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Flight Attendant Training Tips

flight attendant training tips

Who would need these flight attendant training tips?

Are you waiting for your upcoming Flight Attendant Training?

You must be excited to the roof!

What are the things that you should know? What should you prepare? What should you expect?

First of all, I will be giving tips based on my own experience and may not apply to all airline companies.

Now that is out of the way, Lets get right into it!

flight sttendant training tips
Thanks to Sara Leaf for this question!

Flight Attendant Training Tips:

1.Always be on time

  • Being on time is crucial, even if it is just a class and not an actual flight. This is the most important among all the flight attendant training tips I have for you. Because flight attendants can never be late for work. This costs a lot of money for the company for an actual flight to be late and it is just ugly for everybody and you may even loose your job for being late. That is why some airline companies in the Philippines will allow their trainees to be late for only a couple of times and you are out of the training program.

2. Allowance / Pay during the training

  • Most airline companies will be paying their trainees either the basic salary or a daily allowance. However, I will still encourage you to have your own money for the next 1-2 months. The pay will come after a month or longer and it is not going to be that much. In the Philippines, your accommodation will not be covered so you also will need to find a place to stay as well.

3. Study Well

  • Aviation Terms, Time Calculations, Safety, Aircraft specific subjects, Airport Codes and Service. Did you think that you won’t need your brain during this training? Oh boy, You are in for a big  surprise! 😀 Some of my co-workers commented that they did not even study this hard in college! Hahahaha. It is true. You have to cram everything in a short span of time. So be prepared with good study habits. Fun Fact: It is much harder to pass the training exams in the Philippines compared to other international airlines. Passing rate is around 95% – 90%.

4. Swimming Training

  • This can be one of the greatest obstacle for some of you, especially if you are afraid of the water. All I can say is that it is different with every airline but mostly it wont be a big deal. Everyone needs to learn how to float at least for 30 minutes. Learn how to save a drowning person, how to use the life jacket, jump and get in the raft. If you are not the best at swimming no need to worry just jump in the water when they asked you to jump! 😀

5. Treat your batch mates / classmates as family.

  • Your classmates / batchmates as we call it in aviation are the people who went to training with you at the same time. These are the people who will be your family once you graduate. You should spend some time to get to know them and build a relationship during the training. As newbies you will be the targeted to a lot of pressure and your batchmates will be the ones who will have your back. Or at least, that is what I have been taught. My batchmates were like my brothers and sisters and our class adviser was our mom. And just like siblings we sometimes fight, but out there in the real world if one of us got in trouble we always cover each other. You also have to go out as much as you can during the training days because once you are already a full pledged FA, Having your schedule to match will be like the movie Mission Impossible!

That is all my flight attendant training tips for now!

If you are waiting for your training, I am so excited for you! I hope that you make the most out of it! Enjoy your experience and welcome to the World of Flying!


To see a video I have created about this topic, You can check it out below: