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Buntis Haul: First trimester of Being Pregnant

Hey guys Misskaykrizz here, I am pregnant, so today I’m going to give you a pregnancy Haul or what I bought when I found out that I was pregnant and the things that has been Able to help me out in my first and second trimester of pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and you’re interested in this kind of blog, welcome to this Buntis Haul and let’s get on right into it!

maxresdefault (1)

1st Trimester of being Pregnant

Hey guys, we found out that I was pregnant while we were in Germany. we were on our vacation there and that actually made like 50 percent of the decision why I wanted to quit my job, because I really wanted to be there for the baby. I never had a mother so I always thought to myself if I become a mother I’m gonna be there 100% and that’s what I did so anyways let’s get all the things that I bought the moment that I found out that I was pregnant.

I know I have to get a vitamins, Pre-natal vitamins or something like that or Pregnancy vitamins. It’s kind of hard to find it there but I found this medicine this is a folic acid medicine. It’s a Milligrams Folic Acid with Vitamin B3 and B12 and I don’t know. but this is in German, He actually bought this with me. It is something that you drink once a day. It’s a folic acid It’s really good for the baby the developing fetus. It’s the very first thing that I bought and then I started having this pimples and break ups all over the place I guess that’s just part of the pregnancy. I’m so afraid to use medicines that will affect the baby, so I researched online on what to use on your pimples when you’re pregnant and I learned that I can use a Tea tree cream Because it’s organic. It’s natural, I can use it to dry out my pimples. I’ve been using this ever since. I found this really efficient on removing my pimple or zits, and you can’t really control your hormone.

Another problem i have in my pregnancy is morning sickness. I have morning sickness when ate my food in the morning, Good thing I read somewhere that eating familiar foods will make your morning sickness gone. Another thing, they told me that you should not get hungry, cause it will make you nauseous. They bought me sky flakes crackers because this actually helps out with the morning sickness. I guess I did a lot of research about morning sickness as well It happens a lot when you’re hungry, or you didn’t feed yourself well. Every two hours I kind of like will eat this with a tea or With something hot hot cocoa and it really calms my tummy And it really calms the nausea and the morning sickness in general. I have different variants of the crackers. But I just really like the bread sky flakes. I really made it difficult for John and John’s family because I only eat the ones that I’m familiar with. They really need to look for a Filipino food in a foreign country.

I also learned that dates are very good for you, so I bought some dates while I was there.  These dates are actually food that people in the middle east eat when they are crossing the desert. they can survive on this for days and this is actually very healthy for you and the baby. It is actually natural sugar and you can a smoothies out of it. If you are pregnant You need to eat lots of dates because you need to have a lot of sugar. if you’re craving for sugar instead of going for an ice cream, Go for dates. So I really like these dates that we had and the number one problem that I had was Yeah, like the the nausea the morning sickness in tagalog *Pag susuka, Nahiilo*.

Theres another food that cures my morning sickness, it’s ginger Candies. so john bought a lot of ginger candies, I guess I finished like three packs of this, so whenever I feel queasy or *Nihihilo, Nasusuka* or not feeling well in general, I would snack on this little candies right here. It’s ginger flavored, and it’s sometimes it’s mixed with orange or lemon and it’s really good so this really helped me a lot.

So john’s sister loves tea so do I so she recommended different types of tea for me. She gave me tea that doesn’t have caffeine and so she had picked everything and she brought it back for me. She shipped it to us she she actually have it back for us, so I have lots and lots of tea. So some of this tea are Classic Chai-tea. just make sure that the tea doesn’t have caffeine because it’s not good for you if you’re pregnant. So I have this classic chai-tea, Chamomile tea for you to help you to sleep and organic Red bush. It’s all organic and everything without caffeine. Usually if we talk about tea we talk about black tea the yellow label and that has the most caffeine in all kinds of teas. If you are reading this Janice Thank you so much for your gifts, it really helps me when I am sick. I would sometimes drink tea and sky flakes and have some ginger Candy. That’s my formula to combat morning sickness. My favorite is the peppermint tea, it helps my tummy feel good when i feel so bloated.

