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Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Final Interview Day 3

If you are going to have your Final interview with Qatar Airways i would Just like to say Congratulations and This blog is for you!

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Final Interview

You made It through The first day and the second day of The Qatar Airways Assessment Days I am so proud of you! You deserve it! Give yourself a Little pat in the back! Just a Few more Steps and you will be on your way to traveling the world with the five star Airline!

So you are probably wondering how do You nail the final interview of the Qatar Airways  Final interview Assessment..

I’m speaking from experience, I tried Applying for this Position  for more Than eight Times. I Actually Just Remember The eight Times but I think I applied more than that. I was Able to get the job at the last time that i applied.

All those learning and and  experiences i was able to take note of my mistakes and what works for me and what didn’t work. Because Qatar Airways is notorious for not telling you What you did wrong for the final interview.


Expect that they will be on time for your schedule because during that, You’ll be able to select your slot on what time you want to be interviewed. Sometimes when the person ahead of you is late or not present, they Will move you up next. You will be earlier than Your schedule. Expect that you might be called earlier than your scheduled time.

Expect that they will probably Spend about 30 minutes talking to you one-on-one. That’s the average time that they take for each and every final interview. After the interview they will tell You that they will contact you by email in around two weeks but that never Really happens. Sometimes it’s earlier sometimes it’s Longer. Indeed it is a waiting game.

Let’s move on to my tips for you!



Make sure that you do your Makeup in broad Daylight. During the one-on-one interview with you, they will open the curtains in the hotel. In all of those times I was given the chance to do the final interview. Sometimes we do our makeup really thick for the yellow lights of the hotel that’s understandable For the first and second day, but during the third day or the Final day, make your makeup  daylight Friendly. Make sure that it is all nice and  pleasant for the daytime or the White lights.


Prepare for behavioral questions. They will not ask you basic questions like why do you want to be a flight attendant or the basic things that you would expect, what is your strength and weaknesses. Qatar Airways are very particular in this one they really try to find good fit for their company because they are a picky company. They will try to find out what your character is.

Example of a behavioral question is like tell the interviewers something that you have overcome in your life so far.

S-T-A-R Method!

I have this STAR method. I use this Star method to structure my answer in a way that interviewers will like my answer.

The “S”stands for Situation.

The”T” stands for the task.

The “A” stands for the actions taken.

The “R” stands for the resolution or the results.

For example the interviewer asks; Tell us of your biggest obstacle that you have overcome in your life.  Start with an overview of a situation perhaps the biggest obstacle that I have to deal within my life is when my parents died. That’s a brief summary of the situation, The task is that I have to be there to be the rock of the family as being the firstborn child and  Also I was Dealing With my own Sadness and Depression, Actions taken, I tried to be strong for my remaining siblings and the rest of my family, but I talked to my friends and I have seek their support in this difficult time. resolution, You can say that in the end everything was okay in the end I was able to pull through the depression I wasn’t that bad I was able to find solace in prayer and find strength and knowing that life will always get better in the end. Or; There is nowhere else to go when you reach the bottom but to the top.In that way, you don’t get lost by how you answer this vague and difficult question.

The tendency when you are answering behavioral questions you might get carried away. You guys may forget to do the basics when doing the behavioral interview. Always keep your answers as well in a nice flow. Apply all the rules of basic “Interview 101” like keep your hands on your lap, Sit properly, wear your smile and lastly eye contact. I really think that the star method is something that you should really work on, because that will be your bread and butter in this final interview.


And that’s it guys! This is the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Assessment Day 3!
Don’t worry guys, there will be more stuff coming from this series.
To those who didn’t get into the day 3 of the Assessment, no worries! There will be next time, I will help you guys in your application and I know you guys will come back and get your dream job.


If you guys want to know more you could book me on Skype for a Skype Coaching. I do all coaching and one-on-one coaching like this but it’s going to be customized to your own needs.CoachingGet a copy of my book “Ready for Takeoff: 8 Proven Steps to get Your Dream as a Flight Attendant” This is actually my own cheat sheet when I was still trying to get the job as a flight attendant. It took me 8 years to go figure it out and now it’s written here in the book so if you’re interested in that, Order it now!

Good luck and Fly with you soon!

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Top 5 tips for Fresh Graduates who wants to be a Flight Attendant

misskaykrizzHere are my top 5 tips for Fresh Graduates who wants to be a flight attendant.

Let’s get started!

#1 Change your mindset

You have to change your thinking it is not because you don’t have experience that they will not hire you anymore.

so for you to understand this, all you have to think about is the recruitment is actually based on the day itself, on what you did and how you answer the questions on the day of recruitment.

your past is something that the recruiter talk about during the interview, but it’s not really the beat all end all of everything.

that is why you are inside the interview room because they let you in because you pass the requirements, because you pass the height requirement, the weight requirement and the minimum educational background they need.

When you are inside the room with all the other applicants just think that you all have the same equal opportunity to prove yourself to the recruiters even if you a Fresh Graduates.


#2 Enhance your youth

Use your Youth, if you are a fresh graduate you’re probably very young no experience at working. you can bank on that you can use this as an information or a leverage that you can sell yourself to the recruiters.

When it comes to the appearance,  make sure that your make up and the way you dress yourself really highlights your youth.

this is one of the most famous things that the PAL recruiters use to say to their applicants those applicants that made it to the second day.

PAL recruiters actually asked us to use makeup that will make us look young, asked us to use clothes in pastel colors because they want a young cabin crew.

The recruiters wants you to represent the airlines so you have to be young dynamic and fresh so that is the image you have to go for.

And secondly when you start selling yourself, emphasize that you have a long career years ahead of you. You are not planning to get married soon, have kids soon or you are not planning to retire anytime soon. So if the company invest in you the company will be investing to someone who gonna be there for the long run, someone where they can get their money back their investment back, use that to your advantage.


#3 Use the experience you have

Use the experience that you already have. for example, if you are part of any extra curricular activities in school you can use that as a Job experience.

You can say like for example there is a question tell me about yourself, you can say that i was very active in extracurricular activities in school so i have a very good time management skills or something like that.

If you don’t have any extracurricular activities in school, you could say things about you or qualities about you that is related to the job of a flight attendant. So for example you’re a very enthusiastic person, you can say my friends always look up to me for jokes whenever we’re together.

