How I treated my Acne a.k.a. Pimples

how i treated my acne

Happy Holidays everyone! A few days ago I uploaded a video on my YouTube Channel  on how i treated my acne and pimples even if I am wearing make-up in my daily work as a Flight Attendant.

Struggling with acne and still have to wear make-up for work T-T

For those of you who can’t access the video here is a summarized written version of the video!

how i treated my acne
struggling with acne but still have to wear make up to work 🙁

First of all Acne affects all of us! young, old, girl, boy, people who wear make-up and those who doesn’t wear make-up at all. The common factor for all these demographics are most of them are undergoing some STRESS. It may be a personal struggle, emotional, mental or physical stress. It is a natural reaction for our body to break out. So on this how i treated my acne article. I based the treatment of my Acne with this fact.

Steps on how I treated my acne:

Step 1. PALEO Diet

I was looking for really treating the acne from the root cause not just for any quick fix which work at first and then back to the same problem all over again.
I found out about Paleo Diet and its a miracle worker for me.
I cleaned up my diet because really you are what you eat. This cleans up your system of toxins, gets your Hormones regulated and will get you healthier as well and cope with your Stress much better.

Step 2: Relaxation Techniques (De-stress  yourself)

Once your body is fed clean and healthy food, get your mind in line by distressing yourself. Each to is own, so I find out what works best for you to do this. Solving/ Facing your current problem or trials be the best way to do this. But I know not all can be done in one day, so for the meantime. Listen to relaxing music, see nature, play with your pet or babies. For me, The  best way to relax is  doing YOGA daily and Meditation with my aromatherapy oil burning in the room.
Find your distressing activity ASAP.

Step 3:Switch to Milder Products
I changed all my products to ones that are soap-free and for sensitive skin.
My facial cleanser, Hair shampoos and toothbrush.

Step 4: Clean Pillowcase and Beddings
Since we spend 6-10 hours sleeping and most probably with our face in contact with the pillows and sheets makes sense to keep these absolutely clean.
I change my sheets every 3 days when I was suffering from acne.

Step 5: Get enough Sleep
Sleep is really the best way to heal. Get as much as you can!!

One final say, Try to shift your focus on something else. For me and my experience, I struggled with acne for about 9 months and I noticed  when I finally gave up and stopped obsessing about them is the time that they eventually went away >.< True Story!

I wish you all clear skin all throughout 2016!

Love you all!


For those who wants to see the video, how i treated my acne? Check it out!

Note: This video and post is not sponsored

4 Replies to “How I treated my Acne a.k.a. Pimples”

  1. Hi sis. Kasi i really wanted to apply na for saudia this feb and i still have acne scars from my previous fight with it. is saudia too strict regarding the face? thank you. it really is the only struggle i have right now. 🙁

  2. Hi sis! ask ko lang.. may balita ka ba sa recruitmant ng oman air dito sa pilipinas? parang almost 1 year na kasi wala pa silang job posting dito.. natatakot tuloy ako na baka nag freeze hiring din sila ng filipinos..

  3. Hello ms krizz.pwede ba magapply khit on going ang final interview..if magapply for the first day interview nb and pwede ba nakabrace tnx and god bless

  4. hi.. gusto ko sang itanong kung ok lng ba na kulang ang ipin mo ng isa pero hindi nmn halata.. atsaka ok lng ba n may konting sungki sa ipin?

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