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Applying for Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Position – The Process

The 5-star airline.

For as long as I can remenber, Qatar Airways recruitment in the Philippines has been a regular thing, they are always in Manila and in Cebu almost every 3 months and there was even a time that they recruited every month.

What are the processes that one should expect when applying for this prestigious airline?

Let me share to you my personal experience of applying for this airline 7 times in a span of 3 years. The process is pretty much consistent and they rarely change.

DAY 1- Open day

This open day is where one can walk in and pass their CV or curriculum vitae. In the Philippines more known as the resume. The recruiters will normally accept CVs from 9am to 12 nn. In manila where it is usually swarming with applicants, it is advisable to be at the hotel by 7am, or else you would be lining up for hours for your turn.

Before you can even enter the room, the agency representative will measure your reach test. You must reach at least 212cms. without shoes on. there will be a white tape marked on a wall and your fingers must at least touch that tape on your tiptoes for the girls, for males feet flat on the floor.

The passing of the CV will usually take you 2-3 minutes and if your initial interview goes well you will receive a text message or a phone call informing you that you are invited on the Assessment Day or Day 2.

Day 2 – Assessment Day 

If you got the golden text, you must be feeling like you are on cloud 9! Congratulations! out of thousands of applicants you made it! What to expect on this day?
1. You need to register and you will be given a sticker with your first name and candidate number.
2. The Assessment day will commence with a little introduction from the recruiters. This will be about Qatar as a country, the Qatar Airways company, and the salary and benefits of cabin crew. After the presentation there will be an English test while you will be called one by one for a reach test and the recruiters will be looking at your face and will be asking if you have any scars, tatoos or moles.
3. After the exams and the one on one reach test, the first cut will be done. All will be asked to leave the room and once the recruiters are ready all will be back for the announcement of the names and candidate numbers that made it to the next round.
4. If your name and number is called, lucky you! you are in! The next step will be the group discussions.
On the group discussions, it can either be:
A. you will be divided into 2 groups and given 2 minutes to solve a problem or situation.
B. you will be given a partner and you will be given 2minutes to get to know your partner and you have to introduce him or her to the whole group.
5. after the activity, the second cut will be made. Once again the names and candidate numbers of the lucky candidates will be called.
6. If you got in you will be scheduled for a one on one interview the next day. You will be filling up application forms and may also be asked to take another set of photos with a set of guidelines on how to take the photo.

Day 3 – Interview Day

On this day the room will have natural light, and the 2 recruiters will be having a 30-minute one on one interview with the candidate.  After the interview the results will be given 2 weeks after through email.

Now the waiting game begins….
for some it may be a breeze and may only take 2 months or less but for others, it can take as much as 6 months to a year if you have pending results, or documents.

The Golden Email

Ideally after two weeks, if you have done all the novenas and prayers that there is in the book and if your prayers were answered by a big YES. Time to celebrate for a little bit. And its time for your Medical Examinations.

Medical Exams

Depending on what city you are in, manila or cebu, you will be given a clinic where you will have to undergo all the medical exams. You will cover the expenses. Usually the first part of the exams will cost about PHP 3,000.00 – PHP 4,000.00 depending on the clinic. You may incur additional expenses like (wisdom tooth extraction, scar removal, etc.) After the medical exams the ideal waiting time is 2 weeks but for some it may take months. 

Visa Processing

Once cleared with the medicals, you will be then given another Congratulatory email, with instructions to proceed with your VISA processing and your tentative date of joining (or travel date)

Once your visa is processed and all is well, the next email that you will receive will have your VISA number and eTicket!!!

Time to pack your bags and prepare for a brand new life as an international flight attendant!

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Another heartbreak from Qatar Airways

This post is to give an update on what happened in my last Qatar Airways Application.

I have personally applied about 7 times to this company already. The first couple of times I got far enough in the process that it made me want to go all the way and I just did not stop (stubborn me!). Finally all my efforts and research had paid off.  The last time I applied November 2012, I successfully have passed the grueling selection process and was all set for the medicals when suddenly all of my batch mates who had pending documents (including me) were all sent regret emails. The next thing we knew they are freeze hiring, giving their current cabin crews forced leave ( no flights for 7-10 days) and finding fault in their crews to send them home(fire them).

The most logical explanation would be the 787 incident, wherein supposedly these aircraft can go straight 8 hours flying without the need of stopovers. Qatar had made an order of these aircraft and planned numerous destinations and had anticipated for need of cabin crews to run these destinations. However, due to the 787 incident in JAL, (see this the Boeing company (makers of the aircraft) had to make an investigation (lasted about 5 months, so as our waiting time) and ultimately have come to a conclusion that these aircraft are now only to fly 3 hours instead of the original 8hour straight flight.

