Oman Air Recruitment Experience

This post is about my personal experience on applying for Oman Air here in the Philippines. It is my first time to apply on this airline but I have tried cooutless of times for other airlines. My hope is my story provides information and inspiration for aspiring applicants.


I went to the STBDJL Humanlink Agency for the pre-screening, wearing corporate attire and full make-up also bringing all my documents with me photocopied in an A4 sized bond paper. The agency is in malate located at the corner of Remedios St. and Modesto St. I brought in a copy of my TOR, diploma, Certificate of employments, NBI Clearance, Passport copy and my resume, together with my 1 whole body picture and 2×2 picture in light blue background.

2nd week of september
I received a text informing me of the employers interview that will be scheduled on October.

Day-1 October 3, 2013

Call time 7:00am
Location: Hyatt Hotel, Manila
I showed up with my friend, we both wore corporate attire skirt and coat, closed shoes, hair neatly tied in a bun, full make-up, smokey eyes and red matte lipstick. (all of these instructions were texted to us by the agency). We were staying in Makati and we took a cab at around 6:30am. the taxi ride was Php120 and it took us 15 minutes of travel time.

Upon arrival at the venue, the hall was filled with about 50 ladies. We took our seat and in a few minutes the agency representative informed us that we will have to follow a new procedure. We will be interviewed alphabetically instead of the usual first come first serve basis. Having my last name in the rear end on the alphabet, I knew then that I am in for a long wait. Ladies who had last names from J up to Z were then asked to stay at the 6th floor hall.

I spent the day fidgeting, reviewing my answer to the possible questions and waiting. My friend and I took a leave in around 11am to take our first meal of the day. We ate at pancake house, located one block away from the hotel, to the direction of roxas boulevard. We had a hearty meal because I was lacking 1 kg in my BMI and still cramming up tp get that ideal weight.

At. around 5pm, we were called in to stay at the main hall on the 3rd floor. we were organized by numbers and we sat in chairs of around 200 we were called one by one and as some vacant chairs are available we have to sit on them still maintaining our arrangement. so you will start sitting at the very back and work your way to the fron row. I hope my description makes sense.

At 7:30pm I am finally at the other end of those chairs and I am up for my interview.
I was assigned to an Omani lady, from HR department. She asked me to tell her about my self. I stated my name, age, my qualities and my work experience. She interrupted me twice because she was distracted by my lower tooth that is misaligned. I informed her that I am very willing to do everything to correct that. And that was it. I was not very confident after this interview!!

After the initial interview, the results will be posted in a white board after a few minutes. I waited around 30 minutes which seemed like forever!
And finally the moment came, the agency representative went over the board and started writing the candidate numbers who made it.
Thank God my number was in it!

Written Exam

Every batch of 20 passers of the initial interview will have to take a 50-item English Proficiency exam in 60 minutes.
The exam seems to look simple but it is very tricky, it is a multiple choice exam but all choicesΒ  seems right. You have to choose the best answer.
After the exam we are free to go and we will just be texted if we passed.

I was asleep at my friend’s house when I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and I saw the text message. I woke my friend up and she also got a text. We squeeled and cheered like girls do and went back to sleep.

Day-2 October 4, 2013

Location: Hyatt Hotel
Call time: 8:30am
We were all seated and the agency representative made a little speech, congratulating us and how disappointed they were on how many failed the exam. She said they had about 200 ladies who passed the initial and took the exam but only 129 of us passed and they needed 150 cabin crews for Oman Air so she told us that we better all make it after this round or else all their efforts will be wasted.
We are happy that they are all looking to hire us all but again it will all depend on the employers. The agency representatives are all encouraging, giving us tips and advice on how to go about the group dynamics even put spraynet on some girls whose hairs are sticking out. Kudos to this agency! they really made us feel they want us to get the job.

Once again we were arranged alphabetically, oh boy! another waiting day for me, but I did not mind because this time we were arranged into group of 6 ladies. I get to know my groupmates and we even praticed the group dynamics activity,

At 3pm, the groups were shuffled and our group had 2 more new members than the original one that we had. We went inside the panel area. There were 3 panel interviewers, 2 ladies and 1 gentleman. We were asked to take a seat. the seats were arranged in a half moon arrangement. We were asked to stand in front one by one and tell the panel the following details: name, age, if you had any child, current work. After all six of us were done, we were instructed toΒ  ignore the interviewers and discuss among ourselves the top 3 characteristics of a cabin crew and that we have 3 minutes to do it. We right away started discussing with ourselves, we talked one by one and by the end of the time, we were asked to have a representative to present the group’s ideas to the judges.

