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Travel VLOG India

Hey guys! Here is my Travel VLOG India. A lot of pictures on this post and by the end of the post is the video I put up together.

I know I have been off radar lately, I do apologize to all my readers for that. Also if I am not able to answer all your inquiries and request for advice as well. I appreciate all your efforts in trying to contact me through email and Instagram! 🙂 I do hope at this time you find my FAQ page useful and my videos in my YouTube as well. These are all designed so that you may still get my advice even though I am not online as much as I would like to be.. T-T

My first order of business upon getting back on track is getting all my tambak (pile) of videos edited and posted for they have been there gathering dust!
So here it is, the first of the many travels I have done in the past year since becoming an international flight attendant.
The first country I have visited (not a layover) on my days off is India! that is why I am so excited about this Travel VLOG India.
I love love love foreign cultures and Asian countries and this is definitely on my list.
I am just sad I did not get to see Taj Mahal, but you know what? I had the most amazing time!
At first you may think, why India?
Lots of my friends who have seen the photos I have posted on social media have a lot of bad feedback about this place. Good thing then that I did not tell them I plan to travel there before I went! hahahhaa
I have not experienced the things that they have described actually. I dont know if I was just lucky or blind. I reckon though that I just went to the right places and the right time with the right people.
India is a beautiful, very diverse, warm, full of life and in the city people are soooo techie! such a technologically advance country. Their culture is also as rich and spicy as their food.
Together with my flatmate @audventurer we bravely took the plunge and dived right in to South India. And boy arent we glad that we did. We have seen world-known BEAUTIFUL temples!
What I love about this trip is that it is really a traveler style kind of trip. The places we went to are not filled with tourists, artificial ‘touristy’ activities to do that you have to pay for. These places, we experienced them as how the locals would have. Such a priceless moment for us.
Aside from the temples, we have embarked on a spicy and sizzling food trip! Ate where the locals ate. And we were so blessed to be invited to a home where in the family welcomed us with open arms, dressed us in Saris (traditional south indian clothes) and fed us! (literally) I have never been treated so much like a celebrity in my life. I love the generosity and kindness of these people!
And on the way home, we rescued a poor Owl that hit the ceiling fan of the souvenir shop that we are in. We took it with us to the city to get medical attention. a few weeks after its treatment it was then set free. ^-^ (im gonna miss you Owlie.. yes I named the bird  ).
All these things I hope I have shown in this Travel VLOG India video. But I doubt if it really captured the moment though, It really is surreal and this futile attempt of mine to capture the moments still wont compare to the real thing. So I urge you guys to go out there and travel as much as you can. It truly is an amazing experience!

and of course more pictures!

Travel VLOG India

























 Travel VLOG India Video:

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  1. Hi.
    I Just loved your video and everything in it 🙂 It it just beautiful to see people from other country loving your own country, despite the unfavorable words flowing in the world.. Hope you will come again and explore more of !ncredible India ! 🙂
    P.S. You sure love Hritik Roshan (Indian Movie Actor)

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