I know that’s sounds a bit silly or doesn’t sound a bit official for you, but the important thing is that you focus on the qualities that a flight attendant must have and don’t dwell on the fact that you are a Fresh Graduate.

Show to the recruiters that you have that quality whether It is because of a previous job experience or it’s just because of your life experience.


#4 Compensate with research

If you don’t know what the customer service job is about, you have to research all about it you have to know the answers to the questions related to that topic.

Even though you don’t have the experience as Fresh Graduates about things like: handling angry passengers or handling difficult situations, at least you have to do your research on how to handle them.

Because, that is gonna be a point for you and a plus even if you haven’t really experience it yourself, but you are able to explain it thoroughly to the recruiters, that is how the recruiters judge you.

The way you answer question related to your job, so a person with experience can easily answer those with their experience, but you are a fresh graduate and you have no experience at all, you have to plan to that kind of question, you have to really dig into what kind of job are you applying for.

Don’t go to their recruitment like i have a dream and i just want my dream to come true no, do your research what is the job about and how do you handle situation involving the job, so if you research that and you’re able to answer that during your interview, you’ll have the same score as somebody who has experience for that. Just do your research.


#5 Focus on what you have

Just focus on what you have on that day, make sure that you know who you are, you know what you have to offer and sell yourself like you are a door to door salesman.

So if you know what you have and you know the strengths that you can offer you know the advantages that you could offer the company focus on that.

Don’t say things like “i don’t have experience here, but I am very enthusiastic” or “I’m very hardworking”, just don’t mention the things that you don’t have only mention the things that you have.

This way you are not only showing that you are a positive thinker kind of person, you’re also showing that you know how to sell yourself.

Most of us do the mistakes of telling this long story of who we are why we are not as successful or why things are not going so well in our current position or something like that.

the negative stories gave the interviewers a “nega vibes”, stay away from that.

What I’m trying to say is just focus on the positive things that you could offer to the table, if you are directly asked a question about something that you don’t have, still answer the question in a positive way.

for example, why don’t you have a job right now? I was researching and reviewing topics that are related to the job Flight attendant, or i had made a lot of applications and i am very enthusiastic on the result but i am most specially interested in this job application that is happening right now or something like that.


To all fresh graduates who are using these tips , I really wish you all the best and good luck! if you want to watch the video version of the article here is the Link: 


If you guys want to know more you could book me on Skype for a Skype Coaching. I do all coaching and one-on-one coaching like this but it’s going to be customized to your own needs. It’s just like me meeting you where you are. I’ll figure out how I could coach you the best or what needs improvement.

Get a copy of my book “Ready for Takeoff: 8 Proven Steps to get Your Dream as a Flight Attendant” This is actually my own cheat sheet when I was still trying to get the job as a flight attendant. It took me 8 years to go figure it out and now it’s written here in the book so if you’re interested in that, pre-order it now!


Fly with you soon, Fresh Graduates!

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How to have an IMPACT on your Impact Interview?

How to make an impact on your impact interview?

If you are reading this now, you’re probably trying to understand or try to find out how to make an impact on your impact interview.

 How to have an IMPACT on your Impact Interview? Flight Attendant | MISSKAYKRIZZ

Now I want to share with you what I think an impact interview is.

What is an impact interview? An impact interview is trying to gauge your first impression when they (recruiters) first see you. What would be a stranger thinking about you. The job of a flight attendant is usually dealing with a lot of passengers that should show a positive image about the company. That is what I think an impact interview is all about. It’s evaluating how you come off right off the bat.


Here are the tricks that I could give you guys to make sure that you give your best impact on your impact interview.

1. Make sure that your posture is correct. When you enter the room, you should have a straight body posture as your chest out and your stomach in. This immediately gives you that look of confidence in you.

2. Maintain eye contact or seek eye contact right away. That means if you are somebody who is confident and who is sincere. That’s what eye contact conveys. If you are even just meeting the person for the first time, you need to establish eye contact.

3. Smile this is the magic sauce to everything. The moment you enter the room, smile like it’s your wedding day. Have the right eye contact and posture immediately even without talking. Give off a very nice and positive vibe.

4. Grace under pressure. This is keeping your hand gestures controlled. Your head movements, stuttering or those that are involuntary actions that happens whenever you are nervous. Make sure that you are on top of it. Try to have it as controlled as possible. Example of this is when talking some time, some of us talk a bit faster when nervous. Make sure that you are in control of yourself during the interview. Talk in a paced manner, control any gestures or involuntary movements that you have.

5. Be prepared. Prepare your answers. This is not cheating guys, this is preparation. This is the way to really send your message out there. If somebody asks you a question and you’re not prepared for an answer, you will be saying things right off your head and it might not look or sound as nice or as polished as someone who has already thought of the question and an answer to it. This is a trick that most beauty pageants contestant do. I suggest you guys also prepare it that way. They prepare the answers ahead of time. They anticipate what kind of questions they’re going to have. In your case probably like, “Tell me about yourself?, Why do you want to apply for us?, Why do you want to be a Cabin crew?, What do you know about our company?” Those are the questions to prepare for. When it comes to beauty pageants, they think about the questions that are usually asked of them. Like what if your essence is a woman?, What will you do during your reign?, or Why should we give you the crown? They have these answers prepared and then they practice delivering it in a very sincere and spontaneous manner. Have your pre-prepared answers polished, lined up and set in a way that is clear simple and with an impact.

When you do encounter these questions, you already know what to answer. You already had a plan in your head on how to get it out of you. It’s just a matter of how you deliver the answer with the right pause with a smile and the right attitude.

6. Positive vibe. Your energy when you enter should light up the whole room. That is the kind of energy that you should have when you are going for an impact interview. This is what the recruiters would say the x-factor. This is what we are looking for in people. How do you do that? Just apply all the steps I’ve previously have said. Enter the room with a big smile with a good posture, eye contact, prepared answers and aside from that, you also need to feel good. How do you do that? Make sure that you have listened to inspiring music or you have really visualized yourself as a cabin crew. Anything that would make you in a good mood. When you enter the room in a good mood, immediately everybody will sense your appearance and they’ve got a good feeling about you.