After that they thanked us for our time and said we will just be informed of the results.

We waited 2 days for the result and all successful candidates were sent a text message. As for the moment all who passed the recruitment will have to wait for the job offer to proceed to the medical exams and the visa processing.

Taking a break from waiting and having our first meal of the day.

I thank my lucky stars and most of all God for blessing meΒ  and my close friend on those two days!! Now, we just have to pass that medical exams and God-willing the dream of flying international skies will become a reality!


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  1. Wow congrats sis! Deserve mo yan. I remember nagpost ka before dito bout their hiring but you removed it na pala. Do you still have the link? Sayang 28 lang yata max age nila. I'm over that age na =( Do you happen to know someone who got hired na over that age? Excited to read more of your international travels soon.

  2. Thank you sis! Yes I did erase that post because I am constantly trying to de-clutter and simplify my blog.. Sorry about that. Yes I remember I think it was also 28 for the age limit. You can always look it up sa On the same note, Air Asia is Hiring right now, no date yet but it will be on the November 2013. the age range is up 35 y.o. Why not try with Air Asia?

  3. Hi! i'm considering to work as an.fa
    Kya lng i have bulging varicose veins
    Balak q nmn iptngal.kya lng iniicp q kng hhntayin q muna.mtangal.b4 aq mgaply e close na un hiring.when.u go b to stb for initial.assessment they require u to wear corporate.attire.and no.stockings?kc im.really conscious about this.mahigpit b cla.s assessment?i.really wanna know…could you.please enlighten me?thank you and godbless!

  4. congrats on u sis;)

    I was checking on thins blog regarding if ever my replies dun sa post ko about oman air hiring sa cebu peru prang nawala..ehe ask ko lang sana where to find info's kasi cebuana ako kadlasan hiring sa manila kasi sana meron din dito sa cebu:)

  5. Hi sis! Yes i remember your comment and i replied. Im so sorry about that bogpost i deleted it because im cleaning up my blog..they did a 1 day prescreening sa cebu sis last sept27 and yes most hiring is sa manila tlaga…..

  6. Hi sis! As long as u can conceal it i think it will be fine, my friend uses a concealer specific sa legs, meron sa everbilena ata un or nichido basta mga 150 pesos yun, not sure basta mga ganung range.. we have to wear corporate skirt no stockings sa stb and the hotel interviews… my advise is if asked about it just say something positive about it like, oh i got this battle scars (varicose) from working too hard, etc.,

  7. Oo nga sis sayang, I just have read it here tapos na…sana meron pa drating na hirings dito sa cebu:)

  8. Hi Cess, On your first question, they told us there will be another hiring event.. rumor has it by february next year.. but there is no official announcement yet.

    Second question: The very first step in applying is the walk in application for the agency. the pooling period usually lasts months. recently they accepted walk-in applicants from may 2013 to sept 27,2013. After that they will settle the interview date with the employer, last october's case was no walk in applicant was allowed. Only those who went to the initial interviews and has complete requirements were allowed in. They had a list of applicants.

  9. thank you for the respond πŸ™‚ how is your job at Oman Air? πŸ™‚ Your answer might help me what to choose or may influence my decision. thank you in advance πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Cess! hindi pa ako nag-start sa Oman air. We are currently waiting for the job offer and after that medicals then the visa processing. Some say it may take us 5 months to a year to be able to leave for Oman.. Patience is a virtue!!

  11. Hi sis! not yet! we are still playing the waiting game… hmmmmm…. either this year or next year pa siguro kami.. we really dont know kelan eh.. wait lang daw kami sa advice.. this is very common and part of the process talaga.. πŸ™‚

  12. Sis! I also passed the oman air recruitment last oct.2013. I'm glad you posted this. οΏ½οΏ½ I went to the agency, they told me na baka nov.daw dumating yung job order, they're going to call us for the orientation and medical.

