Lessons from Ms Catriona for flight attendant aspirants

There are many things that we can learn from the Miss Universe, Catriona Gray. I have listed down some important ones that can apply to people who are trying to pursue a career as a flight attendant.


  1. Do not Give-up!

This was not the first time that Ms. Catriona Gray tried to get an international crown. In 2016 she was the Philippine’s candidate to the Ms. World pageant. She did not bag the crown at that time and she was devastated. Good thing she did not make that experience be the ending of her journey. She tried again to join the Binibining Pilipinas pageant and this time she got the chance to represent the country in the Ms. Universe Pageant. The second time around, she is wiser and obviously she had prepared way better than ever and this time around it was her chance to shine and she did. Thank God, she did not let her earlier failures mark her for life.

The flight attendant job is very competitive in the Philippines with applicants nearing thousands during Open Days. Don’t let every failure bring you down but instead find the lessons on each one and make it your stepping stone to be much more confident and wiser on your next application.

2. Be Grateful.

If you listen to Ms. Catriona talk she exudes this aura of #blessed. This is because she appreciates every single thing in her life, even the smiles of the kids that she volunteers for. She embodies the saying “Count your blessings”. By doing this she attracts more blessings in form of people, insights, guidance,sponsors, fans to come in to her life and bless her more. Of course life is not perfect, but if we want to live the best possible way we can. The best place to start would be to adapt this attitude of gratitude. If we focus on our complaints in life, we will just get more of that. So let the universe work in your favor and focus on things that you are grateful for.


3. Be Positive.

A positive thought is 1000x more powerful than a negative thought.

I saw so many interviews of Ms. Catriona where she is asked different negative questions and I see a pattern that she know how to turn it around and answer the questions in a positive way.

Positivity and enthusiasm is contagious. Being in this frequency and always turning every negative question thrown at you to a positive one takes a lot of positive mindset. As a flight attendant applicant the recruiter will ask you situational and behavioral questions and they will be keen at your answers to see if you are a positive or negative person.


4.Practice 1Million times.

Her trending LAVA WALK and Slow Mo Turn was so amazing we all are at awe. It looks so natural and effortless that I was shocked to learn that Ms. Gray practiced that walk so many times to the point that her scoliosis hurt so bad she would break down and cry. (Source: Jessica Soho’s interview of Ms. Grays runway coach)

Sometimes when we see something awesome we all think it as effortless. The truth is to be effortless you have to practice a million times, because of that it now comes naturally to you.

Same in answering interview questions. If you want to be great and be effortless, you have to practice and anticipate the questions that will be asked of you.

Do research on the questions that may be asked, the process of the recruitment and learn about the airline industry and the airline company that you are applying for.

If you want to practice formulating and delivering your answers you might find my coming workshop interesting. My first ever in person workshop is happening this March 2, 2019 in Makati City. See details here: Interview Success Workshop.

5. Do your research

When Ms. Catriona Gray was interviewed by Steve after entering the top 10. She mentioned in her answer that she does not stand there as one, but as one million and four filipinos.

IThat got me to do a quick google search and she was on point! Our current population is 104M. That is just impressive and accurate.

Same thing when doing the interview, if you do your research well you can thoroughly impress the recruiters off their seats and will get a lasting impression about you that will be unforgettable.

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For a point-on-point review of Ms. Universe’s winning answer, watch the full version of this tutorial on my youtube video.

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