Advice for Male Cabin Crew Applicants

male cabin crew applicant

This is made for those who requested for my advice for male cabin crew applicants. If you’re a male cabin crew applicant and you want to know my advice, check it out here!

You might have seen on my Facebook page a long time ago, I have created a live video wherein I asked you guys what are your questions for male cabin crew applicants. I found a male YouTuber who is a cabin crew and I actually asked him to do a video. I felt like I wasn’t the right person to give you advice but that person that I have requested to make a video became so busy and unfortunately we’re not able to push through with the video.

Now I have all these questions from you guys and I don’t know what to do and how to answer them. Now I just created a video to answer all of your questions and I will answer them the best way I can look through the eyes of a recruiter. With my experience, with my friend’s experience who are males who also helped out get the job as a Flight attendant for Air Asia, PAL Express, and PAL. Most of my friends actually got in as well. I guess now I have reconsidered my evaluation of myself. I think I’m now qualified to give you advice if you’re a male and you’re cabin crew aspirant.


Let’s go through the comments

Here are the comments on Facebook from those of you guys who have been following me and I’m going to try to answer those questions!


1st Question…

“Hi misskay, I have been following you from a long time on YouTube and really thank you for all information. I really applied for Qatar 5x, but got rejected from open days. I can speak and write Arabic and fluent in English and some languages. I have been trained in cabin crew as I’m really confident to answer any question about CC. Please, I hope that you would advise for any special tips in the interview. Thank you!”

– Godfry Edrain

Godfry Edrian, my tip for you is to know what Qatar Airways wants and to really give it to them. I always say know your monsters to be able to slay it. You need to slay Qatar Airways. If you have been watching my videos especially the one about Qatar Airways application, most of them is directed or I was actually pertaining to female applicants. Because in the Philippines, they hire girls most of the time.

If you would see through my advice for the female applicants, it also applies to the male cabin crew applicant. The posture, eye contact, smile. It’s not only for the females, but you also have to do those. Qatar Airways is more on how you feel to them. That is why it is three days for them to decide that they want you in. You have to show them that you know about teamwork, you are a positive person, and you’re always portraying grace under pressure and you also are prepared. Preparation is the key. You said you speak different languages. When you sell yourself, sell yourself with a smile. Don’t give that air of “Okay I have this skill, I know that, I should be in” and you don’t smile! It’s like a little bit coming off as arrogant if you ask me. Try to avoid being arrogant as much as possible. That is the big NO-NO for the recruiters. They don’t want to hire arrogant people. They’re looking for humble people because your job is a humble job. It is a service job. Reality check!

It’s a service job with a lot of benefits of course. They’re looking for essentially humble people. People who can work with different people and different personalities. You show that through the interview or even if they’re not talking to you, they’re actually observing you. That is the thing with Qatar Airlines and most airlines as well. If you show them that you talk to your seatmates, you try to introduce yourself even if it’s not your turn and try to help one another. It’s a big thing that they see. Also, don’t yawn when they are doing the presentation. Don’t look tired and sleepy. I wasn’t there on your interview day so I wouldn’t be really able to pinpoint what it is that you need to improve just a little bit more of an idea when it comes to Qatar Airways.


2nd Question…

“How to apply for PAL? Is it a plus factor if you know how to speak Arabic?”

– John Keivehn Samonte

John, you just have to go for their open day to apply. You have to portray their image. What is their image? PAL is a conservative company. They don’t want an ‘anime like’ hair style. That’s what I remember for the guys’ coz I have a friend who applied together with me before and they specifically asked those people with an anime hairstyle to have a haircut. You need to have a clean haircut, clean shave. You need to look like PAL cabin crew. What does PAL represent to you? It’s the flag carrier. If it’s possible for you to wear Barong, wear Barong, (No I’m kidding.) You need to wear Americana/suit or at least if not a suit, a long-sleeved shirt. You need to look fresh and look like you smell good. All of the other tips for passing the interviews applies to you guys even if you’re a male, it still applies to you. The eye contact, smile, posture and how to prepare the answer for the interview.

The only difference perhaps is the way you walk. When they asked you to walk, you don’t walk with your hips swaying. For male cabin crew applicant, you walk with your shoulders moving and your hips stay the same. Only girls move with their hips. Try to move naturally but try to be manlier about it. Manly and natural not too much exaggeration. As long as it looks natural, it looks nice, you’re in!


3rd Question…

“Hi! Is it needed to have 20/20 visual acuity to get hired in PAL?”

– Jarkyll Neverca Aclan

Yes, with or without glasses. They will not check that on the interview, but they will check it on the medical. Pass the interview first, during the medical you need to have your glasses on. With your glasses, your test result should be 20/20 vision. That’s what you really need, corrected glasses.


4th Question…

“Hi Dear, I’m Emdadul, I live in Qatar for 3 years, I worked in a Hotel, but I like to work as a cabin crew. It’s my dream, I applied so many times but I don’t receive anything, please can you give me some advice, please.”

– Emdadul Haque Riyadh

I guess, what is being asked is broad. If you tried before and you didn’t get in, you have to look into yourself what needs correction. Only you can answer that. Only you were present during those times. If you need to work on your confidence, work on your confidence. If you need to work on your preparation, work on your preparation. If you need to work on your energy, especially Qatar. They are very specific about this. Your energy, your vibe. How do you come up to them? You need to work on that. See for yourself where do you think in this aspect you lack. If you were able to pass the initial screening, like the height test, impact, you’re good! You just need a little more polishing.


That’s all the questions that we have on Facebook. I might do a Part Two Tips for male cabin crew applicant.

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