  13. Hi kaykriz I recently applied to oman air too this oct 31st at stb. they said the omanis will be back by december ata they might still be waiting for half of the batch since 150 yata klangan. i have a huge prob with my possibility of being lined up nga.. conditional ung chance if i will be able to do smtg about my protruding ears. if u were in my shoes would u undergo a surgery to have ur ears pinned to get to the 2nd stage sis?

  14. Hi sis, are they really strict with the height requirement, im 158 cm kasi.. thanks! Anyways congratulations!

  15. Hi sis, who told you to pin ur ears? Taga stb or taga oman? If i were you i will wait na yung mga taga oman talaga ang magsabi. Are you on conditional status na ba? Kasi what i know sa agency interview its just a preliminary interview sa employers interview mo pa talaga malalaman kung in ka or conditional, normally walang conditional status…

  16. Hi sis, actually sa agency they accept 157cms in height. But on the actual day i have noticed most of us who passed are around the 160cms height, and my other colleagues were rechecked with their height and did not make it.. πŸ™

  17. yay so glad you replied! it was suggested by the rep in stb she said i need to do smtg about it para daw maline up aq for the "assessment day" with the omanis… iniisip ko nga ang risky nman eh hindi pa nmn even 50% sure na makakpasa tlg. hayyy the lengths i'll have to go through to achieve my dream…i have a question though in terms of hairstyle kc it only requires diba na hair away from the face but ive been experimenting how to pin back my ears through my hair kahit na nakabun… un nga lang a quarter of the ears will be covered by the hair. pwede kya un? sorry krizz sa kulit ha but ur the 1st person i feel like i could seek advice from on this.. thank you!

  18. I know exactly what you mean! the lengths that we have to go through.. I guess, the final decision is really yours, its your body and this is the moment that you have to think really hard if this is what you really want to do?? your idea is very sensible sis, but I can tell you for a fact that there is great chance that recruiters will have you take out your ears if it is covered. They wont even allow bangs when applying, and they would ask you to really put your hair in a bun even if your hair is still considered short. some others were asked to even remove make-up in other airline. So just think about it sis. find another way or talk to your doctor about other alternatives..

  19. wow… grabe ang strict talaga nila…thanks krizzy and good luck! i'm sure you'll get that golden email from the way i see your character. sana kung makapasa aq one day, i get to see you there in oman air too! #hoping πŸ™‚

  20. Hi kaykrizz im planning to walk in sa stb just wondering how long would it take for the pre-screening may one day ba?

  21. Hi sis! included din ako sa waiting game na to. ahaha grabe no? ang tagal. ung friend ko nun ilang wks lang na medical na. bkit kaya ung satin matagal? may balita ka ba? πŸ™‚

  22. hi kaykrizz! you have an excellent blog for aspiring FA's…I've been to many recruitment events but still no luck.. sayang yung last application ko with QA di ako umabot sa FI, nakaka frustrate talaga..with regards to oman air, nag email ako sa kanila 2 weeks ago, tapos nag reply na pwede i email yung CV ko…Ongoing pa din ba yung sa Oman air? sila na lang yata ang international airline na may hiring ngayon..

  23. Hi! Ms. Kaykrizz na-inspire po ako sa blog nyo:) What's your IG account so that I can follow U? May hiring po b ngaun 2014 ang Oman Air for FA? -thanks

  24. hi ms.kriz, dream ko po maging F.A, at plan ko po mag apply sa Oman Air,kaso my pimple mark po ako.kaya po ba sya e conceal? thanks po.

  25. Hi kaykrizz, i heard that the agency is now accepting applicants for oman air. and my problem is i have a scar. just a small one though.. sobrang strict ba nila when it comes to scar? πŸ™

  26. hi kaykrizz I also applied sa oman air last october. Like you waiting din ako for medical. πŸ™‚ lets make a group on fb for our batch so that makapagupdate tayo sa isatisa if there any news πŸ™‚

  27. hi sis! im so sorry for the late reply, more than a month akong nabusy!!
    oo nga sis, super tagal.. kaya nga im distracting y self with so many things.. nasa FB group ka na ba? there u will get real time update sa ating lahat na naghihintay.

  28. hi sis! im so sorry for the late reply, more than a month akong nabusy!!
    Yes, what i know is they are currently pooling. as long as wala pang employer's interview they are still accepting resumes. better get your resume submitted nah para you'll know if when ang employers interview (same as OD in QR) and if you need to gain/ loose weight.

  29. hi sis! im so sorry for the late reply, more than a month akong nabusy!!

