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Oman Air Recruitment Experience

This post is about my personal experience on applying for Oman Air here in the Philippines. It is my first time to apply on this airline but I have tried cooutless of times for other airlines. My hope is my story provides information and inspiration for aspiring applicants.


I went to the STBDJL Humanlink Agency for the pre-screening, wearing corporate attire and full make-up also bringing all my documents with me photocopied in an A4 sized bond paper. The agency is in malate located at the corner of Remedios St. and Modesto St. I brought in a copy of my TOR, diploma, Certificate of employments, NBI Clearance, Passport copy and my resume, together with my 1 whole body picture and 2×2 picture in light blue background.

2nd week of september
I received a text informing me of the employers interview that will be scheduled on October.

Day-1 October 3, 2013

Call time 7:00am
Location: Hyatt Hotel, Manila
I showed up with my friend, we both wore corporate attire skirt and coat, closed shoes, hair neatly tied in a bun, full make-up, smokey eyes and red matte lipstick. (all of these instructions were texted to us by the agency). We were staying in Makati and we took a cab at around 6:30am. the taxi ride was Php120 and it took us 15 minutes of travel time.

Upon arrival at the venue, the hall was filled with about 50 ladies. We took our seat and in a few minutes the agency representative informed us that we will have to follow a new procedure. We will be interviewed alphabetically instead of the usual first come first serve basis. Having my last name in the rear end on the alphabet, I knew then that I am in for a long wait. Ladies who had last names from J up to Z were then asked to stay at the 6th floor hall.

I spent the day fidgeting, reviewing my answer to the possible questions and waiting. My friend and I took a leave in around 11am to take our first meal of the day. We ate at pancake house, located one block away from the hotel, to the direction of roxas boulevard. We had a hearty meal because I was lacking 1 kg in my BMI and still cramming up tp get that ideal weight.

At. around 5pm, we were called in to stay at the main hall on the 3rd floor. we were organized by numbers and we sat in chairs of around 200 we were called one by one and as some vacant chairs are available we have to sit on them still maintaining our arrangement. so you will start sitting at the very back and work your way to the fron row. I hope my description makes sense.

At 7:30pm I am finally at the other end of those chairs and I am up for my interview.
I was assigned to an Omani lady, from HR department. She asked me to tell her about my self. I stated my name, age, my qualities and my work experience. She interrupted me twice because she was distracted by my lower tooth that is misaligned. I informed her that I am very willing to do everything to correct that. And that was it. I was not very confident after this interview!!

After the initial interview, the results will be posted in a white board after a few minutes. I waited around 30 minutes which seemed like forever!
And finally the moment came, the agency representative went over the board and started writing the candidate numbers who made it.
Thank God my number was in it!

Written Exam

Every batch of 20 passers of the initial interview will have to take a 50-item English Proficiency exam in 60 minutes.
The exam seems to look simple but it is very tricky, it is a multiple choice exam but all choices  seems right. You have to choose the best answer.
After the exam we are free to go and we will just be texted if we passed.

I was asleep at my friend’s house when I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and I saw the text message. I woke my friend up and she also got a text. We squeeled and cheered like girls do and went back to sleep.

Day-2 October 4, 2013

Location: Hyatt Hotel
Call time: 8:30am
We were all seated and the agency representative made a little speech, congratulating us and how disappointed they were on how many failed the exam. She said they had about 200 ladies who passed the initial and took the exam but only 129 of us passed and they needed 150 cabin crews for Oman Air so she told us that we better all make it after this round or else all their efforts will be wasted.
We are happy that they are all looking to hire us all but again it will all depend on the employers. The agency representatives are all encouraging, giving us tips and advice on how to go about the group dynamics even put spraynet on some girls whose hairs are sticking out. Kudos to this agency! they really made us feel they want us to get the job.

Once again we were arranged alphabetically, oh boy! another waiting day for me, but I did not mind because this time we were arranged into group of 6 ladies. I get to know my groupmates and we even praticed the group dynamics activity,

At 3pm, the groups were shuffled and our group had 2 more new members than the original one that we had. We went inside the panel area. There were 3 panel interviewers, 2 ladies and 1 gentleman. We were asked to take a seat. the seats were arranged in a half moon arrangement. We were asked to stand in front one by one and tell the panel the following details: name, age, if you had any child, current work. After all six of us were done, we were instructed to  ignore the interviewers and discuss among ourselves the top 3 characteristics of a cabin crew and that we have 3 minutes to do it. We right away started discussing with ourselves, we talked one by one and by the end of the time, we were asked to have a representative to present the group’s ideas to the judges.

After that they thanked us for our time and said we will just be informed of the results.

We waited 2 days for the result and all successful candidates were sent a text message. As for the moment all who passed the recruitment will have to wait for the job offer to proceed to the medical exams and the visa processing.

Taking a break from waiting and having our first meal of the day.

I thank my lucky stars and most of all God for blessing me  and my close friend on those two days!! Now, we just have to pass that medical exams and God-willing the dream of flying international skies will become a reality!