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Vlog Milan 2016: Misskaykrizz in Duomo Terraces..


vlog milan 2016

Vlog Milan 2016

Milan is one of my favorite layover! That is why I am so excited about this vlog!

Mainly because of food, fashion, beauty and the shopping.

To he honest, if I can choose a place to move. Italy would be it for me.

I like how the city relaxed is not busy  like New York or Paris.

The people are also amazing. They are almost always a pair of old people in the train, on the streets, the restaurants.

On the busy shopping streets you would also see so many diverse and dynamic people. The fashion is always on point. And pets! OMG I go crazy over those pretty little fur friends that people strut along with them.

I wasn’t expecting this sunny weather. But I guess you can never go wrong with wearing black! 😀
The famous gelato! Only 2 Euros from carts on the streets. 5 euros from more fancier shops.
vlog milan 2016
There are two ways to get to the Duomo Terraces. By Stairs 7 euros and by elevator 12 euros. We went by elevator. 😛

For eating I would really suggest eating on local restaurants that are nearby your hotel. Eating pasta from fast food stores around the touristy areas are not nearly even on the 10th level good of the food that we experience with the local restaurants.

I would recommend the Marinara Pasta and Pizza and the Tiramisu for dessert!

One of the strange traditions in Milan is spinning on this Bull’s Balls to ward off bad spirits. Place your foot firmly on the balls area and spin backwards three times.
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II. Can you believe it took 14 years to build this belissima (beautiful) structure. They really don’t make malls like these anymore!

Ah Milan! You will always be my dreamy happy place.  I’d love to visit you as much as I can!

Another plus side of this place for me by the way, is the number of Filipinos who live here!

Its so common to meet a lot of our kababayans everywhere on this place.

So that’s all for this Milan Blog guys!

Be sure to check out my video / Vlog for this short trip here:


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Vlog: Misskaykrizz in London

On this Vlog: Misskaykrizz in London, I have you follow me around as I go about my 24 hours layover.

This time it was a relaxed day where in we just went out to get some groceries and do a little bit of shopping. We went on a double decker bus to get to Slough. And from there on we went about our own shopping and I found my way back home to the hotel.

Pretty much the typical day of a flight attendant on a layover after she has explore the place for a couple of times already.

I also show some clips of me going to the typical tourist spots and going on a trip to the Stonehenge.


Enjoy the video loves!



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Vlog: What do Pinay Flight Attendants do on Manila Layovers

Being a Pinay flight attendant, One of the best part of the job is getting to go home and see familiar face, eat familiar food and do your favorite home activities. You are not like any other OFW that needs to save a lot of money and get an arranged vacation days just to go home again. I would say this is one of the best perks of working as a flight attendant.

I don’t really have much family and friends back in Manila (my friends and family are mostly in Cebu)  so most of us who lives in the province will not be able to go back home during short layover like this one.


So on this particular layover I met with my Aunt who is based in Manila.

We went straight away for live music that night. I miss live music the most when I go home I always want to go out and listen to our home grown talents.

Pinay Flight Attendant
Listening to bratpacks. In “Strumms”
pinay flight attendant
with my colleague Nice, She is from Thailand

The best part of any place I ever go to is of course the food.

But in this case I also loved loved the girly stuff that I get to do for such an affordable price compared to anywhere in the world.

Also did you know the best the dentists can be found in here in the Philippines?

My gosh the horror stories of dentists abroad will scare you to death 🙂


Here is a video of me and my Tita having a great time just being girls.




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VLOG: Paris Layover, Notre Dame, I bought a branded bag ? -Flight Attendant



On this VLOG: Paris Layover, my Pinay mafia and I went out to see the Notre Dame Church and went shopping at Champs Elysees.

It was not my first time in Paris. However, it seems that I have deleted my vlog files the first time I went here. I am so sad about that. T^T

The first time in any dream place is always magical. I lost my friends but I still marched on to exploring the city even if I am alone. True Story! Scary a little bit but when I get to see the Eifel tower the first time, I almost cried. But that is a whole other blogpost.


Now lets focus on our trip to the Notre Dame church and flying with batch mates.

batch flight layover paris

A Batch flight is a flight where most member of the crew is your batch mate. Meaning you went to the training together. This is one of those amazing flights where everybody gets along, great teamwork and you feel like you are not working at all and you are going on a vacation with your friends. Only this time, the ticket, hotel accommodation and the pocket money is for FREE. Its the best feeling in the world!


It was the Holy week so it is only fitting that we first visit the church that day.


