What is your stand on Politics? | Flight Attendant Interview Question


Hey guys! On this video I teach you how to answer a question for your Flight Attendant Interview Question.

But first,

Who are you going to vote for this #philippineelection2016?
Are you on the side of the Duterte?

Is Miriam Santiago your bet?
Or are you going for Binay or Mar Roxas?

Do you think that it would really make a difference?

Ok, enough politics talk. Lets get straight into business.

In light of the coming Philippine Presidential Elections .

I thought it would be appropriate to create an election themed Interview Tutorial. Flight Attendant Interview Question and I have provided a sample answer.

And that question is ” What is your stand on Politics?” This can be quite a tricky question since religion, money and politics are very sensitive topics to most people. We all have our biases and own backgrounds about the topic. So when an interviewer ask you this? What is the best way to handle this question?



The trick to answering this Flight Attendant Interview Question:

  • Acknowledge that this can be a very sensitive topic for most people.
  • Tell the interviewer that you do not actively talk about your own stand in politics unless it is related to your work and your expression of opinion would yield a positive result
  • Show them that you understand that politics happens in every area of life including the work place
  • Tell them how you conduct yourself in such situations aka “office politics”
  • Site a good example of you being diplomatic if you can.

On the video below I show you an example of how I would answer this question if it was asked from me.

I encourage you to formulate your own answer so that it would be easier to memorize it. After you memorize your personalized script practice saying it in a spontaneous way.

Meaning the delivery of your answer must not sound rehearsed or robotic.

With a little practice in front of the mirror.

Don’t forget to check out the video below!


All the best and I will fly with you soon!





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