Flight Attendant – My Life Beyond Work


Flight Attendant – My Life Beyond Work. This blog is about my life after being a flight attendant. As you guys already know that I already quit being a flight attendant. I will write down my daily routine as a full time YouTuber and a full time author and blogger.


Life of a former Flight attendant turned Blogger

The first thing that I will do is to reheat the food that my husband cooked. Because he usually does the cooking for us and every once in a while I do as well. But he is better cook than I am. Only the two of us lives in this house so the food is not that plenty.

Life after being a Flight AttendantWhile waiting for the food to be hot, I would be usually working in my laptop. I usually do stuff that are related to work even though. I don’t have an official work now. I opted to become my own boss. Being a boss is no easy task, especially if you don’t have any employee. so I do everything for now.

So right now, what I’m doing is I would usually check my email. Check the sales of my book, verify the sales then we replied to reply to all inquiries. And also, send “Thank-you Letters” to those who orders the book, and also do the accounting.

My next project is having the book available worldwide, so I have to have it sent to Amazon. The good thing is that they already replied saying that my book is now approved and now I am trying a way to check how many weeks will the book arrive here in the Philippines because the book will be sent from the United states.

First I published the book in the Philippines and then I have it pre-ordered before it came out. So there will be orders for the book even it’s still not published.

Right now I am checking the digital proof of the book. Once it is approved in amazon, it will be available worldwide, mostly in the us and Canada so you can order it through them and then they will print it in their local printers and have it shipped to you, so the shipping price will be much better because if I ship it from the Philippines and also, it will be much faster.

I still haven’t figure out how to publish it in ebook. I really find it hard to convert the book to ebook. The book will look based on my submissions in create space. That’s really important because once they print it out, there should be no text exceeding the line.

Life after being a Flight Attendant


It really looks just like the real book. I just check the sales and see that there is someone who ordered the book through PayPal. I have stopped working. Now I am a full time coach Youtuber, blogger and House Wife.

If I have no coaching job I would be filming videos, and I need to edit them and have it available on the YouTube channel. Then I will reply to your comments and also I will think of an articles that I need to do in for a Fly High Manilas blogs and also I am contributor there and also another of my friends just invited me to contribute in their blog. So yeah, I have lots of things going on.

If you are content creator,  you take your time. You really want to think it through and think of another way to express yourself. That’s how I do it. The articles takes too much time to create like in my own blog. Well, I haven’t really updated my blogs yet.

And so this is where I have my books available for sale through PayPal or credit cards

this is where i put my coaching schedules.

Life after being a Flight Attendant

Today we don’t have a schedule that’s great. I’m going out today to do some errands. yesterday we had two coaching and tomorrow we have two. We are going to be super busy with the coaching.

So here you can see we have 46 responses. That was 43 yesterday.

More orders, so this is where you order the book if you wanna pay through BDO or LBC pera padala or Gcash. I don’t really have an employee at the moment that’s I am doing all of the task.

John just arrived it’s our lunch time. We will eat the food that i reheated earlier.

So that’s it eating time! Desert time! I am eating ice cream. I have a small tub of ice cream cause i easily get sated from the flavors.
Life after being a Flight Attendant

After eating, it started raining outside. It’s good for my plants but I wont able to go out of the day. John usually stays for an hour for his lunch break and get back to work. What we’re gonna do now is for the rest of the afternoon we’re going to edit videos for YouTube.

I shoot some videos yesterday. I have with three videos here and and edit it.

We have finished a video and this video is gonna be called how to have Impact on your Impact interview and that is the thumbnail I have worked on today. And now the video editing is done and we’re just uploading it right now we are just gonna leave it here and I’m gonna go and run some errand.

Life after being a Flight Attendant

Hey guys we are here at KFC with John. I took him out of his office. He took his break I actually claimed your payment for the book from LBC so I claimed it today and stop by here to grab some food for a bit then back to the house after eating and will do editing.

I uploaded the first video already How to make an impact on your impact interview. Make sure to check that out if you haven’t watched that video yet.

Life after being a Flight Attendant


We are back at home. I just uploaded a video in youtube and it’s been two hours since I uploaded it before I went out to go to LBC and so far it has two hundred forty eight views. Yay! Thank you guys! You guys are so supportive, and I also just finished uploading the same video on Facebook and it’s just been ten minutes since I uploaded it.

So it’s now available on both Facebook and YouTube so check that out guys if you want to know anything about Impact interviews and also make sure to order my book. So this is how my life is now. I would wake up and I will prepare for either coaching on skype or a video that I want to film or I’ll be editing the video and go out for errands. You guys can also ask me anything about being a flight attendant although I am not a flight attendant at the moment but my experience from it will help you guys understand how it is to be a flight attendant.

And then after that upload the video and things like that, so this is just a day in my life now. This is really different from being a flight attendant, it is more on clerical task than customer service.

So that’s it guys, I hope you like it and I hope you learn a thing from this blog.

If you guys want to watch the Vlog version of this Blog, you guys can watch it here.


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Fly with you soon!