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Kaykrizz’s Interview Tips Series

Waiting in line

Have you ever tried applying for the job and you are waiting in line with other applicants. In your mind you create a scenario, pretending you are the interviewer and one by one you judge your co-applicants. You may say, “this girl is totally in” or “she’s totally not getting it” or  “Oh she’s so pretty I’m definitely sure she can get in” .. etc., etc., 
And when the real interview took place and you see the people who get in and did not, you get the shock of your life! “How come she did not make it?!” “I can’t believe this girl passed!”  Well, you are not the only one! I have been in this exact situation countless of times before.
 Now, I have applied for the job 15- 20 times since then (i have lost count already), I have experimented with different approach to applying for the Flight Attendant position and my brain is bursting with different ideas and tips on the topic. 
Since I have started this blog, I have intended to write about the tips I can give other dreamers like me to land the job as a flight attendant. However, this topic is very broad and proved to be quite a challenge for me to write
So I have decided to break down all the ideas I have in a series of articles that I will be posting on this blog. My series will be broken down to different parts.
Part 4: How to pass the Cabin Crew Group Discussion?
just allow me time to work on these articles and I will be sure to make your wait worth it!