How to gain confidence for your flight attendant interview.


Concrete steps on how to improve your confidence

Paano maging confident para sa iyong cabin crew/flight attendant interview?

Your wait is done! This is all about my tip for gaining self-confidence. For all of you have been asking me this question, this is for you!

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How to boost your self-confidence?

  1. Know what is self-confidence.

It’s the way somebody talks or the way somebody walks or things like these. You are not wrong. This is right but the true meaning of self-confidence is being certain about something that means being confident just basically means BEING SURE. Being sure of yourself what you represent, what your values and what can you give on the table. It’s important that you understand that and integrate that to your psychology or the way that you think. This will really reflect in everything that you do.


  1. Be the right kind of confident.

There are different types of confident people, some people you may say not really the definition of confidence but is easily related to those cocky people, very arrogant people. In the Philippines, we call them signal number three. This is not the kind of confidence you need to be on your interview. You have to be the kind of confident. That is what they call quiet confidence. You’re not quiet but your confidence or the way you carry yourself speaks for yourself. That means you don’t have to speak or brag about things or talk about things that are not on the topic and you just want to mention it just to say or just to show that you are superior. Don’t ever be arrogant. Stay humble and be sure about yourself.

One example of this is…”Yes, I graduated as valedictorian in school.” This is not being arrogant. If the question is there about: What are your achievements? You can say it that way. Just another way to say arrogantly would be this “I graduated with the highest honors in our College, class of a thousand students!” It’s the way how you say it. If you have an attitude in the way you are saying or explaining things, that will come off as arrogant. You just have to say things as they are in a plain English Way.


  1. Prepare

You have to prepare because on the day. If your clothes are not ironed yet or you don’t know what you are going to wear. You don’t have your makeup ready, you still have to buy some more makeup on that day, and it’s going to be too stressful for you. It’s not going to look good. That also includes researching about the company and knowing what to answer to basic questions like: “Describe yourself, Sell yourself to me, what is your edge?”


  1. Research

You have to research which company you are going to apply for. Sometimes you just go and apply and not even prepared. You don’t know which company name it was. It happens, you just go from one interview to another interview another interview without even knowing what the company’s all about and what they represent.


  1. Take deep breaths

Inhale, Exhale. That would really help you a lot. It will help you slow down when you’re talking. If you talk too fast there is an indication that you are very nervous and you tend to make more mistakes. I have another trick that I used when I was joining the beauty pageant. When I was still a kid, being the tallest one in school, I’ve always automatically picked to represent the classroom. If they ask you a question, you have to answer them the way beauty pageant candidates will answer questions and they actually practice this with a mirror. If you have a memorized script, you have to answer it in front of a mirror and memorize your script. Practice in front of the mirror so you would know how to also project when you are delivering the answers. That is one basic trick that most beauty pageants candidates do before they enter a pageant. It is very helpful also for your job interviews.


6. Get professional help

If all else fails I would suggest you get help either from someone who has been through on what you’re going through. Maybe you have a friend is already a flight attendant or if you have a relative that is a teacher or an HR officer who can give you some tips and practice with them.

If you want the one-on-one session that will help you personally which areas you need to go through. I would suggest you go for a cabin attendant training school. There are many to choose from in the Philippines. I saw one from the Jose Rizal University that they have this kind of program. You can check that out. WCC and ICATS. I made a video about them (ICATS Flight attendant review school). We did a review on one of my friends who went to that flight attendant school.


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