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Story Time: How I struggled to be a Flight Attendant

Let me tell you my story.

I was tall but underweight. I don’t come from a wealthy family, plane rides are unheard of and we live a simple life in the province. I don’t consider my self super stunning, though i have done modeling gigs and beauty pageants during college I still suffer from a LOT of Self Esteem Issues. My family is the best but we are not perfect, some members are critical and some are supportive. I have no idea about aviation and I don’t know anyone who is a breathing living flight attendant who can help me.

So what I did, I plunged myself to my very first recruitment: Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Open Day. I said to myself experience is the best teacher and anyways “if it’s for me, it’s for me.”


I ended up showing up with a sleeveless blouse and a pencil skirt,where everyone had a 3 piece suit. A full size photo of me with trees on the background and not like the ones that everyone have that is on a blue background and taken in a studio.

2452_1101207894659_3776_n I was a nervous wreck because I don’t know the process, I did absolutely no research. Where is Qatar located in the map anyway? I am just a clueless girl sitting there with eyes wide open. But that event I was invited for the next day! I did not get the job at that time. But still.. out of hundreds, I was part of the 50 people on the second day of the selection process. i was grateful and promised myself I’ll get it next time. So I tried 8- 10 times more 🙂 until I finally got in but at the end was cancelled due to airline requirements.

Its was a sad, sad  journey. But looking on the bright side, on the way through my 8-10 rejections I was able to create a step by step system that helped me become more organized and prepared for the interview day. Which helped me ensure my success on that last try. I call this the 8 Proven Steps to Get your Dream Job as a Flight Attendant. Now it is a Book! You can Pre-Order it here, Release Date is July 15, 2017 for the first 100 copies.

Ready For Take-OffThose times in between my rejections to my ultimate successful interview I was testing my theories and lessons from the previous applications, I saw it as a trial and error rounds until I got it. Whats funny is that I applied this step by step system that I created to another airline applied for after getting that rejection email from Qatar Airways and it worked the first time! Then here we are, I am now flying 3 years on this international airline, I am happier than ever and  Qatar is my neighbor. 🙂

All is well that ends well.

If you want to see the video version of this post it is here where I also thank my Youtube subscribers because we have reached 10,000! Thank you so much guys!!:

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Flight Attendant Requirements: Height


Why is the flight attendant requirements of height  such a big deal when applying for this job position? In this article I wish to decode the mystery behind this number one obstacle for people’s dream of becoming a flight attendant.

The standard flight attendant requirements when it comes to for female applicants is usually 5’3  and for males its 5’6 in the Philippines or a reach test of 200 cm. Depending on the airline and what type of aircraft they fly.

After I have been writing on my blog I receive countless emails, comments, messages on fb, Instagram, twitter you name it!  I get questions from aspirants asking me about teeth, pimples, scars, stretch marks all these imperfections that they think they have, they all want to know if they can still pursue the position despite of having them.

Honestly, in my opinion if we are looking strictly at the physical aspects (personality, background check and psychological check aside)  Given that you are a healthy enough to pass a regular medical exam, The Height is the only non-negotiable factor and I will tell you why.

Now why is the height non negotiable? Is it discrimination? Is it because of the image? The answer is really because of safety issues. It is a very practical and non emotional reason really. Look at it this way, the primary reason flight attendants are on the plane in the first place is because of safety. Second will be the service and you can say third is for the image of the airline.

It’s a safety issue because should the airplane have an emergency situation the crew should be able to reach safety equipments that are stored in high places within the plane. For example, in case of a fire in the aircraft. There are no firefighter on board, it is the flight attendant that needs to fight the fire. That person needs to reach the fire extinguisher they must reach up to it asap if the height would not allow that and the person may have to look for a place to stand on to reach the equipment, the fire might have already spread by that time.

All others can be worked with or allowed to a certain degree. Yes you read right. Pimples, scars, moles, tattoos, teeth issues, eyesight issues, stretch marks, braces, scoliosis , gender preference, all of your perceived imperfections CAN be negotiable and worked with depending on the demand and supply factor and some people call it luck.