Those are my tips for you guys who are going to have your impact interview soon. I really wish you all the best and good luck! If you guys want to know more you could book me on Skype for a Skype Coaching. I do all coaching and one-on-one coaching like this but it’s going to be customised to your own needs. It’s just like me meeting you where you are. I’ll figure out how I could coach you the best or what needs improvement.

Get a copy of my book “Ready for Takeoff: 8 Proven Steps to get Your Dream as a Flight Attendant” This is actually my own cheat sheet when I was still trying to get the job as a flight attendant. It took me 8 years to go figure it out and now it’s written here in the book so if you’re interested in that, pre-order it now!

Watch the video here!

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Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair

Today’s topic is a beauty blog. Where I’m going to tell how I would put my makeup if I were to apply to Air Asia Cabin Crew recruitment.

Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZ

Here is my step-by-step Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair.

I’m going to start with a moisturizer from Nuxe. I’ll put it all over my face and neck. After I moisturize my face, I’ll put mineral water which is Bio Essence Water (it’s like Avian). Dump in my face coz I have a very dry skin. Next thing, I’m going to use my Naturactor Cover Face Concealer no. 130. This concealer is for acidic type. It’s my number one concealer because it suits my skin ever since I started using makeup. I put it under my eyes and forehead. If you have blemishes that you want to cover, it’s nice to use a concealer one shade darker than your skin. You may notice that the makeup looks a little bit lighter than my skin. It’s actually good coz after a few hours it will blend out. This is the technique if you have acidic skin.

Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZ

You should use a lighter shade when you apply your makeup coz later it gets oxidized and it will become darker. If you use just the right amount or just the right color of your skin tone as your make up later on, since you have acidic skin, it will come off darker. It’s better to use a shade one step lighter. Then, I’ll use Missha Perfect Cover BB cream. It’s one of my favorite Korean brands.

Have you ever heard of the quote “The girl’s main weapons are tears and makeup.

Next, I’ll use Contouring Palette from Douglas which I bought in Germany. I like using the yellowish shade (in the middle). Just set those areas that easily gets greasy. Those are the under eye area, nose, and laugh lines. I’m using a foundation brush which is probably not the right brush for this purpose (Lol!).Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZ I love the light brown in the middle like earth tone to do my contouring. I tend to have a really white hairline when I do my makeup so I’ll start it there. Then on the cheeks and also on the chin. Of course on the nose line as well. We need to contour our nose, especially if you’re Asian or you’re a Filipino. This is a must!

Now we will move on to the eyebrows. I’m using Anastasia Pomade in dark brown and I’m using brush number 14. I really like this, coz I’ve always been struggling witAir Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZh my non-existent eyebrows and I have done some research (of course). So far this has been the most suggested. Dip the tip of the brush relines the brows. Line carefully starting from the bottom of the brow. I like Pomade coz you can use it artistically as if you are drawing little hair on your brows. It gives additional hair on our non-existent brows. Also, you can make it very dark to make a statement and that is very nice if you are going for an interview. Sometimes you want to have statement brows. You don’t want it to look as tough as those pencils. Pomade gives a very different texture than the pencil. Also, it lasts longer even you sweat. Unless you remove it by hand. In front, it should always be lighter than the middle and last part of the brow. You’ll have your instant brows.

Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZ

Another of my secret weapon for the eyebrows is the Benefit Gimme Brow. I love using it because it really puts the hair up together and it gives more definition on eyebrows. It gives a thicker look. Apply concealer underneath and above the brow to make it pop and make the eyebrows cleaner.

We will move on to the eyeshadows. I like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion for the eyeshadow. With it, it really keeps the eyeshadow colors. If you are going for an interview and it take you the whole day process, it’s nice to have a primer so the makeup would stick and last longer. For my base, I going to use pinkish brown color. I’m using eyeshadow palette is Maybelline The Blushed Nudes. I’m going to put it all over my eyelid. I’m going to use shade Naked 2 for the outer layers. Start at the outer layer the eye to create depth. Also, makeup depends on what kind of eyes you have. I’m going to use the maroonish brown color in Maybelline The Blushed Nudes and apply iAir Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZn the middle part to make it pop a little bit. Now we have to highlight underneath the eyebrows. I’ll use the white shimmery one. Apply it on the area where we put concealer. Also outside of it to highlight, on top of the darker eyeshadow. Lastly, I’m going to use the base that we used underneath my eyes. I’m using an angled brush to put it on the waterline to give an accent.

Now let’s move on the eyeliner. I don’t know about you guys but for me, I don’t like to touch my eyes with my hand. I simply use a beauty blender. I usually line only the half of my eyes (outer side through the middle). My eyes are little bit chinky but they’re big. I’m trying to capitalize on that to make it look bigger. Doing a half line actually give that illusion that your eyes are bigger. Use the angled brush to blend out.

If I do a full eyeliner, I really look weird. I look sassy. So if your face is something like that, you have to work with that. I want to look gentle and charming so I won’t do a full eyeliner. It will make my eyes stronger and we don’t want to look strong during the interview. We want to look friendly and appAir Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZroachable. I’m using Catrice Liquid Eyeliner. This is also from Germany. Most of my make up now, I bought from my vacation in Germany. I’m going to tight-line my eye using the eyeliner. I use liquid eyeliner coz my eyes are monolid. The gel ones don’t work for me coz it gets smudged easily. The gel eyeliner transfers to the upper lid when I blink. I do tight lining coz I find it best for my eyes. I don’t make my eyeliner too thick coz I’ll look too sassy. Going to put a little bit on the wing just for fun!?

I’m using Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler to curl my lashes. Shu Uemura really works and it’s durable. I’m going to use Face Shop Mascara sponsored by Regina my friend. She always give this to me during Christmas, Birthdays and New Year’s so I have a steady supply of FS mascara. It really makes my lashes longer.

Next step of the makeup process is doing the blush on. I’m going to do the Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZblush on using the Naked Urban Decay Flushed Palette for the blush. This is a bronzer-highlighter-blush all-in-1. I’ll go for the Pink blush on. This is my “Go-To Blush” if I want to stand out. It’s for special occasion. That’s why I don’t usually use it every day. It complements the contouring. I like using the highlighter above the cheeks. Do it in a check motion to till the side of your face. Also put it on your nose bridge, temples and on your chin. Just apply few so we won’t look like a Stop Light. It really makes the difference on your makeup. Right?

