Flight Attendant Salary Talk Series # 1

Hey guys, it’s miss Kaykrizz and welcome back to my Blog! In this series. We’re going to talk about Money! That’s right, Flight Attendant Salary.

Flight Attendant Salary

In the first part of the series we’re going to talk about how do flight attendants gets paid.

How do a Flight Attendant gets paid?

So there are three ways that flight attendants get paid. That’s why it’s kind of very tricky when you ask somebody how much is their salary if they are a flight attendant? And it’s kind of hard to explain.

Flight Attendant’s basic Salary

first the way that the flight attendant gets paid is the basic salary. This is what you will hear sometimes. They will say that your salary is 15,000 pesos but that is just the basic. that’s really a thing in the Philippines that the salary is really low so that the tax will be low as well. That’s the basic salary whether you fly or not as long as you’re employed you get the basic salary

Flight Attendant’s Flying Time

The second way that the flight attendant gets paid is through flying time or flying  hours. The first 50 hours averages around 100 pesos here. In abroad it’s the same and if you get past 50 hours that’s it, the rate will change. Some companies will pay you 400 pesos, some companies they pay you 200 pesos on your 51st to 80th hour. Then on the 80th above that’s it you will get 500 per hour or something like that. It depends on each company and each company policy so it’s all different.

Flight Attendant’s Allowances

The third way that the flight attendant gets paid is through their paradigm or parlay over allowances. When you stay at one place and you stay there overnight you’ll get paid for the whole whole night you stayed there. There are also different ways that companies pay this it’s either it comes in your paycheck or they will give it to you outright while you are in the area. Some companies will give the allowance to you directly in the currency of which Country you are staying at. Aside from this there are also the different Allowances or perks that you get depending on the company. I remember that perfect attendance perfect attendance bonus. Sometimes you get rice allowance depending on how the companies package for their flight attendant.

To summarize you know you will get your basic allowance, you’re flying pay and also your paradigm and Additional allowances and bonuses. That’s how flight attendants gets paid on their job.

So that’s it guys! So that’s how flight attendants get payed. I hope you guys learned something on this blog.

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Good luck to all of you and Fly with you soon!

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