If you want to watch me address each of these reasons and why you can still be a flight attendant despite of having them. I created a video series answering them one by one here: and a part 2 here:

In hopes of giving you courage to pursue your dream despite not meeting the society’s perceived flight attendant requirements.



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5 Tips on Answering Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Flight Attendant Interview Questions
photo credits to owner

Tip # 1

Rehearse answers for basic flight attendant interview questions.

This is my number one tip for all of you guys. This trick has long been used by beauty pageant contestants and I am passing it now to you to use it for your next interview. Flight attendant interview questions are pretty much like any ordinary job interview questions. What I notice is after you pass this level of basic questions they will then continue on airline specific kinds of questions. So its best to pass this first obstacle to get to the next level. Here is how:

Step 1: Write down your answers to basic and common questions like:

Tell me about your self.

What is your edge?

Why should we hire you?

Step 2: After you have written it down, memorize it.

Step 3: Rehearse in front of a mirror how to deliver it in a very natural way.

This way it would be like you have a ready answer to every common questions the interviewer would throw at you.

A good resource I found on answering cabin crew interview questions is this book by Kara Grand: 101 Questions and Answers for your Cabin Crew Interview

Tip #2

Body Language is Key.

When on the interview, its not the answer to the questions that the recruiters are only assessing. They are also looking at how you carry yourself. So stand tall, sit straight, head up, smile, hands on the lap or on your back. Avoid ‘declamation hands’ or too much hand movement as it is distracting and an indicative of how nervous you are. You have to show that you can handle pressure because as a Flight Attendant you need to show grace under pressure all the time.


Tip # 3

Keep Eye contact.

Im not saying engage in a staring contest with the recruiter. During your Flight Attendant Interview questions and answer portion, initially look at the recruiter’s eyes and if that is uncomfortable to you you may shift you focus on the area around their forehead  and then back to their eyes. Keeping eye contact is a sign of confidence and a way to really connect to who ever you are talking to whether if its on a job interview or in normal life.


Tip # 4

Research about the company.

In order to stand out among the sea of applicants, one way is to show how invested you are in their airline company. You have to know the airline’s tagline, number of fleet, where are the destinations, who is the CEO, what is the company culture and a brief history of the Airline. If you are applying for a position outside the Philippines it is a must that you also know something about the place. What is the main religion of the country, what is their culture and just a general knowledge about the place.


Tip #5


No matter how nervous you are, keep on smiling!

I don’t care if your jaw is on going to lock soon, or if your lips starts to tremble or your eyes starts to water. This job requires a lot of smiling even if you are not in the mood and definitely one of the factors that the recruiters look at. I mean smile all the time, smile while you are in line, anybody you have eye contact with smile, even if you are waiting for your turn for the interview just keep a small smirk and whenever you have a chance ,smile. I am not saying look like a mental patient that escaped the institution. Just be on the look out for opportunities to smile and take it every time you can. When you enter the room, enter with a smile. When introducing you self smile first then speak. When you meet someone new smile. Remember assessment starts when you entered the room. Not when you are in front of the interviewer. So you must never be caught dead with a frown!

So that’s our top 5 tips for answering your flight attendant interview questions. Should you have any additional tips or comments write in down the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!


Fly with you soon!


Miss Kaykrizz

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Resume Format for Flight Attendant Applicants

resume format


Hi guys! I did a live video on Facebook like eons ago and I promised to put up a resume format sample over here at the blog and after 48 years…… It is finally here. 🙂

This one is what I have used ever since I started applying for a job since I was 18 years old.

Some may find it very short and “bitin”.

However it has been effective for me because I tend to be a very straight forward kind of gal and this kind of Resume resonates with me.

This fits perfectly in one long bond paper or legal size paper and I will usually not include a picture since it is almost always a requirement for airlines to pass a a 4R sized and a passport sized photo together with the resume.

Depending on the situation, if i am going for an open day (open call) the recruiters will usually get a high volume of applicants that they would request that you do not include any folder when submitting your file. However, if you are going for a man pooling event, you may use a folder together with your resume and pictures.

