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Flight Attendant Requirements: Height


Why is the flight attendant requirements of height  such a big deal when applying for this job position? In this article I wish to decode the mystery behind this number one obstacle for people’s dream of becoming a flight attendant.

The standard flight attendant requirements when it comes to for female applicants is usually 5’3  and for males its 5’6 in the Philippines or a reach test of 200 cm. Depending on the airline and what type of aircraft they fly.

After I have been writing on my blog I receive countless emails, comments, messages on fb, Instagram, twitter you name it!  I get questions from aspirants asking me about teeth, pimples, scars, stretch marks all these imperfections that they think they have, they all want to know if they can still pursue the position despite of having them.

Honestly, in my opinion if we are looking strictly at the physical aspects (personality, background check and psychological check aside)  Given that you are a healthy enough to pass a regular medical exam, The Height is the only non-negotiable factor and I will tell you why.

Now why is the height non negotiable? Is it discrimination? Is it because of the image? The answer is really because of safety issues. It is a very practical and non emotional reason really. Look at it this way, the primary reason flight attendants are on the plane in the first place is because of safety. Second will be the service and you can say third is for the image of the airline.

It’s a safety issue because should the airplane have an emergency situation the crew should be able to reach safety equipments that are stored in high places within the plane. For example, in case of a fire in the aircraft. There are no firefighter on board, it is the flight attendant that needs to fight the fire. That person needs to reach the fire extinguisher they must reach up to it asap if the height would not allow that and the person may have to look for a place to stand on to reach the equipment, the fire might have already spread by that time.

All others can be worked with or allowed to a certain degree. Yes you read right. Pimples, scars, moles, tattoos, teeth issues, eyesight issues, stretch marks, braces, scoliosis , gender preference, all of your perceived imperfections CAN be negotiable and worked with depending on the demand and supply factor and some people call it luck.

If you want to watch me address each of these reasons and why you can still be a flight attendant despite of having them. I created a video series answering them one by one here: and a part 2 here:

In hopes of giving you courage to pursue your dream despite not meeting the society’s perceived flight attendant requirements.