Follow Me Around: Nepal River Rafting

Featuring my beautiful friends Helen and Dina 🙂
Together we conquered the rapids of Trishuli river.
It was a beautiful day in Nepal and the season is just starting for the outdoor activities and River Rafting was one of them.
We drove a good 3 hours to the site from the city of Kathmandu.
Nepal not just full of temples and spiritual journeys but also a place of great outdoors, fresh air and adventures.
With the help of Funny Adventure Tours we were able to get a car that took us to the site, river rafting for about 2 hours, with lunch in between (bring your own drinks or cash so you can buy some drinks) and back to our hotel all in a day’s work.
Word of warning though, traffic is very heavy especially during the rush hour. So my advice to you is spend the whole day outside the city, you should visit all the other stops along the way after the river rafting to make use of you precious time rather than getting stuck in traffic for four hours (like what happened to us).
In the end, we had an awesome adventure and this trip has given me the courage to finally try the famous white river rafting in Cagayan, Philippines! Soon!
Here is the video! I hope you enjoy it!

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