Buntis Haul: First trimester of Being Pregnant

Hey guys Misskaykrizz here, I am pregnant, so today I’m going to give you a pregnancy Haul or what I bought when I found out that I was pregnant and the things that has been Able to help me out in my first and second trimester of pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and you’re interested in this kind of blog, welcome to this Buntis Haul and let’s get on right into it!

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1st Trimester of being Pregnant

Hey guys, we found out that I was pregnant while we were in Germany. we were on our vacation there and that actually made like 50 percent of the decision why I wanted to quit my job, because I really wanted to be there for the baby. I never had a mother so I always thought to myself if I become a mother I’m gonna be there 100% and that’s what I did so anyways let’s get all the things that I bought the moment that I found out that I was pregnant.

I know I have to get a vitamins, Pre-natal vitamins or something like that or Pregnancy vitamins. It’s kind of hard to find it there but I found this medicine this is a folic acid medicine. It’s a Milligrams Folic Acid with Vitamin B3 and B12 and I don’t know. but this is in German, He actually bought this with me. It is something that you drink once a day. It’s a folic acid It’s really good for the baby the developing fetus. It’s the very first thing that I bought and then I started having this pimples and break ups all over the place I guess that’s just part of the pregnancy. I’m so afraid to use medicines that will affect the baby, so I researched online on what to use on your pimples when you’re pregnant and I learned that I can use a Tea tree cream Because it’s organic. It’s natural, I can use it to dry out my pimples. I’ve been using this ever since. I found this really efficient on removing my pimple or zits, and you can’t really control your hormone.

Another problem i have in my pregnancy is morning sickness. I have morning sickness when ate my food in the morning, Good thing I read somewhere that eating familiar foods will make your morning sickness gone. Another thing, they told me that you should not get hungry, cause it will make you nauseous. They bought me sky flakes crackers because this actually helps out with the morning sickness. I guess I did a lot of research about morning sickness as well It happens a lot when you’re hungry, or you didn’t feed yourself well. Every two hours I kind of like will eat this with a tea or With something hot hot cocoa and it really calms my tummy And it really calms the nausea and the morning sickness in general. I have different variants of the crackers. But I just really like the bread sky flakes. I really made it difficult for John and John’s family because I only eat the ones that I’m familiar with. They really need to look for a Filipino food in a foreign country.

I also learned that dates are very good for you, so I bought some dates while I was there.  These dates are actually food that people in the middle east eat when they are crossing the desert. they can survive on this for days and this is actually very healthy for you and the baby. It is actually natural sugar and you can a smoothies out of it. If you are pregnant You need to eat lots of dates because you need to have a lot of sugar. if you’re craving for sugar instead of going for an ice cream, Go for dates. So I really like these dates that we had and the number one problem that I had was Yeah, like the the nausea the morning sickness in tagalog *Pag susuka, Nahiilo*.

Theres another food that cures my morning sickness, it’s ginger Candies. so john bought a lot of ginger candies, I guess I finished like three packs of this, so whenever I feel queasy or *Nihihilo, Nasusuka* or not feeling well in general, I would snack on this little candies right here. It’s ginger flavored, and it’s sometimes it’s mixed with orange or lemon and it’s really good so this really helped me a lot.

So john’s sister loves tea so do I so she recommended different types of tea for me. She gave me tea that doesn’t have caffeine and so she had picked everything and she brought it back for me. She shipped it to us she she actually have it back for us, so I have lots and lots of tea. So some of this tea are Classic Chai-tea. just make sure that the tea doesn’t have caffeine because it’s not good for you if you’re pregnant. So I have this classic chai-tea, Chamomile tea for you to help you to sleep and organic Red bush. It’s all organic and everything without caffeine. Usually if we talk about tea we talk about black tea the yellow label and that has the most caffeine in all kinds of teas. If you are reading this Janice Thank you so much for your gifts, it really helps me when I am sick. I would sometimes drink tea and sky flakes and have some ginger Candy. That’s my formula to combat morning sickness. My favorite is the peppermint tea, it helps my tummy feel good when i feel so bloated.

Let’s move on to the things that I got as a gift from John’s family. They are so sweet when we were going back to the Philippines, they they gave us things that are hard to find or expensive here in the Philippines. He gave us this baby monitor, this is called Angel care, so this baby monitor It has something that you put on the bed and it monitors the breathing of the baby so you would know that the baby is breathing sometimes when the baby just stopped breathing cause of Apnea or something like that. And also, it monitors the sound and everything else. I’m not really techie, but yeah this is really good and nice and we can’t find the same thing here in the Philippines. If you are reading this daddy Jo thank you for this gift so this is actually a 160 Euros. Just look for the rate of how much it is in peso. it’s really expensive and so I’m hoping that I could use this with This baby and more of your babies that are coming So this is a gift from John’s Dad.

This is a gift from John’s sister, this is a baby carrier cloth. I can’t wait to use this when the baby is out. Thank you Janice! and I really love the color. We have the same color choices. I really like this Neutral and smooth color.

I also want something for the tummy. I started putting oils and creams on a tummy as soon as I know I was pregnant. I don’t want to have stretch marks. So this is what I use the first image is the tummy butter by followers. It’s really nice, it’s really smells good. I realized later on that you only use this after pregnancy. So I switch back to my original plan which is bio oil. Bio oil is actually one of the holy grail products out there. It is used by flight attendants for stretch marks and Scars Acne Scars and they use this as a moisturizer That’s why I’ve been familiar with this before. Bio oil is something that I have hoarded ever since because during winter times. I would use it as a moisturizer at night and it really plumps my skin back because it’s really dry. I got the cheapest one you can buy this from India. I bought lots of bio oil, and yeah, I start on it. I’m so shocked how expensive it is in the Philippines. This is actually $4.99 at Watsons for a small bottle but yeah, I just bought one because I I really felt that my skin is stretching out. So this really helps me feel like I’m prepping my skin for all the work that it’s going to go through. I use it twice a day in the morning and at night. Hopefully that i wont get so many stretch marks.

So guys thanks for reading this blog, i hope you guys learned something about being pregnant and the stuff that I bought for my pregnancy!

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