This had affected many airlines that have made orders of this kind of aircraft and Qatar airways was one of them. Sadly, we have become a part of the casualties.. many hearts were broken and knowing that we on our part have not done anything to influence that decision is just very frustrating. I am lucky that I had not gone through the medicals yet or I could have spent money and still get the regret email from Qatar. I know some people have spent as much as Php20,000.00 just on the medicals alone and still got the regret email.

Some of my batch mates did get in, and now done with the training and flying to our dream destinations.  If it really is for you, I guess the universe will make a way. For me, I guess God is still saying Not yet.. However, I am now getting ready for the next opportunity, and I will surely have another go at it if that door opens once again!

How did I get through all the stages of the selection process? I am giving out all the details that had worked for me and have not worked for me through all my 7 application attempts in Qatar Airways and other airlines as well!

Here on my multiple post about the topic. I decided to make a series out of it to fully explain everything because one article is just not enough.

The kaykrizz Interview Tips series

I would love to hear from you, do leave a comment if you have questions and will answer them as soon as possible! Hope to hear from you soon!

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Applying for Airphil Express a.k.a. PAL Express

The 2p Experience (a.k.a PAL express)

(note: as of aug 2013 pal express HR is no longer conducting recruitment. PAL HR is now the recruiting body. Please refer to my PAL experience)

Airphilexpress Ticketing Office, Mactan Cebu International Airport

First Step:

I passed my resume and pictures to the 2p ticketing office. The guards were just the ones who received my application and I was told that they will just give us a call for the interview. After a month I received a text with a schedule for Impact Interview.

Second Step: 

Impact Interview, it was held at the ticketing office of 2p. Sir jojo was the cebu manager then, he measured my height and weight, asked permission to look at my face closely, left and right profile, teeth, arms and legs. Then we had a short Q&A, standard tell me about yourself question. After that we waited outside until everybody was done for the results. After that my name was called and we were the ones who passed for the next step. Sir jojo asked me to take care of my skin breakouts in preparation for the panel interview. The panel interview will be held at cebu. (Good news for me!)

Third Step: 

The Panel Interview. The head of inflight services and sir jojo were the ones who interviewed us. On the day we were again measured height, weight, face scrutiny, teeth check, arms and legs. After that a series of questions regarding myself, things on my resume, my opinion about politics, previous application experience and my salary expectations. Once again, after that we waited outside until everybody was done for the results. After that my name was called and we were the ones who passed for the next step, which is the IQ test. We were given a schedule of the exams.

Fourth step: 

IQ test. It was held in the 2p operations office inside the airport. We used a computer for the test, it was online and time-pressured.Subjects are about english, math and logic. You will have 1.5 minutes for every question and if you dont answer it by that time it will automatically left blank and you will be given the next question. After all of us was done we were told that all of us passed and at this point we are hired and will be endorsed to join the next batch of trainees!


At the 2p application process a lot of details were not divulged until the training proper. Details like the training bond, salary and benefits. All I know is that I would be based in Cebu after the training and it was enough for me at that time. I cant wait for training to start for me to finally have a reason to leave home. =)


I still wonder about my career choices back then. Thinking about it Careerwise, it would have been a lot better to choose PAL. However, Personal Life-wise, it was the best decision to choose Airphilexpress. My support system was here and I just love living in Cebu City.

I guess it all comes down to what is one’s priority in life. And in the end, being happy with whatever choice you make in life.
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Philippine Airlines Recruitment Experience