For the lips, I’m going to use a Lip Liner by Kiko – Dark pink lip liner. This really defines my lips. Air Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish TutorialIt looks clean when you use a lip liner before a lipstick. I only use this again for special occasions.I will put it all over my lips so it will hold my lipstick longer. I want to put another lipstick on top of it so the makeup will look astonishing. If it goes beyond, you can use a cotton buds to clear it up nicely. It’s No. 314 from Kiko. I’d like to use the Urban Decay Mega Matte in Crank. Actually, it just says Mega Matte but it really feels like it’s not super matte. Semi-creamy and semi-matte. My lips don’t get dry on this. I really like this. I like the combination of this lipstick and lip liner.

Now we’re going to fix my hair. Air Asia like their Flight attendants to put their hair down. That’s one of the things that makes them different. Make sure that you put your hair in a nice hairdo which is hanging loosely or freely. Don’t wear your hair up coz if you put it up, they will ask you to put it down. It’s better to put it down the best way possible instead of untying it there and may ruin your hairdo. You won’t have a hairdresser thAir Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish Tutorialere. I like to use a dry shampoo. Even after I have taken a shower, this texturizes and volumizes my hair. Let that soak in my hair. I’ll just brush up my hair. If you guys want to make your hair nicer, you can use a flat iron or you can curl it. Can hire a hairdresser like for a wedding? Yes, that will be nice as well. It wouldn’t hurt to have extra help during the day.  If it would boost your confidence and it would help you. If your budget permits then why not. Why not coconut? I’m just going to for a very casual short hair look because I can pull it off. Even I go to the interview like this. I’m just going to fix my hair to look casual but still volumized.

Air Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish Tutorial

Air Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish Tutorial

Air Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish Tutorial
Air Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish Tutorial

Lengthy but this will be my final look (hair and makeup) for the Air Asia Cabin Crew recruitment day if I were to apply to them.


Here are the lists of the makeup that I used for Air Asia recruitment day:

1. Nuxe Moisturizer
2. Bio essence water
3. Naturactor Cover Face Foundation Concealer no. 130
4. Missha BB Cream
5. Douglas Contour Palette

1. Anastasia Pomade – dark brown
2. Brush no. 14
3. Benefit Give me Brow

1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
2. Maybelline The Blushed Nudes
3. Naked Urban Decay Basics

1. Pencil eyeliner
2. Catrice Liquid Eyeliner

1. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
2. Face Shop Mascara

1. Naked Urban Decay Flushed Palette – Pink Blush on
2. Naked Urban Decay Flushed Palette – Highlighter

1. Kiko Lip Liner – Dark Pink #314
2. Urban Decay Mega Matte – Crank

1. Dry Shampoo


You can also watch the video here!

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I will fly with you soon! ✈


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Qualities of a Flight attendant that recruiters are looking for a candidate

Qualities of a Flight attendant that recruiters are looking for

How do the recruiters match the applicants to a possible candidate? What are the Qualities of a Flight attendant that they’re looking for a flight attendant? Few questions on how to become a flight attendant. I have answered your questions through my social medias. But, in addition to that, I made this one for you!

Qualities of a Flight attendant

Here are the Flight Attendant Qualities Recruiters are looking for:


Top one Flight Attendant Qualities Recruiters are looking for when interviewing a candidate is a Team Player. Working on an airplane, you will be working with a team. The Captain, Pilots, Ground Staffs, and you guys (Cabin Crews). You are one whole team. It’s you against the passengers.


You need to be responsible to be a part of a good team. Everybody has to carry their own weight. They’re (recruiters) looking for someone who has shown responsibility in their life.


Basically, it is a service-oriented job. You’ll face with people and you’re not dealing with a computer here! You need to understand what people are going through. What condition they are right now and just be able to feel the room.


As a flight attendant, you are the spokesperson for the airline. They have some rules and regulations that they need to implement. Nobody is gonna to be there to implement those, but you. You have to be confident in doing so.


A sense of humor is always an asset to any kind of situation. It’s such a great life skill. They are looking for this in their team. When you’re working with people who are always happy and has a sense of humor, it makes everything lighter. Isn’t it?


This is another way of understanding nature. Caring is you care about people that you talk to. You care about your teammates, pilots, and passengers. They want to have someone that has this most endearing Qualities of a Flight attendant.


Yes, we’re only humans but it also entails that you carry the image of the airline. They always want someone who at least presents themselves the best way all the time. You always have to present your best version of yourself because when you wear that uniform, they don’t see you. They don’t see me as Ruth. They see me as a flight attendant for this airline. They will say “Ah! That flight attendant of AirAsia is so hot. Oh my God!” All Flight attendants of AirAsia are hot! Right? This is how it naturally works in the minds of passengers. They want to see that you will be someone will be able to portray a very good image of the company.


You will not be doing you job with someone looking over your shoulders. You will be doing the job alone and you will be on air on your own. They want someone who’s motivated to work. Motivated to care about the industry and things as such.


Enthusiasm can be found very handy in this type of profession. Can you imagine, if you’re dealing with people who are delayed in their flight, who are very grumpy and angry. They come to you and you’re all smiling and enthusiastic. You kind of influence those people, Right? That’s a good asset for any airline company!

Qualities of a Flight Attendant | MISSKAYKRIZZ


The first quality that we need to have is Team Player. A good team player is always dependable. if you are working in a flight attendant job, your labor is divided. There’s division of labor among the crews. If you are someone that would just say “Oh! I don’t want to do my part of the job day“. The whole team will be compromised because of you. They are looking for someone who they can depend on to do their part of the job and even more. That is why recruiters are looking for dependable people.


You might already have an idea that a flight attendant deals with different kinds of people. From all sorts of different backgrounds. In all sorts of different place. Being friendly is a quality and trait that the airline ambassadors or airline flight attendants must have. Because you have to welcome everyone into your flight.


During the fight, there are lots of challenges. Passengers don’t listen to you. Kids or very naughty passengers trying to see where your limits are. You have to be resilient when you’re trying to implement those rules of the airline. Also, you are resilient in trying to do the job that you have and not giving up if times are hard.


This is the number one trait you need if you are going to work in a customer service industry or any service industry. Because the customer is always right. There will be times that your patience will be tested. They are looking for people who will not cause more trouble in a difficult situation, but someone who will be able to go through it. Be patient about it and not make a small issue to a bigger one.


