How did I Get the job as a Flight Attendant?



Get the Job as a Flight Attendant

Most people if you ask them How did you get your job as a Flight Attendant? They will tell you, it was luck, the prayed novena for it and all that vague and cliché answers.

I am here to give it to you straight to the point, the honest to goodness reason How I was able to get the job as a flight attendant. And perhaps many people are shy or too prideful to discuss  the secret of their success but I am telling you mine.

Truth is I TRIED SO HARD. Yes I admit it. I am a trying hard Flight Attendant Wannabe.


I custom created a system for my personal application because I realized doing my resume, pictures, make-up, business attire, preparing for interview questions and researching the company is not enough to get me the job. They are important but they are not enough to make me stand out among the thousand other applicants. In Short, *ki-nareer ko and pag aaply to get the job as a flight attendant.

The recruitment day is designed to be done in 3 days because the recruiters don’t only check the things I mentioned above, they have other criteria that needs to be met for you to get the job as a Flight Attendant, change your life and travel the world for free. Fair enough.

So it only make sense that I prepare for those other criteria as well. The thing is they don’t tell us what they are and I have no control of it. I figured out that the only thing I have control of is my Preparation. But for the longest time, I have been preparing only for the basic stuff. No wonder I only get invited to the second round or fail at the final round.

On my last years of applying I started preparing not only Physically and Mentally. I started really looking into aviation and what does it really take to do the job? I prepared myself Psychologically, Emotionally and Spiritually as well. That is really how I was able to get the job as a Flight Attendant.

Let me break down my process below:

Step 1: Pre flight Check – Check my dream and life goals are in line with my goal to get the job as a Flight Attendant.

Step 2: Prepare for Take Off – Decide for reals that this is what I want.

Step 3: Bare Minimum – Prepare all requirements needed to get myself in the door.

Step 4: Physical Preparation – Prepare everything from looks to my posture to body language.

Step 5: Mental Preparation – Be prepared to answer those beauty pageant-like questions

Step 6: Emotional Preparation – Check again if I’m really prepared to change my whole life?

Step 7: Spiritual Preparation – I will need a lot of help and guidance from above.

Step 8: Take Action to Land Your Dream Job – This is it. Time to take Action.

I have detailed the system on my latest book that is coming out soon. It will be entitled.

Ready For Take-Off : 8 Proven Steps to Get your Dream Job as a Flight Attendant

As my gift to you, I would like to give you 1-page PDF summary of the book. You may download it here.

We would  keep in touch once the book is out and we will give this news primarily through email so make sure you watch out for that!

That is all for now,

Fly with you Soon!

Miss Kaykrizz

Get the Job as a Flight Attendant
Get the Job as a Flight Attendant


*I made it my career and took it seriously to apply and get the job as a Flight Attendant