    They did not come this December and still no news when they will be definitely back. we just have to wait.. πŸ™‚

  30. hi sis! im so sorry for the late reply, more than a month akong nabusy!!
    We do already have an FB group created like days after receiving the "golden text" hahaha.. please email me your FB account at so i can add you up!

  31. Hi RARA! im so sorry for the late reply, more than a month akong nabusy!!
    yes i have pimple marks too.. every night you should put something to it para mag-lighten.. you can choose from a wide variety of products na makahelp sa pimple scars.. and then on your interview conceal conceal conceal.. or you can use bb cream/ cc cream on your whole face. experiment so you would know what is best for your specific skin type

  32. Hi sis! meron sis, kaya punta ka na sa stb, try to check if they still are accepting applicants for the next recruitment. What i know is wala pang employers interview na nangayari last december kaya most probably they are still hiring, but still need to confirm that with the agency first

  33. as long as not obvious and concealable.. if you have braces on while applying they will be asking you to remove it by the time of your training once you are in. Hindi balakid ang braces para makapag.apply. pag gusto ka nila, gusto ka kahit may braces ka pa. as long as matatanggal xa pag tanggap ka nah.. go na sis! apply ka nah! aja!

  34. hi sis! im so sorry for the late reply, more than a month akong nabusy!! Ganyan talaga ang buhay sis.. join ka sa FB group natin daliiii! send e your fb email

  35. Hi KayKriss! Sana masagot mo ung mga tanong ko.
    1. Does an FA need to have a perfect vision—20/20 eyesight?
    2. Need po ba super flawless without any scars in the legs, maputi ba dapat complexion?
    3. Anung attire sa application? Skirt with or without stockings?

    What should I do if I am morena and have this scar because of my surgery?

  36. 1.20/20 with corrected vision is ok (with contacts or glasses)
    2.depends on how you can conceal your scars.. I believe the uniform for oman air is gray stockings so it wont matter
    3. no stockings

    try using everbilena legconcealer..

    Hope this helps!

  37. Hi, sis! Do you know of any link where I can send my resume to Oman Air. I tried looking in their website but there's none for application purposes.

  38. Hello Ms Kaykrizz. I hope you reply on this msg too. I also wanna be a flight attendant but I have stretchmarks on the back of my leg. It isnt that obvious sa malayo cause its white. But do you think I'll still be able to be like you??

  39. Were you really required to pay placement fee? Isn't that illegal? IPAMS doesn't charge any placement fees kasi…

  40. I tried to submit my resume via email, but got no response yet since the last time they replied. Okay lang ba mag submit nang resume sa cebu office nila? or need talaga pumunta sa main office? thanks..:)

  41. hi Kaykrizz. nice blog! πŸ™‚ i just wanna ask kung may hiring oman air this year? and paano yung sinasabi mo pong agency na mag tetext sainyo kung kailan? pano po ma apply dun, pra mainform dn for interview?? thank youu very much!!

  42. Hi Kaykrizz, I just want to ask sana. What if i have false teeths. Like, 4 false teeths but not noticeable nman ang well fixed. Pwede ba yun? Hope you can answer my question. Thank you! πŸ™‚ Ang Goodluck to you.. πŸ™‚

  43. Sa elbow ung scar ko and parang hindi sya concealable:( nagpunta ko stb nagapply ako as customer service passenger services, nung cnukat height ko sabi sakin bat di daw ako mag try for fa..nung nag pasa ka ba resume screening na kagad chineck na ung skin mo ganon? Thanks dami kong tanong hehe

  44. Hi Miss Kaykrizz! Is stb still accepting fa applicants for oman air? Hindi naman ba po sila masungit sa stb? I had this not-so-good experience kc with an agency b4 kya medyo nadiscourage ako magapply magbuhat nun. thanx! btw, u hav a very good blog. keep it up! πŸ™‚

  45. Hi, Sorry for the late reply, I am not sure if they are still accepting walk-in applicants, I heard from the grapevine may deadline sila. I naman on the other hand, had a great experience with them, depende sa staff siguro and they are always changing the staff. and the staff should not stand in the way of you dream job. So go ahead, just be friendly and bear all the frustrations that may come with the application process, because ganun din sa iba mahirap din sa ibang agency.. that will always be there..