Somebody who doesn’t make small issues into a bigger one. An international flight attendant especially, you have to leave your own country. Your mom will not be there for you. You are in a totally different country with a totally different culture and you gotta have to be able to handle yourself in that kind of situation to survive in this career.


One of the job descriptions, says that you are in charge of the catering, supplies, food in the airline. You have to be organized in a sense that the job will sometimes challenge you in a way that you will have only two hours of flight. In that two hours, you would have to feed 300 people. How do you do that? You have to have such great organizational skills to manage your time and deliver a satisfactory service.


When people complain to you, the first thing that you need to do is listen to the complaint. Don’t assume that you know what they’re talking about. Because that will make the issue bigger. They’re looking for people who know how to listen. Also, who listen to their colleague and to their captains. This is definitely one of the top Qualities of a Flight attendant!


Assertiveness is being firm without being aggressive. It’s standing your ground but being classy. Being nice but firm in what you want to implement. You don’t really have to cause an argument just implement those. Being assertive is a skill and that is what airlines are looking for.


This job entails a lot of communication with the passengers, with your captains. That is the daily grind of the job. They need people who communicate very well. Not just on speaking in English. Also, the way they handle themselves. The number top source of problems in life and in Airline is miscommunication issues. That is why this is very important.


Now you have learned the Qualities of a Flight attendant that recruiters are looking for.

That’s lesson one and the next one will be lesson two.


What ensures a successful flight attendant interview? What does it really take to get your wings?

This is what I’m going to discuss with you guys on the next installment of this video. Part 2 of the Skype Group Session done on Saturday, June 3, 2017.

If you missed that live event, you can still catch up on what we talked about here.


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All of these materials are an excerpt from my book.

Ready for Take Off: 8 Proven Steps to get your Dream Job as a Flight Attendant.”



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Advice for Male Cabin Crew Applicants

male cabin crew applicant

This is made for those who requested for my advice for male cabin crew applicants. If you’re a male cabin crew applicant and you want to know my advice, check it out here!

You might have seen on my Facebook page a long time ago, I have created a live video wherein I asked you guys what are your questions for male cabin crew applicants. I found a male YouTuber who is a cabin crew and I actually asked him to do a video. I felt like I wasn’t the right person to give you advice but that person that I have requested to make a video became so busy and unfortunately we’re not able to push through with the video.

Now I have all these questions from you guys and I don’t know what to do and how to answer them. Now I just created a video to answer all of your questions and I will answer them the best way I can look through the eyes of a recruiter. With my experience, with my friend’s experience who are males who also helped out get the job as a Flight attendant for Air Asia, PAL Express, and PAL. Most of my friends actually got in as well. I guess now I have reconsidered my evaluation of myself. I think I’m now qualified to give you advice if you’re a male and you’re cabin crew aspirant.


Let’s go through the comments

Here are the comments on Facebook from those of you guys who have been following me and I’m going to try to answer those questions!


1st Question…

“Hi misskay, I have been following you from a long time on YouTube and really thank you for all information. I really applied for Qatar 5x, but got rejected from open days. I can speak and write Arabic and fluent in English and some languages. I have been trained in cabin crew as I’m really confident to answer any question about CC. Please, I hope that you would advise for any special tips in the interview. Thank you!”

– Godfry Edrain

Godfry Edrian, my tip for you is to know what Qatar Airways wants and to really give it to them. I always say know your monsters to be able to slay it. You need to slay Qatar Airways. If you have been watching my videos especially the one about Qatar Airways application, most of them is directed or I was actually pertaining to female applicants. Because in the Philippines, they hire girls most of the time.

If you would see through my advice for the female applicants, it also applies to the male cabin crew applicant. The posture, eye contact, smile. It’s not only for the females, but you also have to do those. Qatar Airways is more on how you feel to them. That is why it is three days for them to decide that they want you in. You have to show them that you know about teamwork, you are a positive person, and you’re always portraying grace under pressure and you also are prepared. Preparation is the key. You said you speak different languages. When you sell yourself, sell yourself with a smile. Don’t give that air of “Okay I have this skill, I know that, I should be in” and you don’t smile! It’s like a little bit coming off as arrogant if you ask me. Try to avoid being arrogant as much as possible. That is the big NO-NO for the recruiters. They don’t want to hire arrogant people. They’re looking for humble people because your job is a humble job. It is a service job. Reality check!

It’s a service job with a lot of benefits of course. They’re looking for essentially humble people. People who can work with different people and different personalities. You show that through the interview or even if they’re not talking to you, they’re actually observing you. That is the thing with Qatar Airlines and most airlines as well. If you show them that you talk to your seatmates, you try to introduce yourself even if it’s not your turn and try to help one another. It’s a big thing that they see. Also, don’t yawn when they are doing the presentation. Don’t look tired and sleepy. I wasn’t there on your interview day so I wouldn’t be really able to pinpoint what it is that you need to improve just a little bit more of an idea when it comes to Qatar Airways.


2nd Question…

“How to apply for PAL? Is it a plus factor if you know how to speak Arabic?”

– John Keivehn Samonte

John, you just have to go for their open day to apply. You have to portray their image. What is their image? PAL is a conservative company. They don’t want an ‘anime like’ hair style. That’s what I remember for the guys’ coz I have a friend who applied together with me before and they specifically asked those people with an anime hairstyle to have a haircut. You need to have a clean haircut, clean shave. You need to look like PAL cabin crew. What does PAL represent to you? It’s the flag carrier. If it’s possible for you to wear Barong, wear Barong, (No I’m kidding.) You need to wear Americana/suit or at least if not a suit, a long-sleeved shirt. You need to look fresh and look like you smell good. All of the other tips for passing the interviews applies to you guys even if you’re a male, it still applies to you. The eye contact, smile, posture and how to prepare the answer for the interview.

The only difference perhaps is the way you walk. When they asked you to walk, you don’t walk with your hips swaying. For male cabin crew applicant, you walk with your shoulders moving and your hips stay the same. Only girls move with their hips. Try to move naturally but try to be manlier about it. Manly and natural not too much exaggeration. As long as it looks natural, it looks nice, you’re in!


3rd Question…

“Hi! Is it needed to have 20/20 visual acuity to get hired in PAL?”

