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How to Contour and look Natural

Do you want to have that defined look without looking like maleficent coming out to the real world?

My dear friend Rej is kind enough to share her talents in doing a contoured face for your daily look.

Usually if you contour your face, it would be for a special occasion, or you will be performing on stage, or anywhere you want to look dramatic, right?

Don’t you just wish to have that defined look but still look natural?

This make-up tutorial is all about that!

This natural looking contoured make-up can take you to day-time dates, job interviews or attending an outdoor gathering.

On a side note:
Sometimes we all need a friend to push us in the right direction.
It has been two months since I have uploaded a video on my channel!
( i have not noticed till now)
I have been in a rut and being lazy on continuing on my passion, too many things distracting me.. but today this friend of mine pushed me and waited on me to get this video out!

She was so generous with her time and talent that she was willing to be the one who will do a How to Contour make-up tutorial for this video.

We did it and here is the finished product!

I could not be prouder than this work.

I hope you enjoy this video!
Here is the link:  How to contour and look natural
You may also watch right here, down below this post.