Kathmandu Nepal Trip. Flight Attendant Layover

As promised, here is a video version of my recent post about my first layover stay in Kathmandu, Nepal.
We stayed here for just 24 hours and we did some food exploring and temple running (just kidding! it was just 1 temple).
This month I will be coming back to this place and this time I will be coming with my best buddy, plus wee will have a little more time so we are planning on conquering the rivers of the Himalayas! #riverrafting
Oh Yeah! I cant wait for this!
For the mean time, come along with me on my first visit of this magical place called Kathmandu.
There is always something special when visiting a place for the first time..
so come along  with me and lets experience this beautiful place together..



First FA Layover Flight. Destination: Kathmandu, Nepal

As I have posted on instagram, I had the perfect flight on this day.
It was a minimum layover. We stayed for 24hours.

Below is my instagram post which totally sums up my whole stay in Nepal.

“Kickstart with passenger writing a commendation letter complimenting your work. Seeing the peaks of Mt. Everest (priceless!). Watching the sun set while waiting for your hotel pick.up. Getting the best crew to hang.out with for dinner. Having a buddy to explore the place during the day. Buy bargain quality finds. Getting awed by the rich culture around you. Sleep off to an exotic Nepali traditional massage. Repeat. #nothingisimpossible #ifeelsoblessed #thankyousoooomuchmylord #crewlife”

For the whole month I waited for this flight and when it finally came it was just surreal. For me it felt like I entered a storybook, wherein the setting is an ancient place in another era. From the moment I saw the himalayan peaks during our descent until it was time to go home, it was an enchanting experience.

 Now i don’t want to bore you with my blabber. So I will just go ahead and show you some pictures. 🙂

Himalayan peaks seen upon descending to the city of Kathmandu

Hotel Lobby
The Hotel made me feel like Miaka in Fushigi Yuugi. It was enormous and grand!

 We arrived at night so it was time for some dinner with our complete set of crew. 🙂 Everyone was so nice and in such a good mood. (i believe the beautiful place has got something to do with it)

I just love this place, modern and exotic at the same time.
This place is called New Orleans, a hidden gem found in Thamel road. we literally have to go through small pavements to get here. It was worth it. Food has generous servings and good. They had live music playing Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

My amazing crew

After dinner we listened to live band music and headed back to the hotel for our beauty rest. The next day me and my buddy were up early to explore.

The next day: Breakfast outside with the fresh air with my fresh colleague.

The Boudhanath Buddhist temple

Flappy birds right in front of the temple

Buddhists pray by going around this giant bell thrice.
the temple is surrounded by museums, restaurants and souvenir shops where you can find pashminas / scarves, ref magnet, mountaineering gears, buddhist artifacts, bags and many more.

Of course I gotta have my own souvenirs from this trip. tribal inspired bags. black bag400 nr (200 pesos)  and white bag 900 nr (450 pesos), dangling earrings 100 nr (50php), Tea 100 nr (50php)
Finally, time for R&R at Namaste spa (near the temple) before heading back to work. I had the Nepali traditional massage. It was full body 1200 nr (400 pesos) and the manicure pedicure 800 nr (300 php). The massage was great, strong points in foot massage, not so strong in the back area. Mani-pedi was different. They have different tools and its more of a foot spa than a pedicure (no use of nipper for dry skin and side nails). They give your hands and feet a scrub and it feels luxurious and relaxing. Took about 1 hour ++ for the mani pedi too.

That is all for my first layover in Kathmandu, Nepal!

I just  want to say
Thank you all for reading my blogposts!
I appreciate all your encouraging words and it does inspire me to continue blogging. 
Writing will always be my first love and I will continue to write. 
Right now I am also getting into filming and video editing. It was just so fun to do! so I am planning on making a video version of this blogpost on youtube.
My youtube channel will also feauture my trips, advices and anything under the sun that is interesting for me.  

I am so excited for this channel, because I just discovered how fun it is to join the world of Youtube and I am obssessing with it right now. (hahaha i know, i am the last person to discover youtube!)

Disclaimer: I still do not have that much content yet but subscribe so you can be notified the moment I upload my finished video projects. 

Also let me know what type of videos would you want me to make.

Once again thank you for all your love and support!