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Flight Attendant Make-up Tutorial

flight attendant make-up tutorial
Make-up Tutorial is one of the most requested videos I get from you guys.
How does a flight attendant / cabin crew do her make-up for work?
I have received a request from you to show you how I would do my make-up for my work as a cabin crew / flight attendant.
So here is my answer to that request. I hope you find it useful!
If you have any other request for a video don’t hesitate to comment below! I read all your comments!
This is my first time to make a video that is a make-up tutorial. I  am actually a little nervous about it but I hope you guys like it and let me know what other kind of make-up tutorials you would like to see in the future!

THE PRODUCTS THAT I USED for this flight attendant make-up tutorial video:

Rimmel eyebrow pencil 002 hazel
Naked Basic 1 Palette
Gimme Brows by Benefit
Naturactor Face cover concealer
Mac Face Foundation in NC 30
Naked Basic 1 Palette
Sephora Blush On
Shade: Sweet on you
9to5 Lakme eyeshadow palette
Naked Basic 1  Palette
Maybelline Khol Eyeliner
NYX Glam Stick
Liquid Eyeliner:
Rimmel Exaggerated Liquid Eyeliner
Korean Mascara
What I use now:
Sephora Lip Cream 01
Be a flight attendant Blog by Kaykrizz:
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**This video is not sponsored. Links to the products I use are affiliate links.
Without further ado, Here is the video! I hope you enjoy it!