And so without further ado, here is the sample resume format:




Contact Information:


Cellphone: XXXXXXX

Email address:

Personal Data:

Age: XX Yrs. Old

Sex: Female

Status: Single

Weight: 50 kg

Height: 165 cm.

Educational Background:

College: 2004 – 2009 Bachelor of Science in Nursing

University of the XXXX

Banilad Campus, Cebu City

High School: 2000 – 2004 St. XXX Educational Center of Leyte

Brgy. Abucay, Tacloban City, Leyte

Elementary: 1994 – 2000 XXX Elementary School

CAA Compund, Las Piñas City, Metro Manila

Languages: English, Tagalog &Cebuano

Skills: Excellent English Communication skills

Customer Service Skills

Computer and Internet proficient

Problem solving and analytical skills

Working and Training Experience:

January 2010 – January 2011 Publishing Consultant (sales)

XXXX Corporation

Asiatown, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City 6000

June 2009 – January 2010 Customer Service Representative

XXXX Corporation

Asiatown, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City 6000

Aug. 2007- Feb. 2008 Independent Broker

International Marketing Group

Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City

Nov.2006 – Nov. 2007 KFC- Service Crew

KFC Store, Cocomall Branch

J. Osmeña St. Capitol Site

Cebu City, Phillippines


  • University’s Student Council Member
  • Leadership Training Seminar
  • Varsity Swim Team Member

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.




That’s it guys!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about this resume format.

For more interview tips head over to my YouTube Channel I have a playlist dedicated to helping people get the job as a flight attendant.

Fly with you soon!

Miss Kaykrizz

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Flight Attendant Training Tips

flight attendant training tips

Who would need these flight attendant training tips?

Are you waiting for your upcoming Flight Attendant Training?

You must be excited to the roof!

What are the things that you should know? What should you prepare? What should you expect?

First of all, I will be giving tips based on my own experience and may not apply to all airline companies.

Now that is out of the way, Lets get right into it!

flight sttendant training tips
Thanks to Sara Leaf for this question!

Flight Attendant Training Tips:

1.Always be on time

  • Being on time is crucial, even if it is just a class and not an actual flight. This is the most important among all the flight attendant training tips I have for you. Because flight attendants can never be late for work. This costs a lot of money for the company for an actual flight to be late and it is just ugly for everybody and you may even loose your job for being late. That is why some airline companies in the Philippines will allow their trainees to be late for only a couple of times and you are out of the training program.

2. Allowance / Pay during the training

  • Most airline companies will be paying their trainees either the basic salary or a daily allowance. However, I will still encourage you to have your own money for the next 1-2 months. The pay will come after a month or longer and it is not going to be that much. In the Philippines, your accommodation will not be covered so you also will need to find a place to stay as well.

3. Study Well

  • Aviation Terms, Time Calculations, Safety, Aircraft specific subjects, Airport Codes and Service. Did you think that you won’t need your brain during this training? Oh boy, You are in for a big  surprise! 😀 Some of my co-workers commented that they did not even study this hard in college! Hahahaha. It is true. You have to cram everything in a short span of time. So be prepared with good study habits. Fun Fact: It is much harder to pass the training exams in the Philippines compared to other international airlines. Passing rate is around 95% – 90%.

4. Swimming Training

  • This can be one of the greatest obstacle for some of you, especially if you are afraid of the water. All I can say is that it is different with every airline but mostly it wont be a big deal. Everyone needs to learn how to float at least for 30 minutes. Learn how to save a drowning person, how to use the life jacket, jump and get in the raft. If you are not the best at swimming no need to worry just jump in the water when they asked you to jump! 😀

5. Treat your batch mates / classmates as family.

  • Your classmates / batchmates as we call it in aviation are the people who went to training with you at the same time. These are the people who will be your family once you graduate. You should spend some time to get to know them and build a relationship during the training. As newbies you will be the targeted to a lot of pressure and your batchmates will be the ones who will have your back. Or at least, that is what I have been taught. My batchmates were like my brothers and sisters and our class adviser was our mom. And just like siblings we sometimes fight, but out there in the real world if one of us got in trouble we always cover each other. You also have to go out as much as you can during the training days because once you are already a full pledged FA, Having your schedule to match will be like the movie Mission Impossible!