There was not much tourists and queue for the church maybe because it was not a peak season at that time.

The entrance to the church is free and we can take pictures inside the church.

My first impression of the church. “Why is it so dark here?”

I guess that is part of its aesthetics.

Lots of statues of different saints and gargoyles can be found all over the pillars and the walls of the church.

It is just surreal to be in the place where you only seen in cartoons as a kid. Seeing that places like these really do exists is a mind expanding experience. You get to realize the world is so much more than what you have imagined it to be. (Mainly because I didn’t see any hunchback there, it was pretty much a tourist spot with all the touristy stuff. But that is not the point )


Now shopping in this city is a whole lot of different kind of adventure.

Their stores are HUGE and has almost all the stocks that you can think of.

The shops offer you drinks while you are trying to decide which item would you like to buy.


Shopping in Paris is also very practical because items are priced way lower than you would get these items from other parts of the world. Mainly because these products are made locally. Getting the hefty Tax Refund is also one big factor why people love to shop here.

Some Flight Attendants actually makes it a side business to buy and sell bags from here.

Which is what I am doing before I lost my Paris flights to another fleet (meaning I don’t get to fly to Paris at the moment since it need another training for the airplane that flies there.)

However, If anyone of you are interested in ordering branded bags from MILAN, I’m your girl. You can send me an email at if you want me to shop for you. 😉 #shamelessplug

vlog: paris layover


Now without further ado, here is the video of my Vlog: Paris Layover


Vlog: Random afternoon in New Jersey and my 29th birthday! :)



During my US vacation – winter edition. One random afternoon of doing nothing the day before my birthday.

I went out of the house to take mommy’s new camera for a spin.


So I went to the nearby park to hopefully find some good subjects to photograph.

Noting much to do in the states in an ordinary day when all your relatives are working and nieces are in school so you go ahead and entertain yourself.

It was freezing cold (for me) spent some time on the park until my hands froze and I went to Walmart for some medicine.

it is funny how people would just strike a conversation with you out of nothing. So this elderly man just talked about my camera out of the blue and chat me up all the way while waiting for my turn for the cashier.

If you would like to see the Vlog video, its here:


Anywhooozz.. The reason I was spending my time in the states is that I wanted to celebrate my birthday with family.

I am not really a big birthday celebrant but I guess the Filipino in me cant help it.

In the morning of my birthday, snow fell all over Jersey City as if it was just there for me. 🙂

Snow on my birthday
Magical. Especially for someone who has lived all her life in a tropical country
birthday snow
Special. Because for the whole 26 days that I am staying in the states, That is the only day that snow fell.


I told my mom that I want a bowling party for the two of us.

We went to Hudson Lanes for some bowling fun, chicken wings and beer.

IMG_8139new jersey

My mom is the coolest!



My mom bought a whole lechon de leche for me and we had a nice dinner! My mom my brother and nieces and nephews. All wishing me a happy birthday. The best feeling in the world.


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Travel VLOG Germany: Snow and Christmas Market

Travel VLOG Germany
gluhwein (warm wine)

Hey guys!

I would like to show you a day in my life through this Travel VLOG Germany video.

Since my last video took so long to upload, I would like to make up for the delay by posting more videos this week =)
 So I decided I would like to start uploading video VLOGS that I have been trying to do for the longest time! I really want to show you how the layovers are for flight attendants and just generally share bits and pieces of my life =D Its just been a big block to overcome my own shyness and self criticism but the current circumstances really is directing me to that direction. So here goes nothing!

 A day in the life: Travel VLOG Germany

We were on a layover in Munich Germany. I was snowing when we arrived. So gloomy but its the first time I held snowflakes in my hand 🙂
We were originally going to a tourist spot in Munich but then we saw a beautiful place called a Christmas Market. We went in and stayed until the night, we enjoyed the concert and the warm wine!
I am using my iPhone camera to film this since that is always with me most of the time. So please don’t expect too much with the video quality.
Let me know if you guys enjoy these types of videos, so I will be making more of it, and make it a regular part of the channel 🙂
PERSONAL NOTE:I do not want to brag my life to anyone. My life is not perfect, I just always try to see it in a positive light always. I don’t represent my airline in these videos as well so I wont be mentioning anything work related ( I wont be able to answer questions that is related to my airline since I am still under contract. Legalities loves ;>). These will be my personal experience as a crew everyone is different so I do not guarantee that once you will fly as a flight attendant that you will have the same experiences as mine.


check out the video vlog here:

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Layover Diaries: Munich, Germany

lay over diaries
feels like walking into a fairy tale book. #miakafeels

My second time to visit Germany and this time in the city of Munich.
We check out this beautiful place called Marienplatz. (building above)
I was amazed how this ancient building incorporated to the modern world thru the shops within it.
Munich is the origin of the famous Oktoberfest. Fun fact: Oktoberfest actually doesn’t happen in October! rather it happens in the last week of September.









