How to have an IMPACT on your Impact Interview?

How to make an impact on your impact interview?

If you are reading this now, you’re probably trying to understand or try to find out how to make an impact on your impact interview.

 How to have an IMPACT on your Impact Interview? Flight Attendant | MISSKAYKRIZZ

Now I want to share with you what I think an impact interview is.

What is an impact interview? An impact interview is trying to gauge your first impression when they (recruiters) first see you. What would be a stranger thinking about you. The job of a flight attendant is usually dealing with a lot of passengers that should show a positive image about the company. That is what I think an impact interview is all about. It’s evaluating how you come off right off the bat.


Here are the tricks that I could give you guys to make sure that you give your best impact on your impact interview.

1. Make sure that your posture is correct. When you enter the room, you should have a straight body posture as your chest out and your stomach in. This immediately gives you that look of confidence in you.

2. Maintain eye contact or seek eye contact right away. That means if you are somebody who is confident and who is sincere. That’s what eye contact conveys. If you are even just meeting the person for the first time, you need to establish eye contact.

3. Smile this is the magic sauce to everything. The moment you enter the room, smile like it’s your wedding day. Have the right eye contact and posture immediately even without talking. Give off a very nice and positive vibe.

4. Grace under pressure. This is keeping your hand gestures controlled. Your head movements, stuttering or those that are involuntary actions that happens whenever you are nervous. Make sure that you are on top of it. Try to have it as controlled as possible. Example of this is when talking some time, some of us talk a bit faster when nervous. Make sure that you are in control of yourself during the interview. Talk in a paced manner, control any gestures or involuntary movements that you have.

5. Be prepared. Prepare your answers. This is not cheating guys, this is preparation. This is the way to really send your message out there. If somebody asks you a question and you’re not prepared for an answer, you will be saying things right off your head and it might not look or sound as nice or as polished as someone who has already thought of the question and an answer to it. This is a trick that most beauty pageants contestant do. I suggest you guys also prepare it that way. They prepare the answers ahead of time. They anticipate what kind of questions they’re going to have. In your case probably like, “Tell me about yourself?, Why do you want to apply for us?, Why do you want to be a Cabin crew?, What do you know about our company?” Those are the questions to prepare for. When it comes to beauty pageants, they think about the questions that are usually asked of them. Like what if your essence is a woman?, What will you do during your reign?, or Why should we give you the crown? They have these answers prepared and then they practice delivering it in a very sincere and spontaneous manner. Have your pre-prepared answers polished, lined up and set in a way that is clear simple and with an impact.

When you do encounter these questions, you already know what to answer. You already had a plan in your head on how to get it out of you. It’s just a matter of how you deliver the answer with the right pause with a smile and the right attitude.

6. Positive vibe. Your energy when you enter should light up the whole room. That is the kind of energy that you should have when you are going for an impact interview. This is what the recruiters would say the x-factor. This is what we are looking for in people. How do you do that? Just apply all the steps I’ve previously have said. Enter the room with a big smile with a good posture, eye contact, prepared answers and aside from that, you also need to feel good. How do you do that? Make sure that you have listened to inspiring music or you have really visualized yourself as a cabin crew. Anything that would make you in a good mood. When you enter the room in a good mood, immediately everybody will sense your appearance and they’ve got a good feeling about you.

Those are my tips for you guys who are going to have your impact interview soon. I really wish you all the best and good luck! If you guys want to know more you could book me on Skype for a Skype Coaching. I do all coaching and one-on-one coaching like this but it’s going to be customised to your own needs. It’s just like me meeting you where you are. I’ll figure out how I could coach you the best or what needs improvement.

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