Flight Attendant Salary Talk Series # 2

Hey guys welcome back to this series! this is episode 2 where in I’m going to tell you how much does a flight attendant salary in the Philippines. So if you want to know how much just keep on reading! P. S. If you haven’t read the first episode of this blog, I recommend you to read that first before reading this blog.


This is just for informational purposes only and I do not guarantee that all the information in here is true or correct. It is all based on hearsay, friends. Please do not quote me on this, things may change or may not change.

Flight Attendant Salary


Episode 2: How much is the Flight Attendant Salary in the Philippines


Philippine Airlines International

For Philippine Airlines International they earn about fifty to sixty thousand pesos a month. That involves everything basic salary, flying hours, layover salary and all the other bonuses. It really depends on the flying time because I used to work for them but I was assigned in Cebu and the flying time is kind of different. If you’re assigned in Manila, there are more flying time so it will range about twenty to thirty thousand or even forty thousand pesos a month.

Cebu Pacific Air

Some of my friends have flown there and they told me everything from bonuses Commission basic salary and allowances. It will average around Thirty to fifty thousand pesos a month.They do sales, they have like really good commission as well.

Air Asia Philippines

When it comes to Air Asia Philippines, I know it will range about, I am told that it is a big basic salary. It has a lot of perks. you can get that loan for a car. Just a reminder, Big basic salary means you also have big taxes. It will average about minimum thirty to sixty Thousand pesos a month and also depending on your seniority. The people that I know that work there was very senior. I think that’s why the salary is kinda big for them and when you are based on Malaysia, the salary is also different. It will range about minimum thirty to sixty thousand pesos a month.

That’s the Airlines that I know of here in the Philippines. I don’t know about the other ones like the jet star and like the other airlines that are small because I don’t know people who are working there.

So that’s it, That’s the Flight attendant Salary range discussion. I hope you guys learned something.

Disclaimer: Don’t quote me on this because this is all just the things that I’ve learned through my friends. This is not from the company itself, and I didn’t take any liabilities from this information Thank you.


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Good luck to all of you and Fly with you soon!

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