That is all my flight attendant training tips for now!

If you are waiting for your training, I am so excited for you! I hope that you make the most out of it! Enjoy your experience and welcome to the World of Flying!


To see a video I have created about this topic, You can check it out below:



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What is your stand on Politics? | Flight Attendant Interview Question


Hey guys! On this video I teach you how to answer a question for your Flight Attendant Interview Question.

But first,

Who are you going to vote for this #philippineelection2016?
Are you on the side of the Duterte?

Is Miriam Santiago your bet?
Or are you going for Binay or Mar Roxas?

Do you think that it would really make a difference?

Ok, enough politics talk. Lets get straight into business.

In light of the coming Philippine Presidential Elections .

I thought it would be appropriate to create an election themed Interview Tutorial. Flight Attendant Interview Question and I have provided a sample answer.

And that question is ” What is your stand on Politics?” This can be quite a tricky question since religion, money and politics are very sensitive topics to most people. We all have our biases and own backgrounds about the topic. So when an interviewer ask you this? What is the best way to handle this question?



The trick to answering this Flight Attendant Interview Question:

  • Acknowledge that this can be a very sensitive topic for most people.
  • Tell the interviewer that you do not actively talk about your own stand in politics unless it is related to your work and your expression of opinion would yield a positive result
  • Show them that you understand that politics happens in every area of life including the work place
  • Tell them how you conduct yourself in such situations aka “office politics”
  • Site a good example of you being diplomatic if you can.

On the video below I show you an example of how I would answer this question if it was asked from me.

I encourage you to formulate your own answer so that it would be easier to memorize it. After you memorize your personalized script practice saying it in a spontaneous way.

Meaning the delivery of your answer must not sound rehearsed or robotic.

With a little practice in front of the mirror.

Don’t forget to check out the video below!


All the best and I will fly with you soon!





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Flight Attendant Interview Must Haves

  Flight Attendant Interview Must Haves

Flight Attendant Interview Must Haves
Hey Guys!
I am back with a new practical post. This is the Flight Attendant Interview Must Haves.
I am so excited to finally publish this post in partnership with ShopBack.
After all those years that I am applying for the position as a Flight Attendant I have summarized all the things that is truly a MUST-HAVE on 3 categories.
I. Feel Good to the Recruiters
II. Look Good on Paper
III. Look Good in Person

I. Feel Good to the Recruiters

First things first, You need to come in the interview with a great energy with you, good vibes, great aura, whatever you call it. This is actually is what will give a lasting impression about you with anyone that you meet. It is important that you give this impression to the recruiters that you will meet on that day.
How to do this?
Flight Attendant Interview Must Haves
1. Prayers.
I am not forcing my religion to anyone here. I just need you guys to pray whatever religion you have. You can be a Buddhist, Muslim, Catholic, Christian or Atheist.
The important thing is that you have put your intention out there in the universe. Ask your God for the strength and perseverance to reach for your dream. Meditate on it everyday. Put it on a piece of paper and place it on your mirror. It helps a lot as well to bring your articles of faith (for example: roasary beads, picture of mama mary) on the day as for this will be your source of inspiration and strength when you are on the interview.
2. Music Playlist
I cannot emphasize how important this is. This has helped me so much in my last few years of applying. What I would do is download music from my favorite flight attendant movies (i.e. View from the Top) and listen to their soundtrack over and over again as I am waiting in line for my turn for the interview. Then I would close my eyes and Imagine me as the flight attendant looking out the aircraft window, or walking at the airport with my trolley.. haaaaaaaayyy… I still feel the high even today. This is a very powerful tool to help me get in the mood to make my dream come true on that day and motivates me to do great and takes the nervousness away.
I also like listening to songs from American Idol contestants, usually they will compose and sing songs about making your dreams come true and finally reaching that goal and how it feels to be finally there. (chills just chills up my spine right now .. :D)
sample songs: No sign of it (view from the top)
Rocketeer -far east movement
I believe I can fly 😉


