Travel VLOG Germany: Snow and Christmas Market

Travel VLOG Germany
gluhwein (warm wine)

Hey guys!

I would like to show you a day in my life through this Travel VLOG Germany video.

Since my last video took so long to upload, I would like to make up for the delay by posting more videos this week =)
 So I decided I would like to start uploading video VLOGS that I have been trying to do for the longest time! I really want to show you how the layovers are for flight attendants and just generally share bits and pieces of my life =D Its just been a big block to overcome my own shyness and self criticism but the current circumstances really is directing me to that direction. So here goes nothing!

 A day in the life: Travel VLOG Germany

We were on a layover in Munich Germany. I was snowing when we arrived. So gloomy but its the first time I held snowflakes in my hand 🙂
We were originally going to a tourist spot in Munich but then we saw a beautiful place called a Christmas Market. We went in and stayed until the night, we enjoyed the concert and the warm wine!
I am using my iPhone camera to film this since that is always with me most of the time. So please don’t expect too much with the video quality.
Let me know if you guys enjoy these types of videos, so I will be making more of it, and make it a regular part of the channel 🙂
PERSONAL NOTE:I do not want to brag my life to anyone. My life is not perfect, I just always try to see it in a positive light always. I don’t represent my airline in these videos as well so I wont be mentioning anything work related ( I wont be able to answer questions that is related to my airline since I am still under contract. Legalities loves ;>). These will be my personal experience as a crew everyone is different so I do not guarantee that once you will fly as a flight attendant that you will have the same experiences as mine.


check out the video vlog here:

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