– Jarkyll Neverca Aclan

Yes, with or without glasses. They will not check that on the interview, but they will check it on the medical. Pass the interview first, during the medical you need to have your glasses on. With your glasses, your test result should be 20/20 vision. That’s what you really need, corrected glasses.


4th Question…

“Hi Dear, I’m Emdadul, I live in Qatar for 3 years, I worked in a Hotel, but I like to work as a cabin crew. It’s my dream, I applied so many times but I don’t receive anything, please can you give me some advice, please.”

– Emdadul Haque Riyadh

I guess, what is being asked is broad. If you tried before and you didn’t get in, you have to look into yourself what needs correction. Only you can answer that. Only you were present during those times. If you need to work on your confidence, work on your confidence. If you need to work on your preparation, work on your preparation. If you need to work on your energy, especially Qatar. They are very specific about this. Your energy, your vibe. How do you come up to them? You need to work on that. See for yourself where do you think in this aspect you lack. If you were able to pass the initial screening, like the height test, impact, you’re good! You just need a little more polishing.


That’s all the questions that we have on Facebook. I might do a Part Two Tips for male cabin crew applicant.

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How to gain confidence for your flight attendant interview.


Concrete steps on how to improve your confidence

Paano maging confident para sa iyong cabin crew/flight attendant interview?

Your wait is done! This is all about my tip for gaining self-confidence. For all of you have been asking me this question, this is for you!

A screenshot from Ellaventure on Twitter

How to boost your self-confidence?

  1. Know what is self-confidence.

It’s the way somebody talks or the way somebody walks or things like these. You are not wrong. This is right but the true meaning of self-confidence is being certain about something that means being confident just basically means BEING SURE. Being sure of yourself what you represent, what your values and what can you give on the table. It’s important that you understand that and integrate that to your psychology or the way that you think. This will really reflect in everything that you do.


  1. Be the right kind of confident.

There are different types of confident people, some people you may say not really the definition of confidence but is easily related to those cocky people, very arrogant people. In the Philippines, we call them signal number three. This is not the kind of confidence you need to be on your interview. You have to be the kind of confident. That is what they call quiet confidence. You’re not quiet but your confidence or the way you carry yourself speaks for yourself. That means you don’t have to speak or brag about things or talk about things that are not on the topic and you just want to mention it just to say or just to show that you are superior. Don’t ever be arrogant. Stay humble and be sure about yourself.

One example of this is…”Yes, I graduated as valedictorian in school.” This is not being arrogant. If the question is there about: What are your achievements? You can say it that way. Just another way to say arrogantly would be this “I graduated with the highest honors in our College, class of a thousand students!” It’s the way how you say it. If you have an attitude in the way you are saying or explaining things, that will come off as arrogant. You just have to say things as they are in a plain English Way.


  1. Prepare

You have to prepare because on the day. If your clothes are not ironed yet or you don’t know what you are going to wear. You don’t have your makeup ready, you still have to buy some more makeup on that day, and it’s going to be too stressful for you. It’s not going to look good. That also includes researching about the company and knowing what to answer to basic questions like: “Describe yourself, Sell yourself to me, what is your edge?”


  1. Research

You have to research which company you are going to apply for. Sometimes you just go and apply and not even prepared. You don’t know which company name it was. It happens, you just go from one interview to another interview another interview without even knowing what the company’s all about and what they represent.


  1. Take deep breaths

Inhale, Exhale. That would really help you a lot. It will help you slow down when you’re talking. If you talk too fast there is an indication that you are very nervous and you tend to make more mistakes. I have another trick that I used when I was joining the beauty pageant. When I was still a kid, being the tallest one in school, I’ve always automatically picked to represent the classroom. If they ask you a question, you have to answer them the way beauty pageant candidates will answer questions and they actually practice this with a mirror. If you have a memorized script, you have to answer it in front of a mirror and memorize your script. Practice in front of the mirror so you would know how to also project when you are delivering the answers. That is one basic trick that most beauty pageants candidates do before they enter a pageant. It is very helpful also for your job interviews.


6. Get professional help

If all else fails I would suggest you get help either from someone who has been through on what you’re going through. Maybe you have a friend is already a flight attendant or if you have a relative that is a teacher or an HR officer who can give you some tips and practice with them.

If you want the one-on-one session that will help you personally which areas you need to go through. I would suggest you go for a cabin attendant training school. There are many to choose from in the Philippines. I saw one from the Jose Rizal University that they have this kind of program. You can check that out. WCC and ICATS. I made a video about them (ICATS Flight attendant review school). We did a review on one of my friends who went to that flight attendant school.


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Can I be a Flight Attendant if? (Part II)

Can I be a Flight Attendant if?

Can I be a Flight Attendant if?

You requested it, you get it!

Basically, this is the same as I did two years ago…
Called “Can I still be a flight Attendant if ______?

Since most of you guys are asking these questions, I made another video just for you!

Let’s get started!


Can I be a Flight Attendant if?

1 .Can I be a Flight Attendant if I don’t know how to swim?  You can! But, you should know how to float!

Swimming like the professional kind of swimming is that really be all and end all of the things? Some airlines will test you in swimming before they hire you. However, most of the other airlines don’t. As long as if they told you to jump, you should jump your ass! You should really jump when they asked you to jump. That’s basically about it.


2. Can I be a Flight Attendant if I have tattoos? If it’s not showing, it’s okay!

Some airlines they will ask you if they want to know if you have any, then you could reveal it to them. Yes, you have a tattoo, but it’s not a big deal. Especially for Qatar Airways, they really ask. It’s a part of the system they ask on the second day. They would ask if are there any more tattoos that you would like to declare. Often, people are shy to say and would think that if they have a tattoo they will not get in. But I’m telling you guys, I was on the third day and some people have tattoos and it’s okay. They got in! However, it really depends on the season. Sometimes they hire people with tattoos, and sometimes they don’t. I really don’t know the reason why, but who knows what they are thinking. I assure you guys, on my third day in Qatar Airways, when I was applying back then. They gave us a paper with the picture of a man-like figure and told us to put our birthmarks, tattoos or moles. The interviewers asked us to put an “X” mark on the body part if you have such. Maybe they just want to identify our body in case of the worst case scenarios.

