in aviation. They give this discount to people who works in hotel, tourism and etc etc. All I have to do is give my ID and they have this package in water front I’m not sure if it still open that was like 6 years ago. They have this package almost like a thousand for somebody to use that package. You could either choose you your spouse and your children or you and your parents not available for your brothers and sisters perhaps on other companies they do it but for my previous one they don’t.

For International Airlines

Another perk, it’s an ID90 ticket that means you get 90 percent discount on the ticket price. For example let’s say a round trip ticket to the united states about 60 thousand pesos you can get it at around 6 thousand pesos plus taxes of course. You only have to pay the discounted price and the taxes. The ticket price is so low that’s one of the best perks of working international because you get international tickets as well because you get the destinations of the company you work.

International Airlines uses of their connections. They have a group like skytrax group or something like that. If your airline is part of that, all the destination of that group you could fly to it. For me as an international flight attendant even though the airline doesn’t fly to Amsterdam, I was able to get 90% discount ticket to Amsterdam using KLM airline because they are in cooperation with my airline. Of course it’s still a standby ticket and subject to availability and subject to first come first serve basis still that’s not really a problem.

The next perk that I want to talk about you get 40 days leave in a year. Imagine 40 days leave in a year.There is gonna be a system that all of you have a fair chance to get the desired date. As an international flight attendant the whole 40 days leave are paid. So if your basic salary is high then that’s good, You will have enough money to enjoy your leave.


I want to talk about the perks that I didn’t experience as a local flight attendant but are available for international flight attendant mainly because you are an OFW contracted out of the country. So I have free housing, I don’t have to pay rent anymore my house is given to me, it’s really beautiful and it’s fully furnished and it has a lot of appliances, bed everything. I also don’t have to pay for the utilities. They pay for my water, electricity and my internet. Though the internet is not that good you have an option to apply for another ISP. The electricity it has a limit for free electricity if you exceed that limit then you have to pay for excess. Since you are an international flight attendant you don’t always stay in your house you are always outside the country.

Also the perk that I really like is we have free transportation. They have a scheduled time to pick you up, you just have to be on time and you don’t have to pay for your transportation. It’s so nice so you just have to follow their rules and you get to enjoy the free bus system.



So that’s it guys! basically that’s the perks that you would enjoy in being a flight attendant and this wraps up our flight attendant salary series. I hope that you guys enjoy this series And I hope you guys learned something from this article.

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See you guys on the next one! fly with you soon! bye!

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  1. Airline alliances are namely Star Alliance and OneWorld – not Skytrax. Skytax is like group of industry evaluations airlines etc.

  2. I thought international flight attendants should have excellent communication skills? Your blog is poorly constructed.

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