The PR (pal) Experience
Pal Medical Building, Mactan Cebu International Airport

First Step: Passing of resume, then measuring of height and weight and eyesight test.
Second Step: Impact interview. I entered a small room. One male interviewer asked me to stand straight, walk, look to the left, right and back. Then i was asked one question: tell me about yourself? After that i was asked to leave the room and wait for the result outside.
Then my name was called, I was given a piece of paper saying congratulations you made it to the next step. With the paper was a schedule for the orientation.
Third Step: The Orientation. It was held at the Days Hotel. On that day the hotel was very crowded, there were about 150 to 200 applicants. The Orientation had to be done in 2 batches. On the orientation itself they discussed the company’s mission, vision, salary and benefits and there was a mention of the training bond (50k).
After the discussion we were then asked to introduce ourselves in front of everybody within 30 seconds.
Next, we were asked one by one to go at the back, they will then look at your arms palms up then palms down, the face, teeth, mouth open, then the legs front view and back view.
After the assessment, a group of people were called and they were for ‘conditional’ status. This means they have a condition that they need to meet first before they can continue their application process. It can either be the weight or the eyesight.
For the rest of us we were given papers with either thank you for coming or a schedule for the IQ exam.
Fourth Step: IQ exam, english exams, math and IQ exams. Time pressured and quite difficult.
Fifth Step: Panel Interview. After exam we were asked to call the pal office in 2 weeks time. I was one of the passers, we were then briefed that the Panel Interview will be held in manila. Airfare and hotel will be shouldered by us. (this kind of turned me off for a bit, I can’t afford it at that time) We will then be informed of the schedule of the interview. It took me about 2 months in waiting.
Conclusion: While waiting I was hired by Airphilexpress/ PAL Express and I decided to withdraw my application with PAL.

But my friends who went through the panel interview shared with me their experience.

Airfare was shouldered by PAL, you have a roundtrip ticket to cebu for free on the same day.

The Panel Interview
It was held on PLC (Pal Learning Center)
Upon arrival at the building you will have to register, and wait in line to be called. Once called you will enter a room where in there will be a panel of Company executives, trainers and HR executives to interview you. You will stand in front you will see a line up of tables and chairs, it is exactly like an audition.  Then you will be questioned from simple and easy to unexpected and uncommon questions. And after that the verdict is given right away and some comments on how they find you in the interview.

*note this happened 2 years ago (feb 2010), now the company is owned by another entity and there is an additional step for the new recruitment process:  The Mr. Ramon Ang interview, wherein there is a one on one interview with the President of the company.

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Cebu Pacific Air Recruitment Experience (one day hiring process)

They say passing a recruitment for FA here in the Philippines is waaaaay more difficult than international FA recruitment. There can be some truth to this statement, since for some international FA companies(qatar airways) the minimum educational requirement is a Highschool Diploma. For most Philippine’s Airline companies its a minimum of undergraduate (2 years in college) and some require a degree. For the hiring process, let me share to you some of my adventures.

I tried applying for PAL (pr), Cebu Pacific (5j), and Airphilexpress (2p).

The 5J / Cebu Pacific Air Recruitment Experience

Oneday recruitment process, Rajah Park Hotel

First step: there was 5 of us, we were asked to stand near a wall, on the wall there is a line at 5 ft. 3 inches. Then we are asked to smile our biggest smile. Right there and then if you did not reach the line you are asked to leave. Saying thank you for your time but sadly you did not meet our requirements.

Second Step: We were assesed one by one, a lady will stare at you and scrutinize your face. I was asked to look to the left and to the right. After this point I was told sadly I did not make it. Maybe it is not yet the time for me.

Third Step: A group interview. You will be placed in a group setting and you are to be asked a question one by one. The successful candidate will now then proceed to the final step.

Fourth and final step: the one on one interview. There was a panel of 3 interviewers and they ask you random questions. You have to show your quick thinking and spontaneous personality during this stage because interviewers will ask uncommon questions, the ones that you most likely have not prepared for.

If you pass, you will then be given an ID tag that says “cabin crew trainee”

This one day process is very convenient and then and there you will know i you are in or out. No more agonizing weeks to suffer from waiting.

Conclusion: As for me, I only made it to the second stage of the Cebu Pacific Air Recruitment Experience . I admit my skin is in bad shape at that time, due to all the stress from work and home, I was having breakouts on my face. I guess it is a must for Cebu Pacific to have flawless skin and that is one of their must haves. But my journey does not end here, I went to apply for PAL and Airphilexpress as well.

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Qatar Airways Application timeline

Applying is not an easy feat!

After I was able to see a glimpse of the world of flying, i was never turning back, i was decided to get my self in. In short I was hooked and i was as stubborn as a 3 year old kid.

I know my list does not compare to the lists shown in some forums at pex ( ) , however this is my history so far.

Nov 2009 -group dynamics
May 2010 -group dynamics
Aug 2010 – no call
Nov 2010 -group dynamics
Jan 2011 – group dynamics
Feb 2011 accepted in airphilexpress (this will be another post)
July 2012 – no call
Aug 2012 – english exams
Nov 2012 – fi

For those who are not familiar with the words i used here is a directory:

no call -i did not receive an invitation to participate in the 2nd day recruitment process. Which is called the ASSESSMENT DAY.