  46. Hi, Sorry for the late reply, I am not sure if they are still accepting walk-in applicants, I heard from the grapevine may deadline sila. I naman on the other hand, had a great experience with them, depende sa staff siguro and they are always changing the staff. and the staff should not stand in the way of you dream job. So go ahead, just be friendly and bear all the frustrations that may come with the application process, because ganun din sa iba mahirap din sa ibang agency.. that will always be there..

  47. yes meron, that is what i know.. i think they are on the pooling process right now, better check with them. Which agency are you referring to? i dont recall. however I suggest you upload your resume sa work abroad or alike sites, i sometimes get calls from agencies from that are hiring

  48. yes previous batches did pay the placement fee and now working as FA in Oman.. IPAMS is one of the agencies that does not require pf in the Philippines. all other aagencies talagang naniningil ng agency

  49. And girls, sa ting mga aspirants flight attendant. I will share up my experienced during my emirates airline application as cabin service assistant. Just sad to say, at last part of elimination I was out coz I got really so nervous.

  50. Hi kaykrizz. U are so nice. I just want 2 ask if when will be the posible date of arrival ng oman air employer. I went there in stb last dec 26. And I had an initial interview with ms. Jinky. I had been told by her that employer will come by march. I already came back here in dubai last jan.27 and im desperately need 2 know the details or info ng pagdating ng employer 2 get a ticket back there. And one more thing. And I still dont know if I had been selected 2 participate for employers interview

  51. Hi! Your blog is so inspiring for all aspiring flight attendants.. And i'm one of them.. Though i 'm still young and planning to work to gain more experience in customer service and i'm planning to apply as fa after 1 1/2 year so i can improve myself pa sana. I just wanna know if they are strict with the scars and teeth?

  52. Hi Ms.Kaykrizz,

    I recently applied for the same position, also with the same agency just this May of 2014. Luckily, I read your blog online and it did help me a lot throughout the employer's interview. I received na po the message regarding the medical and visa processing once a job offer was given na raw sa agency. May idea po ba kayo how much is the placement fee and whether kung salary deduction or pay na po agad before umalis? aabutin po kaya ng magkano? Need po kasi pagipunan hehe πŸ˜› And nasa Oman na po kayo now or still waiting po? πŸ™‚ Thank you ms.kaykrizz, these questions have been bugging me for a while already hehe sana po di naman masyadong matagal before madeploy sa Oman, para magkawork na.

    Wish you the all the best and more power to you and your blog! πŸ™‚

  53. hi Ms. kaykrizz! kamusta na application nyo for oman air? i heardkasi ongoing ulit application ng oman air under same agency, STB. just want to confirm if ok na yng sa batch nyo to know na rin if this is legit. thank you.

  54. miss kay i need ur help πŸ™ im working in oman but now im phils for vacation and wants to try to apply in stb ds week u think mkakaabot pa ko sa interview or papayagan ako ng agency? kc i need to go back dis may 11.. hope u can gve me an advice?! thanks ms kay.. ur so pretty and smart btw..:)

  55. hi miss kay πŸ™‚ balak ko sana mag apply kso may scar po ako sa kamay like burned scar ok lang po kaya miss kay? maselan po ba omanair? may skin screening n po ba sa initial screening sa agency? hope u reply asap. thank you!

  56. hi sis just want to ask f ok lng ba f may jacket ang teeth? problem ko ksi butterfly ang two front teeth ko and i was planning na ipa jacket ko nlng xa ksi we will be having a final ntrvw na sa oman air sa May 7 na long nmn ata na d maxado halata ano ok lng? thanks πŸ˜‰

  57. hi ms kaykrizz.. just curious to ur apps in oman air.. im searching for news about cabin crew in oman air but i found few..

  58. hi ate..looking forward for you to sarah po..and right now im still dream id to become a FA,,,,,but as of now im afraid..coz i have some medical issues..i have a goiter..its still small.coz..kakastart palang..i have some medicine nmn,,if ever po ba mag apply aku ….like waerin turtle neck attire..mapapancin po ba?

  59. Hellos kaykrizz! Nice blog! How's Oman airways? Okay naman ba? Wala pa kasi akong experience mag FA. So mag ttry ako local and international. Pasok kaya ako kung 5'2 1/2 lang height ko? O dapat 5'3 pataas talaga? Thank you!

