Travel #OOTDs on fleek – without breaking the bank or your feet.

Looking good is of course a natural inclination that people want to strive for. Not just for the sake of vanity but I believe it also determines how you feel about yourself. Personally, looking my best self helps me gain confidence. With that confidence I feel ready to face whatever comes my way. Be it a job interview or meet my Mr. Right! *wink *wink

For me, looking my best self means good hygiene, a healthy dose of self love and expressing myself through my style and fashion for that alone has the ability to speak volumes about you without you even saying a word. And for me that is very powerful.  With that I gain the confidence to stand up for my self, face daily challenges and even dare to reach for the stars.

But I also believe that I don’t have to sacrifice my whole month’s salary or my feet just to achieve that.

Sharing with you today my favorite #ootds which I have collected through my travels and some tips and tricks I learned the hard way. READ! So that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did!

1.You don’t need to have branded clothes. Invest in quality classic pieces instead. The classic pieces usually comes in black or nudes. Go for solid colors and avoid tacky prints and patterns. This gives me that polished look even if I am not wearing Prada or Chanel.

Get the Job as a Flight Attendant
2. Choose comfort over fashion. The first time I tried traveling I was crazy about boots with heels . Biggest mistake of my wallet and feet! I now exclusively travel with sneakers most especially in Europe (where taxi fares are gold!). You will be much more confident and happier with a pair of intact foot rather than looking cute in heels but limping because your feet wants to give up walking already. Tiis ganda has its place, pick your battles carefully.

a classic white sneakers is very versatile and can be worn with jeans, shorts and even dresses.
a classic white sneakers is very versatile and can be worn with jeans, shorts and even dresses.
Yes i actually look like im limping on this photo because my feet are killing me!! venice +cobblestones + no transportation on the island. I have no choice but to walk, this has been my worst tiis ganda moment!
Yes I actually look like I’m limping on this photo because my feet are killing me!! venice +cobblestones + no transportation on the island. I have no choice but to walk, this has been my worst tiis ganda moment!


Standing with the Pyramids of Louvre Museum in Paris
3. Make sure your clothes don’t only look cute but they are functional as well. Wear waterproof jackets if its rainy or snowing. With the matching weather appropriate shoes.

4. Bright accessories like hats or bags makes it easier for your travel buddy to spot you in the middle of the crowd of grays and blacks. And it also adds personality to an otherwise plain outfit.


5. Don’t be afraid to re use the same clothing, be creative in styling the outfit instead. Maybe use a different accessory or hairstyle. No one is gonna comment that you wore the same dress on your other travels. Make the best use of your outfits its ur money not theirs.


6. Look at your closet and see what kinds of clothes you are naturally inclined to. Chances are these are the styles that you best wear. Start building on that style when buying new clothes rather than experimenting with other style items
Buntis Haul and try on
7. No matter how cheap, on sale, cute, branded or a rare find the clothing item is, if it doesn’t fit you, DONT BUY IT. It will just end up taking storage space on your closet believe me!


Just like this Brown jacket I have on here. It was on SALE and I liked the brand. But it did not fit me well. Now its taking up so much space in my closet!

8. Care for your special garments the right way to keep them for the next generation.


Dresses and coats used to be exclusively dry cleaned before. Good news is now you can wash them at home with the RIGHT washing machine.

I like the Electrolux UltimateCare Washing Machine because of the way it cares for my fashion pieces and the best value that it offers.

The Right Fabric Care

– Electrolux Washing machine has special technology called Ultramix technology that  takes care of the fabric in a way that it retains its softness, shape and color. The result is that your clothes stays looking brand new for longer.

– For my winter coats that need special attention, the Woolmark Apparel Care technology of Electrolux Washing Machine allows me to skip the dry cleaning and save thousands of pesos by doing the laundry at home.

-They also have a unique Electrolux Vapour Refresh program, I like that this does not use detergent but still cleans your clothes. The result is amazing and less wrinkles on your clothes! You can wear it straight from the wash no need for ironing. So convenient for frequent travelers and lazy people like me. 🙂

Money Saver

– its a money saver because instead of Dry Cleaning, which costs on average P1,000 per item of clothing,  I get to wash them at home. Thanks to the help of Electrolux technology that makes it possible to wash so many variety of clothes from delicate fabrics to my special dresses to my bulky coats without destroying them.

-In addition to saving money from dry cleaning Electrolux also have the inverter function. This particular brand of washing machine has the  Electrolux EcoInverter which means I get to save on my electricity bill as much as 75%. This is the first time I heard of an inverter function in a washing machine. Such a great hack! imagine the thousands of pesos that you and I get to save on the electric bill specially because washing our clothes is something that we Have to do whether we like it or not.

-Since your Clothes have staying power, you don’t have to buy new clothes as much. Your clothes stays looking brand new for longer. You will have less faded shirts and destroyed garments. In result you get to use your money on more important things or investments.


Check out FashionCare to know more about the benefits of Electrolux Technologies.

Im not the only one who thinks this way, Fashion Designer Rajo Laurel talks about what is fashion for him and how he uses Electrolux washing machines for his design pieces in this video. Fun video and a must-watch!

Its a challenge to travel and look good on the pictures at the same time.

There is always that time old debate called comfort vs fashion.

But with proper planning and a little creativity I have proven that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds.

Thanks for reading and always remember you are never fully dressed without a smile!

To more travel #ootds!!