Cebu Pacific Air Recruitment Experience (one day hiring process)

They say passing a recruitment for FA here in the Philippines is waaaaay more difficult than international FA recruitment. There can be some truth to this statement, since for some international FA companies(qatar airways) the minimum educational requirement is a Highschool Diploma. For most Philippine’s Airline companies its a minimum of undergraduate (2 years in college) and some require a degree. For the hiring process, let me share to you some of my adventures.

I tried applying for PAL (pr), Cebu Pacific (5j), and Airphilexpress (2p).

The 5J / Cebu Pacific Air Recruitment Experience

Oneday recruitment process, Rajah Park Hotel

First step: there was 5 of us, we were asked to stand near a wall, on the wall there is a line at 5 ft. 3 inches. Then we are asked to smile our biggest smile. Right there and then if you did not reach the line you are asked to leave. Saying thank you for your time but sadly you did not meet our requirements.

Second Step: We were assesed one by one, a lady will stare at you and scrutinize your face. I was asked to look to the left and to the right. After this point I was told sadly I did not make it. Maybe it is not yet the time for me.

Third Step: A group interview. You will be placed in a group setting and you are to be asked a question one by one. The successful candidate will now then proceed to the final step.

Fourth and final step: the one on one interview. There was a panel of 3 interviewers and they ask you random questions. You have to show your quick thinking and spontaneous personality during this stage because interviewers will ask uncommon questions, the ones that you most likely have not prepared for.

If you pass, you will then be given an ID tag that says “cabin crew trainee”

This one day process is very convenient and then and there you will know i you are in or out. No more agonizing weeks to suffer from waiting.

Conclusion: As for me, I only made it to the second stage of the Cebu Pacific Air Recruitment Experience . I admit my skin is in bad shape at that time, due to all the stress from work and home, I was having breakouts on my face. I guess it is a must for Cebu Pacific to have flawless skin and that is one of their must haves. But my journey does not end here, I went to apply for PAL and Airphilexpress as well.

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  1. Hi ate , im on my final interview na at 5j last april 3,2014 pero di na tinuloy because of my small pimples on my forehead. The interviewers told me that i did not fail because they didn't allow me to undergo the final interview,and i still had a chance, they also told me to come back to their office as long as my pimples are gone. They gave me a chance. Can u give me some advice , as i go to their office and how can i approach the company about my situation before?

  2. You really are such an inspiration ate! For the sake of your dreams po talaga. Galing! Same as you, I'm also dreaming to be a cabin crew po but I'm only 5'2". Pwede po kaya height ko? And san po magandang magapply first? Choices are Cebu Pacific, Pal, Pal Expres. I'm a fresh graduate po. Salamat pooooo ate! :'))))

  3. Hi po ask ko lang po kung nag undergo ka ng isang operation sa spine satingin nyo po pwede pa po ba ako maging flight attendant?

  4. Hi. I've read your blogs and it is such an inspiration. 🙂 i also want to be a flight attendant. I just want to ask, how did you apply for cabin crew at cebu pacific? I've been applying through but no reply. I'm now thinking that i'm not qualified. 🙁
    Are they entertaining walk-ins? Or is there a specific email address that i can send my resume? Thank you for your time and so sorryif i have so many questions. I applied to pal express, and i got the paper saying sorry. Haha.

  5. I had a screening at CebuPac this morning and sadly I wasn't able to make it 🙁 I also tried in PALEX but they sent me an email saying they already identified a candidate that closely suited their current needs. I know in myself that I am not ready yet for the position and as for now, I will try to apply for another job but I will try again to be an FA in the near future 🙂 I won't give up my dream and I wish luck to the others!

  6. you can walk-in in their office at Salem, Domestic Road. They do screenings every mon and tues from 9-11 am, so you should be in your corporate attire and full make-up already

  7. Hi! I applied last march 9 sa cebu pac and nakaabot hanggang impact interview. Maayos naman ang mga sagot ko. Ang sabi ittext daw kami within the day kung nakapasa kami sa impact interview. Pero 3weeks na wala pang text or call. Kahit man lang sana text na sabihin d ako pumasa ok lang basta d lang ako nghhntay ng ganto. What should i do? I tried calling their office, even emailed them pero walag sagot. Punta na ba ako doon? Thank u and more power.

  8. Will apply for their one day interview for tomorrow. Medyo npanghinaan ako kc 5'2 lng ako ee meaning first req uwi nko agad?? Hehe okay lng atlest ma try ko man lang.


  10. Am hello. I hope mkreply ka po ate. Actually, I'm incoming third year in bstourism. If I will finish my course, can i proceed to FA even I'm just only 5'1? I have all those qualifications except my height?
    Can you text me by this number? 09182348995 thank you ate. II hope I can receive your response as early. Good luck po.

  11. Hi Ms. Kayrizz!
    Would like to ask po your opinion if which is better. Ceb Pac kasi is hiring this May 6 but they also allow walk in applicants from Monday and Tuesday.
    Iim not sure if what should I do? Saan po kaya mas higher yung chances?

    PS. I’ve watched your youtube vids too and it helped me sa first interview ko sa isang airline po 🙂

    Thank you

  12. Hi Bianca Arada! Either open day or walk in will do, just be prepared. 😉

  13. Hi! I went to the latest one day canin crew hiring for Cebu Pacific. The process it still the same and rejection rates are still high(lol)

    There were 30+ male applicants and only 2 of us were asked to stay for the group interview. Both of us had braces so when they asked us when we would have them removed,we told them 1-2 months. Ubfortunately,they didn’t want that sobwe were told to reapply after 6 months.

    I believe no male applicant got in that day, lol

  14. Hi KAV! yeah, lately they’ve been strict with those who have braces, so might wanna reapply when you have your braces off 🙂 All the best!

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