Beautiful ceiling of St. Peter’s Church

Munich is a wonderful place for shopping, art, food and bier (beer).
We have a short stay on this city. Only 24 hours and instead of sleeping and resting,  I chose to go out and see what Munich is all about. And I wasn’t disappointed.

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Follow Me Around: Temple Run in India

Travel VLOG India

Hey guys! Here is my Travel VLOG India. A lot of pictures on this post and by the end of the post is the video I put up together.

I know I have been off radar lately, I do apologize to all my readers for that. Also if I am not able to answer all your inquiries and request for advice as well. I appreciate all your efforts in trying to contact me through email and Instagram! 🙂 I do hope at this time you find my FAQ page useful and my videos in my YouTube as well. These are all designed so that you may still get my advice even though I am not online as much as I would like to be.. T-T

My first order of business upon getting back on track is getting all my tambak (pile) of videos edited and posted for they have been there gathering dust!
So here it is, the first of the many travels I have done in the past year since becoming an international flight attendant.
The first country I have visited (not a layover) on my days off is India! that is why I am so excited about this Travel VLOG India.
I love love love foreign cultures and Asian countries and this is definitely on my list.
I am just sad I did not get to see Taj Mahal, but you know what? I had the most amazing time!
At first you may think, why India?
Lots of my friends who have seen the photos I have posted on social media have a lot of bad feedback about this place. Good thing then that I did not tell them I plan to travel there before I went! hahahhaa
I have not experienced the things that they have described actually. I dont know if I was just lucky or blind. I reckon though that I just went to the right places and the right time with the right people.
India is a beautiful, very diverse, warm, full of life and in the city people are soooo techie! such a technologically advance country. Their culture is also as rich and spicy as their food.
Together with my flatmate @audventurer we bravely took the plunge and dived right in to South India. And boy arent we glad that we did. We have seen world-known BEAUTIFUL temples!
What I love about this trip is that it is really a traveler style kind of trip. The places we went to are not filled with tourists, artificial ‘touristy’ activities to do that you have to pay for. These places, we experienced them as how the locals would have. Such a priceless moment for us.
Aside from the temples, we have embarked on a spicy and sizzling food trip! Ate where the locals ate. And we were so blessed to be invited to a home where in the family welcomed us with open arms, dressed us in Saris (traditional south indian clothes) and fed us! (literally) I have never been treated so much like a celebrity in my life. I love the generosity and kindness of these people!
And on the way home, we rescued a poor Owl that hit the ceiling fan of the souvenir shop that we are in. We took it with us to the city to get medical attention. a few weeks after its treatment it was then set free. ^-^ (im gonna miss you Owlie.. yes I named the bird  ).
All these things I hope I have shown in this Travel VLOG India video. But I doubt if it really captured the moment though, It really is surreal and this futile attempt of mine to capture the moments still wont compare to the real thing. So I urge you guys to go out there and travel as much as you can. It truly is an amazing experience!

and of course more pictures!

Travel VLOG India

























 Travel VLOG India Video:


Follow Me Around: Nepal River Rafting

Featuring my beautiful friends Helen and Dina 🙂
Together we conquered the rapids of Trishuli river.
It was a beautiful day in Nepal and the season is just starting for the outdoor activities and River Rafting was one of them.
We drove a good 3 hours to the site from the city of Kathmandu.
Nepal not just full of temples and spiritual journeys but also a place of great outdoors, fresh air and adventures.
With the help of Funny Adventure Tours we were able to get a car that took us to the site, river rafting for about 2 hours, with lunch in between (bring your own drinks or cash so you can buy some drinks) and back to our hotel all in a day’s work.
Word of warning though, traffic is very heavy especially during the rush hour. So my advice to you is spend the whole day outside the city, you should visit all the other stops along the way after the river rafting to make use of you precious time rather than getting stuck in traffic for four hours (like what happened to us).
In the end, we had an awesome adventure and this trip has given me the courage to finally try the famous white river rafting in Cagayan, Philippines! Soon!
Here is the video! I hope you enjoy it!