Easy Hairstyles for your Cabin Crew Interview

Easy Hairstyles for your Cabin Crew Interview
Hey guys!
I am back with a hair tutorial for you.
Not just any hair tutorial but a Hairstyle tutorial but the Easy Hairstyles for your Cabin Crew Interview!
I noticed every time that I would post a picture of how I did my hair style for a flight in instagram (@misskaykrizz), a lot of you would comment and request for a hair tutorial video. I thought this would be really fun and finally got the time to do this and here I am super excited to show you this 😀
These hair styles are great for a cabin crew interviews because these are actually the approved hairstyles in my own airline.
Of course there are more hair styles than these for a cabin crew at work or a cabin crew interview but I chose to do the easiest ones! >.<

The styles are:

Donut Bun Hair Style
-with the use of a donut bun to make your hair look fluffier than it actually is.
French Twist
– the classic french twist is actually very flattering for some face shapes but will always give you that glamour girl style best with red lipstick.
Croissant Style
 -i newly discovered this hairstyle and I am obsessed with it. I love how easy it is to do and also very very girly.
If it is the first time that you would try these Easy Hairstyles for your Cabin Crew Interview it may take you 10-15 minutes to do it. But with practice these interview hair styles are easily done within 5 minutes. I can guarantee this personally! That is the reason why I love these styles so much!
I would like to show you how I did each style in the video so I hope you can watch it and
I hope you enjoy the video as much as how I enjoyed making it!
Here is the video:


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