A viewer asked me, Nicole Benson. She is a cancer survivor and she had lost hair. So she had a tattoo on her eyebrows and hair extensions. I don’t think it really matters. But if they do ask you, tell them that “I have a tattoo on my brows because I’m a cancer survivor.” You could tell them that in a positive light – “and now I have a perfect eyebrow.” Don’t say it in a way that you’re shy or sad because of cancer or feeling down. Don’t ever show your energy go down. I think this is what they are looking for when they ask. They want to startle you “Hey do you have any tattoos or moles?” (you got caught).  We have those 3D tattoos that fade out in time. I think that’s okay. Those are cosmetic procedures to beautify ladies. I don’t think that’s really something that the recruiter would mind.

One of my tips on my blog way back, I shared that this is just a technique to see how confident you are in yourself. You have to say “Oh! Yes, I have a tattoo here.” (say it in a normal way but not over confidently) but if you say “I think I have a tattoo here…” (shy or hesitant) if you acted like that then they will not hire you. That’s just my psychology/thinking.


3. Extensions? It’s not allowed.

Also, Nicole asked me about hair extensions. Right now in my present company, it’s not allowed to have hair extensions. They’re not even allowing us to have nail extensions, fake nails, fake eyelashes and everything the like (fake/extensions). When You’re at the beginning of this industry they’re very strict with these. You could say that “Yeah, I have a hair extension.” If it’s just for the sake of beautifying yourself then they would ask you to remove it but then I think in your (Nicole) case it really depends because you’re a cancer survivor. Maybe they will give you some consideration. But per standard in the manual, it’s not allowed.

I would like to tell you guys, you have to pass the interviews first and then after you get qualified to become cabin crew, that’s the time that they will tell you to remove this… remove that… do this… and do that. It’s not a matter of having a tattoo then you won’t apply anymore because that’s not how it works. How it works in this industry is to apply first. If you qualify then you do those changes because if you removed your tattoo (laser gun or whatever) and then you got to the interview and they didn’t hire you. Damn girl that’s bad! First, make sure that they hire you before making any alternative changes on your body. They will basically tell you to do these changes and they will ask you if you’re willing to change these. If you get in of course the answer is yes, right?!


4. Moles, Syringomas, Scars, and Birthmarks? This goes the same as mentioned above. One of you guys asked me,  “If you have a syringoma and you’re a guy can you still be a flight attendant?” Same principle, apply first and see if they want you to remove those. Also with the scars and birthmarks.


5. Need to have smooth underarm? They won’t check.

Somebody actually asked me if it needs to have a smooth underarm. I thought, what do you know maybe they check the underarms. But in all of my experiences, they don’t and they haven’t. I don’t think they will. I hope so not. They don’t check underarms, don’t worry you’re good!


6.Can I be a Flight Attendant if I have Freckles? Yes, yes, yes!

I have a very good friend of mine, she has freckles on her face especially when the Sun hits her face. It all comes out, so it’s no problem. As I mentioned on my previous videos “If you can CONCEAL it, you can MAKE it!” Guys, you have freckles those are beautiful. When you’re applying, conceal it. Reserve those (freckles) for the sunny days or summer.


7. Can I be a Flight Attendant if I have Hairy arms? Bleach it.

I get this question a lot and I let me tell you something. When I was working as a flight attendant. They asked us to bleach our arms. In the Philippines, we have this bleaching powder ‘Etta’s’. It’s a powder that you mix with Hydrogen Peroxide and then you make a paste, then put it all over your arms then you make it stay for 30 minutes or so. Then wash it off. After, your hair becomes brown, cool right? No need to shave because some people don’t want to. It has side effects like it grows more and ingrown. It’s better to bleach to achieve that light brown color. Unless the person hiring tells you to shave them, then you have to! Male applicants don’t need to shave, just for female.


8. Can I be a Flight Attendant if I have Scoliosis? <15° you’re fine!

How much is scoliosis can they accept? All of us might have a certain degree of scoliosis. Airlines don’t check but some are very particular with this. Qatar Airways accepts up to 15 degrees of scoliosis, if it is more than that, I’m sorry but they won’t. It’s their own policy. However, for other airlines like Cebu Pac and PAL, they don’t really check unless in your general chest x-ray shows that you have a very curvy spine.


9. Height? 5’3ft/160cms is the standard.

I already talked about this on my previous video but I see that a lot of people still asking about the height. Most airlines require 5’3ft or 160cms and that is the standard. If you stand shorter than this, can tell you one event that happened in my previous company. We were lacking a lot in crew/manpower that time. The HR department didn’t specifically specify a height requirement but conducted a reach test for all applicants. If you can reach up to 200cms you’re in! That’s one of the reasons we had really cute petite girls with us. It was okay because they can reach the certain height requirement. Certain height requirement is needed because, in the aircraft, there is certain emergency equipment that you have to reach. You don’t have the time to look for something to step on. Sometimes they really need people. Your task as someone who is falling below 5’3, be aware of these hiring.


You got to have friends in the same circle like I mentioned in my other video. You got to have “applying friends/buddies” with you. Don’t lose hope! You could still travel the world either as a flight attendant or as a regular citizen.

This is not the be all and end all of it all. ??


If you want to watch the video, check it out here…


I hope you guys got your clarifications and if I get more questions that are unique and I think interesting then maybe I would do another video like this, maybe a part 3.

If you guys enjoyed this Can I be a Flight Attendant if blogpost please give it a big thumbs up.??? Let me know down in the comments if you have any other creative questions out there. Questions that I haven’t answered yet except for personal questions. If you’d like to watch more of my videos, feel free to subscribe to my channel and check me out my social medias.


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Should I get a Flight Attendant Course? ICATS FA School Review

Should I get a Flight Attendant Course? | MISSKAYKRIZZ


Flight Attendant Course:

Do I need the training to get a Flight Attendant Job? What are the advantages and disadvantages of enrolling in a Flight Attendant School? Is it gonna be worth it? Would I recommend it to you? How is it like? Would it give you an edge to the interview?

These are just one of those burning questions that you guys have been asking me for a couple of years now and I have always answered these questions based solely on my experience

To give a more educated answer, I did a little more digging and I explore the other side of the coin. I actually talked to 5 friends that have gone through the experience and learned some valuable insight. However, my friends are very camera-shy (typical Filipina quality) But, I am so happy that one of them finally agreed to share an interview and talk about their experience of taking a flight attendant course via one of the FA Schools available in the Philippines. I interviewed Mara, my friend. She went through a Flight attendant course in ICATS (flight attendant school).