Flight Attendant Interview Must Haves
3. Visual Aids
OK, I know this looks really silly but years ago even before I am a flight attendant. I have edited myself in places that I’d like to visit and will just look at these pictures and imagine my dreams coming true.
And to demonstrate how effective this is I have here an edited picture of me with Lady liberty I did 2 years ago as I was applying for Qatar at that time.
Here is a picture of me on my annual leave this year august 2015. 😀

I promise you guys this is not an edited picture 😛 I have a video clip with her too. Check out my YouTube video at the end of this post 🙂

II. Look Good on Paper

1. Great Pictures
Flight Attendant Interview Must Haves
It is a great investment to have a good picture of yourself on a 2×2 headshot and a 4R Whole body picture in light blue background. (or whatever the airline requires of you)
2. Resume

I would like to keep a compact and easy to read resume rather than a 5-page one that the recruiters will feel that there is just too much to read about you. I put all the relevant information about me that can be related to the job as flight attendant together with my basic information like my name, contact details, height and weight. Achievements is a team sports, or any activity that relates to teamwork and job experience with customer service.

III. Look Good in Person

Here we focus on the small details that will help you look your best on the day.



 1. A good suit. Power dressing is one of the  important flight attendant interview must haves.
This goes a long way. Dressing properly for the occasion will definitely be a plus. Make sure it is good fitting, and if you can choose a material that doesn’t easily creases. (Though my picture is a creased one >.< sorry I did not iron it for this post)



2. Shoes
Choose a design that doesn’t attract too much attention. Just like the ones that real Flight attendants are using. No buckles, Ribbons, Sparkles, none of that stuff. Great tip is also bring flat shoes with you so you can switch shoes after the interview.=)
Get the perfect shoes at Zalora through ShopBack for up to 12% cashback as well as discount codes!
3. Bags
A good sized bag that can carry everything that you need like resume, flat shoes, make-up, wallet and phone is definitely a must so you have all your stuff in one place. Rather than having too many things to carry like a folder, a paper bag for your extra shoes, etc.
4. Red Lipstick
Red lipstick is a must for all applicants because most of the airlines now require their flight attendants to wear only red lipstick. So you must give them a preview of how you would look like adhering to their standards.
Bring as well make-up to touch up your face if you are going for a whole day of recruitment.


 5. Accessories
 Choose accessories that would compliment you and not take the attention away from you. All you really need is a pair of earrings and a wristwatch. Bracelets and necklaces are items that you should reserve for your own day at the mall or a party.

Additional Tips and Hacks

1. The number one flight attendant interview must haves is your mindset.
Don’t underestimate the power of the mind.
One thing that you should bring with you is the belief that you already have the job. Imagine yourself always as a flight attendant, pray and have the intention on your mind to be one. You can do this by watching inspiring movies like View from the Top.
2.No need to buy new things.
All the things that you need like the suit, shoes and bag. If you could borrow from a friend, relative or colleague it should be fine.
3. If you absolutely MUST own your own things. You can check out the UK store. This is the Filipino term for a vintage shop or a second hand store for clothes shoes and bags. You just need the time and patience to dig in to the store. You never know what you may find.
4. If you can’t stand second-hand and need to buy new stuff. Buy your stuff during the SALES season Like the Christmas Sale or the Black Friday Sale. This is the time where you can take advantage of the situation and buy the things that you would need for applying for your dream job.
check out sales like this one:

5. If you are a techie shopper and you buy your things online to avoid the traffic, crowds and long lines at the cashier. Buy your Must-Haves through ShopBack.

This is a website where in if you shop through them you can get your CASH back on top of the current discount or promotion on the shop. You can get your cash back on you ATM bank accounts or on your PayPal account.