  60. Hi KayKrizz naka-alis na ba kayo for oman? I hope you guys made it! I am trying to apply din sa oman and hopefully makapasa din like you.

  61. Hi kay! May I know whats your height? I saw sa stb djl facebook page yung pics nung mga applicant omg they look so tall. Mhkang wala ako pag asa haha. Pls email me ur answer thanks in advance!

  62. hi sis is Oman Air hiring this 2014? and are they strict pati sa ears? i have 3 piercings sa left ear ko. do they inspect pati un? thanks

  63. Hi Sis,

    Natuwa ako sa blog na ito, thank you for sharing your experience! Ang dami kong nalaman. πŸ™‚ Aspiring din ako maging flight attendant, kaso medyo nakakapanghina ng loob. Sinukat ko kasi sarili ko, 159cm lang ako, nakulangan lang ng 1 cm! πŸ™ Meron ka bang nakitang mga na-recruit na 159 cm lang? Haha

  64. Hello pretty πŸ™‚ Ahm just wanna ask if your batch only took English test that time or is there any situational questions? Thank you and God Bless you. Fighting! πŸ™‚

  65. Hello pretty πŸ™‚ Ahm just wanna ask if your batch only took English test or is there any situational questions? Thank you and God Bless you! Fighting! πŸ™‚

  66. Sisses with blogs and document the recruitment process are really helpful! Thanks to y'all. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, I walked-in sa STB last Feb14. I forgot to ask what name ng nagscreen sakin, but she put OK in my form, and said na they'll email me na lang daw ng mga needed requirements and date for the FI? Ganun ba talaga dun sis? Kasi prior to my interiew, yung isang girl, pinapabalik siya by March, and ang nakalagay sa application form niya is TBC, as in to be considered. So mas may chance ba ako na mapasok? Hihihi. -E

  67. Hello po! I just want to ask lang po sana regarding height req. I'm 5'2" lang po kasi. Eh di ba po most of the airlines ang minimum height req po nila is 5'3". Bale ang question kolang po sana is.. May mga airlines po bang natanggap ng 5'2" ang height? By the way, I'm graduating na po. Tourism po yung course ko. Ayun lang po. Thank you in advance ms. kaykrizz! πŸ™‚

  68. It's ok. Thanks Ms. Kay! I went there last Jan, had the interview and they were nice naman. I was told the employers are coming this March. I'm just a little worried coz I need to pass the height thing kulang kasi sa 160cm, lol!

  69. Hellow po ulit ms kay! Is it possible for the agency to consider u in another employers interview if di ka nasama dun sa mga naunang nainterview? Or does it mean wala ka na chance? Kc I applied last jan and I think the screening went good naman pero I heard nagpainterview na stb nung 1st week of may? Thanx. Sissies, meron b jan nagpaintrvw na jan 2014 sa stb then naintrvw na wth the employers this may? Thanks!:)

  70. Hi i just want to ask if okay lang kaya if i go to the screening with my lower braces on?pero matatanggal nanaman sya in 3 i guess tanggal nanaman eto by the time i start working.?

  71. Hi Anonymous May 25, 2014 at 8:34 AM, I was included in the recent batch this month. Thanks to this blog kaykrizz. Btw, Please always follow up with stb for updates coz that almost happened to me. I applied with 2 of my friends last feb 14 – after attending Saudia open day. They were notified to go back to stb around 2nd week of April for the final instruction prior to employer's interview however I didnt receive any sms and when I went there, I was one of the applicants who didnt confirm as per their staff. It could be an issue with cell network in my location. Buti I went there when I heard they were contacted. And I heard for some applicants, they were asked to resubmit their application form due some missing files kaya di natawagan. We'll never know what could happen so be patient and check with them once in a while. Just a tip, also try to make friends with your co applicants so you guys can keep in touch. I wish you all the best in your application. I think there will be another batch this November. They are still screening applicants. Go for it!


  72. hi! nasa Oman Air kp rin? may nakita kasi ako job opening sa and same agency and airline (Oman Air) and pinagiisipan ko if itatatry ko mag-apply kaya lang meron akong scar sa leg slightly think may chance pa ako makuha? thanks πŸ™‚

  73. Hi sis. Ask ko lang if kaharap mo na yung employer do they weigh you again?? Coz underweight ako sa 160cm. Pati im single but have a child. Is it possible na makapasok pa ako? Since nbasa ko sa post mo na they'd asked you if your single and if you have a child. Should i try or wag na??

