Flight Attendant Resume Tips


My top 5 tips for making your resume stand out on your application.

  1. Personalize – Mention the Company Name, Hiring manager or CEO on your cover letter and on the resume itself.
  2. Use action words when describing previous work experience responsibilities- Using action words makes your resume well put and on the active tense. Meaning it does not sound boring.
  3. Match your skill set – No matter how well written your resume is if it does not match the job description it will all go to waste. So make sure that for the flight attendant position mention qualities and experiences that pertains to: Teamwork, People Skills, Communication Skills, Customer Service, Hospitality and Flexibility to name a few.
  4. Use transferable skills- even if you don’t have flight attendant work experience many skill can be transferred to the job position like for example, fluency in another language.
  5. Use Examples – It is easy to say that you are a responsible leader. But write down examples where you have demonstrated such skills will give your resume credibility.

You may download my sample resume below


Watch the video above for a full explanation of the tips.

Goodluck on your application and as always,

Fly with you soon!



Miss Kaykrizz