Miss Mara and me during our Initial FA training as Official Cabin Crew in Middle East @maraclarazara
Miss Mara and me during our Initial FA training as Official Cabin Crew in Middle East @maraclarazara

We talked about:

  1. Why did she enroll in the flight attendant course/school in the first place?
  2. How was the training like of getting a flight attendant course?
  3. What were the advantages and disadvantages of going through a course like this?
  4. Would she recommend others to go for a flight attendant school?


So this is how the interview went and this is what she has to tell us…

Q – How did you decide that you wanted to enter the flight attendant school?

A – I knew about ICATS from my friend. She came from there and I saw her, she’s with Oman Air now. So I asked her how did she make it? She recommended (ICATS) so I decided to enroll.


Q – What can you tell about the class? How long did your class last?

A – 3 months (not so sure). It was 3 years ago. I think it’s 40 days. Weekends were not counted. Only week days.


Q – So what can you say about your experience with ICATS?

A –  First and for most, I met a lot of friends there. We have the same goals. There are a lot of things introduced about aviation. They have given a heads up about the world that you’ll enter. Because I have no experience working in airlines. So they were able to build up my confidence. They will teach you how to walk, makeup and everything. The instructors are very hands on. We were like family, yet they are very professional. I learned a lot.


Q –  Was it 8am-5pm class?

A – Yes, It’s a whole day class and we had exams too. There is a swimming class too I really enjoyed.


Q – What I heard about them, there is a screening? Will they interview you first before you enter (ICATS)?

A – Yes there is.  So not all who wants to enroll can enter. In that moment you’ll know if you’ll make it or not. The first day is the screening. There is a height requirement.


Q – What do they ask you, Is it same as the questions on the (Airline) Interview? What do they do on your screening?

A – They’ll ask like “Tell me something about yourself” and such.


Q – Will you know if you passed right away?

A – Yes.  They taught us to how to answer questions in the interview too. It was a big help. They have taught us so many things. Personal development, interview questions, and answers.


Q – I heard they have a training about aircraft like airport codes?

A – Yes. I have a book but I left it at home.


Q – They have a book?

A – Yes they have. Not all get the chance to enter the school. I was surprised.


Q – Do you recommend enrolling to a flight attendant school to aspiring flight attendants?

A – Yes of course!




Q – So we have talked about the pros, what can you tell about cons when going for a flight attendant school?

A – Well, you have to spend a lot of money. Because for me, I live in the province. I have to rent a dormitory for that and the food. I don’t have a salary. It’s like going back to school.


Q – How much did you pay?

A – I guess it’s 56k. (56,000Php)


Q – Is that with the uniforms and everything?

A – Yes, I think so. I’m not so sure coz it has been three years ago. I’m not sure now. Maybe they could check on the website or maybe visit them.


Q – Where is their office?

A – It’s located in Pasig.


Q – What are the consequences in going for flight attendant school?

A – I’ll say the time. What if there is hiring (Airline walk-in/open day) and yet you’re still in the FA school and you paid already. Grab the opportunity immediately. Wherever you are, whatever you do, if you have the opportunity, grab it right away. The money for the dormitory and tuition fee.


Q – But over all, did you enjoy your experience there?

A – Yes of course. Until the graduation, we were all happy. The thing is, even if you enrolled in a flight attendant school, not everybody can get in an airline. Although you are together as friends. You can’t all enter at the same airline. I have a friend, she’s now on Qatar Airways. Others, they are now pilots. Maybe they fell in love and they want to do other kinds of stuff. Then the other one went back as a nurse. It still depends on you. What you really want to do. Like it was served to you but you’ll decide what to do next. If you’re really motivated. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll be a flight attendant even if you went to the flight attendant school. Although they will help and prepare you for the interview. That’s what I liked the most of the instructors, they will really help you in the instructions. They are very organized.


Q – How was it before when you were applying? Have you had any special treatment?

A – Somehow yes, we were prioritized


Q – Were you placed on the priority list like there is a special line for the graduates of the flight attendant school?

A – Yes that’s right.


Q – Do they message you?

A – Yes. They’ll let you know if there is an opening for a certain airline. They will follow up necessary information you need to know. You’re on-track where you will apply. That’s the benefit.


Q – Everybody will fall in line, but you have your own line (FA school graduates) right?

A – Yes, that’s correct.


Q – Does that apply to all hirings or does it depends?

A – As long as it has been referred by ICATS.


Q –  I remember, PalEx had a hiring only for ICATS graduates. They had a picture before. Have you not heard about that?

A – No, I was too busy flying around. I’m proud to say that I came from ICATS.  I strongly recommend ICATS. Coz I came from there of where and look where I am now and I still look back where I came from.




Thank you, Mara, for sharing! I Hope you enjoyed that interview. A quick recap of everything of going through a flight attendant school are the following:

Disadvantages/Cons: The money, time, and it is not a guarantee to get hired as an FA even if you graduated the flight attendant course.

Advantages/Pros: You get introduced to the aviation world so that during the training you will not be so overwhelmed with trying to cram everything on that small span of time. They will give you interview skills. Teach you personality development. How to do your makeup. Affiliation with different airlines that are hiring. That means they will call you up if an airline is hiring and tell you to prepare. I think it’s a bit personalized when you get in to the flight attendant course.


Interested in checking out this flight attendant school? I’ve put a link down below which is their contact form that means that you will get an interview scheduled. Pass their physical assessment then you will be able to go and enroll in their school.

Schedule a Physical Assessment with ICATS here

If you pass the screening… Because you watched this video, you can get a CASH PAYMENT Discount of Php1,523.00 on your tuition fee or for Installment Option: Get a FREE Polo Shirt (part of the school uniform)

Just use the PROMO CODE “Misskaykrizz” on your inquiry form and physical assessment form, where they ask you how did you learn about their training school.


Full Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored.  MissKaykrizz gets an affiliation fee only for every successful student enrollee. Opinions expressed based on experience for education purpose only. No intention to cause any harm to parties mentioned. Guest and Host do not represent any airline company or Flight attendant School. Typos and inaccurate information due to the time factor in the conversation may not be construed as misrepresentation.

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