  74. Hi! I went to STB last month for the manpower pooling. I was told that they will give me a chance. Employers will come by November as per instruction. Is it ok to add you on FB so as to get update? Here's my e-mail ad: You can send me your e-ad so I can add you on FB. Thank you!


  75. Hi ms panda love! Satingn ko nga ganyan rn nangyri sakin kc ok na ok initial intrvw ko nun fault ko lang d tlg ako ngfollow up. Mgreaply ako ult. Anyway thanku gurl! Goodluck! πŸ™‚

  76. guys anyone na naka Line up na for interview this November? balitaan tayo guys viber me πŸ™‚ +97433826953 -jazz

  77. Hi Ladies! Just want to share my experience when I applied directly in Oman. It was last year of September. I was there because of my job but then I really wanted to pursue on this career. I went to their grooming dept, which would be the physical screening. I brought my cv with me, was in a proper business attire. I was so nervous that time but I kept myself relax and smile still. But unfortunately, I wasn't selected because of my syringoma or warts around my eyes. It's few but it's visble on a very bright room. I was told that my cv is fine and met the qualifications but being a cabin crew, your skin must be close to perfect. They told me that they will keep my file and be back as soon as I have my skin been treated.

    Now, I'm back home. I took other job here and I'll have my treatment soon coz I would definitely pursue my flying career ambition. Hope it's not too late. πŸ™‚

  78. Hi Sis Kaykrizz! Ask ko lang po, during pre screening po sa STB, do we need na naka bun na ang hair pag nagpunta don? Planning to go this week po.. Maraming Salamat . Godbless πŸ™‚

  79. Hi ms.kaykrizz! Jobscontaq manpower is also an agency for Oman Air is it okay if I apply to them than to STB? What do u think? πŸ™‚

  80. Hi, Kaykrizz. Wala ka bang na-meet whose height is 158 (5'2") lang na nakalusot? Kasi sa ibang posts sa Internet, i.e. flygosh, latestpilotjobs, etc., 157 lang yung minimum for Oman Air. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
    Sa PAL ba, hindi ina-accept kung few centimeters shorter than 5'3"? Thank you!

  81. Hi, Guys! Does anyone of you know if may nakalusot na shorter than 160 cms? Kasi sa ibang posts naman for Oman recruitment, 157 lang yung minimum. Kaya lang dito sa agencies in the Phils, 160. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  82. Hello, Guys! Do you know anybody na shorter than 160 na nakalusot sa STB? I'm 158 lang kasi, eh. Tapos sa ibang Internet posts naman, the minimum requirement for Oman Air is 157 lang daw. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
    Hope to hear from any of you, in case may alam kayo. Thanks!

  83. hello there. i just want to ask may height and weight limit po ba sila? and nag aaccept po ba sila ng may braces? kasi im planning to apply kaso 5"2 lang ako, light brown skin and with braces. my konti akong scars sa knee because of biking. possible po ba na matanggap ako? im only 22 yrs old. thanks po

  84. Hi miss kaykrizz! Ask ko lang kung yung agency na pinag applyan mo for oman air ay mag hhire pa din for that airline? On going lang ba lagi or it depends? Hope you reply! ❀

  85. Hi Ms. Kaykrizz.. I find your blog very informative and helpful.. I’m just wondering kung natupad mo na ba un dream m? Anyway I feel naman na you’ll be very successful in any career you’ll pursue.. πŸ™‚ ako.. Im planning to go for Oman Air Pre-screening.. tanong ko lng sana what should I expect during pre screening.. are they strict? may chicken pox marks kase ko.. ang saklap p kase sa face.. Medyo hnd tlga ko confident.. I’ve tried to apply sa isang airline wayback at hnd rn ako pumasa.. nakakababa kase ng self esteem.. I want to try pero nattakot ulit ako na mareject.. I hope to get a reply from you soon.. Thanks Ms. Kaykrizz.. Godbless you.. πŸ™‚

  86. Ms. Kaykrizz, congratulations in all your success. Do you have a video or vlog for tips on how to apply for Oman Air? Thank you so much.

  87. Hi misskaykrizz! U dont tell to this blog how many questions did they ask to you, can I ask what or how many questions did they ask? Thank you

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