As usual guys, I have a YouTube Video version of this post.
Check it out down here:


Flight Attendant Interview Must Haves

Fly with you soon guys!
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How to Walk and Sit for your Cabin Crew Interview


Did you know that 80% of the impression that you give is  based mainly on your body language?
That is why this is one of the main factors that determines whether you get the job or not.
This article aims to teach you how to walk and sit properly for your cabin crew interview.
Action Speaks louder than Words is definitely a quote you need to keep in mind while applying to become a flight attendant.
What does your action speak for you?
Are you confident? poised? nervous?
All of these are being evaluated on the process and its not all just about your intelligent answers and astonishing credentials that will get you the job.
It is much better to show how to exhibit great posture and body language during the interview with a video so check it out below.

However, for those of you who are not able to see the video. Here is a bit of a summary of my tips.

How to walk and sit properly for your cabin crew interview:

How to walk and sit properly for your cabin crew interview

Walking pointers

  • straight body
  • smile
  • eye contact
  • shoulders relaxed
  • act as if your head is being pulled on a string
  • boobs out
  • stomach in
  • butt out
  • walked in a natural and relaxed manner arms swaying while walking
  • by the end of the walk pose, establish eye contact and smile

How to walk and sit properly for your cabin crew interview

Sitting pointers

  • upon approaching the chair feel it with the back of your knees to sit without looking back
  • one leg should be placed behind the other leg
  • sit on the edge of the seat
  • straight body
  • arms placed on top of each other
  • smile and eye contact

Don’ts and No No’s for How to walk and sit properly for your cabin crew interview


  • walk like a beauty pageant contestant
  • walk with a hunched back
  • walk with too much movement or being hyperactive
  • avoiding eye contact
  • look down


  • lean on the chair
  • fidgeting or tapping of feet
  • try to be seductive or too sexy
  • too much hand movement


That is all folks!


Dont forget to check out my other articles for tips on your next cabin crew interview!

Goodluck and I will fly with you soon!



miss kaykrizz

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SAUDIA Airline Interview Tips |Open Day

SAUDIA Airline Interview Tips

After applying for this airline for 3 times here are my SAUDIA Airline Interview Tips.

Final Interview for the SAUDIA Airlines applicants are now going on from today until November 29, 2015.

I hope this post is not too late! >.<

I would like to share the steps I went through when I myself went for the SAUDIA Airlines Cabin Crew Interview, Both for the Open Day Interview and the Final Interview.

This is a very memorable one for me because my SAUDIA Airlines Interview was held on my 27th birthday 😀

The Process

Step 1:
IPAMS Agency Screening

(I failed this step 2 times before! >.<)

First thing they would check is the BMI – Body Mass  Index
Simply put your weight must be proportional to your height
for your height there is a range of weight that you must have to be considered healthy.
(this part I failed 2x T-T)
to check your BMI there is a chart that you can refer to or calculate it online, just google search BMI calculator and put in your height and weight.

Second thing is an initial interview.
One on one talk and they will ask you typical questions about the company and about yourself.

Third thing ( this is sometimes skipped depends on the amount of people applying)
Group Activity
The agent will organize some sort of activity like answer a set of questions in front of the group of 10-15 people or make some sort of activity like introduce your partner.

Step 2:
Final Interview

First thing
Meet the Employers
BMI Check once again

Second Thing
The Walk
One on one interview
So the will ask you to enter the rom. Do a walk for the panel. and after the walk proceed with the one on one interview.
It will be a panel asking you questions about yourself mostly in a span of 10-15 minutes.

Step 3:
Medical Exams
After passing both the interviews. A set of medical Exams will be asked for you to complete. Once the results are passed to the SAUDIA Airlines and confirmed. They will then schedule you for the next cabin crew training schedule.

For some tips that I think is important for passing each step of the process and the SAMPLE QUESTIONS that they asked me on my personal application, Check out my video:
Watch: SAUDIA Airlines Open Day Interview Tips

I hope you find this SAUDIA Airline Interview Tips  useful!

Read: Saudia Cabin Crew Recruitment Experience (blog post a year ago)