During the assessment day there will be 2 eliminations. One right after english exams and the second is right after group dynamics.

fi means final interview, this is the last step of the whole process. Some still gets eliminated after this step but for those who passed they are one step more closer to the position!

No matter what the results will be i know i will never give up, maybe i will rest for a little bit but this little light of desire in my heart will never burn down. ^-^

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Why did I become an FA? Story of my life..

cabin crew in Philippines and Abroad
misskaykrizz in PAL Express. cabin crew in Philippines and Abroad

A little introduction may be in order..

Just like any girl, I’ve always wondered about becoming a flight attendant at some point in my life… thinking of the exciting places I can explore and getting paid to do it! Such a seductive dream for a young girl. Just imagine me? a cabin crew in Philippines and Abroad

Exaggerated comments from my loving friends and relatives that says something like, “hey, your so tall you should be a flight attendant! Or you should be a model!” gave me the idea. But it had always been at the back of my mind, i was focusing on school and finishing my nursing degree and getting a ‘real’ job after graduation. For me being a flight attendant is nothing but a far-off little girl’s fantasy.

Then circumstances lead to another, which pushed me to seek another option from the kind of life I was living back then. Lets just say a very troubled family situation got me on a corner where all I want to do is pack my bags and leave. As I am planning my escape there it was another text from my beautiful cousin telling me to apply for Qatar Airways at the Marriott Hotel this coming Saturday. I have always been receiving these texts from her since I was a 19 year old college student but I never really took those seriously. This time i did not see a simple text that i would usually take as a compliment and say thank you ate, you really think i have what it takes? This time I saw an escape route and I am going for it!

They call that an Open Day. Where in people will walk in with their pictures and resume, stand in a long line and pass the documents to the recruiting officer. That faithful day way back in 2009 I was dressed with the only formal ensemble I own. A white sleeveless collared top and a high waist, knee length brown skirt. (all bought from UK -filipino thrift store) I believed I used these clothes as costume on school plays I would join back in college. And my school shoes a black 2-inched pumps.

As I walked in to the hotel I saw so many beautiful ladies and handsome men all lining up for the ballroom. It made think twice before getting in, did I go to a job fair or an Audition for a Hollywood movie?! In filipino slang _*Artista Search ba ito?!*_ The feeling of being in the presence of so many well dressed, well groomed people and good looking people is overwhelming! Its hard to explain.. its like you are in awe, starstrucked mode but at the same time you will feel conscious of your looks all of the sudden because you did not go there to watch but you were there to apply for the same position!

No matter what I am already here, I said to myself. So I did go through the long line, enjoyed the view and met new people on the line. It took about 2 hours to get from the standing position at the very back of the ballroom to get through to the seats and finally pass the resume and talk to the recruiter. A good 1 minute and a half and that is it! For some, they complained about waiting for hours to be only assessed for a minute! Man these girls were pissed. I was not disappointed I remember feeling relieved that it was all over. I did enjoyed eyeing on all the cutie-patooties and its my first time to enter the Marriott Hotel, its so big and grand for my humble taste, so I have nothing to complain about.

That night about 7pm I received “the text” saying that i was shortlisted. I jumped for joy and cant believe my luck! I really thought I would not make it since I did not even get the dress code right. I was in sleeveless for god-sakes and almost everybody else is in blazers or suits. Anyways I attended the second day, still at awe and amazement of the whole process. I did make it to the Group Discussion round before I got eliminated. It was sad but then that was the day I felt a spark in my heart. I now realized, I want to be an FA. Not just any FA, a Qatar Airways 5 star flight attendant. Thus, on this day begun my obsession with QR.

Maybe its the glitz and the glamour, maybe its the magic i felt when i received that text, or maybe its the pep talk that the recruiters gave before we got eliminated.

“The fact that you are here today, is an achievement in itself, over the 500 applicants we saw yesterday we saw you have potential. Now you know how far you can go. This is just saying no to you for now, maybe it is not yet time for you. But if you really want to pursue this career you should look into yourself and see what needs to get improved and work on it. Perhaps next time it will be your time and we will be here ready to welcome you.”

Some may say that this is just a load of — to say for the ones who did not get in but for me its an inspiration to do better, i already got this far there is no way i am going to stop now! and i will never stop until I get in.

Perhaps it is the feeling of almost getting something that is life changing, it was on your fingertips then you did not get it. Some may give up but for me its just an invitation to try again. Oh well, I’m stubborn that way.

Next chapter: The QR Application Timeline


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