Let’s move on to the things that I got as a gift from John’s family. They are so sweet when we were going back to the Philippines, they they gave us things that are hard to find or expensive here in the Philippines. He gave us this baby monitor, this is called Angel care, so this baby monitor It has something that you put on the bed and it monitors the breathing of the baby so you would know that the baby is breathing sometimes when the baby just stopped breathing cause of Apnea or something like that. And also, it monitors the sound and everything else. I’m not really techie, but yeah this is really good and nice and we can’t find the same thing here in the Philippines. If you are reading this daddy Jo thank you for this gift so this is actually a 160 Euros. Just look for the rate of how much it is in peso. it’s really expensive and so I’m hoping that I could use this with This baby and more of your babies that are coming So this is a gift from John’s Dad.

This is a gift from John’s sister, this is a baby carrier cloth. I can’t wait to use this when the baby is out. Thank you Janice! and I really love the color. We have the same color choices. I really like this Neutral and smooth color.

I also want something for the tummy. I started putting oils and creams on a tummy as soon as I know I was pregnant. I don’t want to have stretch marks. So this is what I use the first image is the tummy butter by followers. It’s really nice, it’s really smells good. I realized later on that you only use this after pregnancy. So I switch back to my original plan which is bio oil. Bio oil is actually one of the holy grail products out there. It is used by flight attendants for stretch marks and Scars Acne Scars and they use this as a moisturizer That’s why I’ve been familiar with this before. Bio oil is something that I have hoarded ever since because during winter times. I would use it as a moisturizer at night and it really plumps my skin back because it’s really dry. I got the cheapest one you can buy this from India. I bought lots of bio oil, and yeah, I start on it. I’m so shocked how expensive it is in the Philippines. This is actually $4.99 at Watsons for a small bottle but yeah, I just bought one because I I really felt that my skin is stretching out. So this really helps me feel like I’m prepping my skin for all the work that it’s going to go through. I use it twice a day in the morning and at night. Hopefully that i wont get so many stretch marks.

So guys thanks for reading this blog, i hope you guys learned something about being pregnant and the stuff that I bought for my pregnancy!

If you want to watch the VLOG version of this blog, You can watch it right here!



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Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair

Today’s topic is a beauty blog. Where I’m going to tell how I would put my makeup if I were to apply to Air Asia Cabin Crew recruitment.

Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZ

Here is my step-by-step Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair.

I’m going to start with a moisturizer from Nuxe. I’ll put it all over my face and neck. After I moisturize my face, I’ll put mineral water which is Bio Essence Water (it’s like Avian). Dump in my face coz I have a very dry skin. Next thing, I’m going to use my Naturactor Cover Face Concealer no. 130. This concealer is for acidic type. It’s my number one concealer because it suits my skin ever since I started using makeup. I put it under my eyes and forehead. If you have blemishes that you want to cover, it’s nice to use a concealer one shade darker than your skin. You may notice that the makeup looks a little bit lighter than my skin. It’s actually good coz after a few hours it will blend out. This is the technique if you have acidic skin.

Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZ

You should use a lighter shade when you apply your makeup coz later it gets oxidized and it will become darker. If you use just the right amount or just the right color of your skin tone as your make up later on, since you have acidic skin, it will come off darker. It’s better to use a shade one step lighter. Then, I’ll use Missha Perfect Cover BB cream. It’s one of my favorite Korean brands.

Have you ever heard of the quote “The girl’s main weapons are tears and makeup.

Next, I’ll use Contouring Palette from Douglas which I bought in Germany. I like using the yellowish shade (in the middle). Just set those areas that easily gets greasy. Those are the under eye area, nose, and laugh lines. I’m using a foundation brush which is probably not the right brush for this purpose (Lol!).Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZ I love the light brown in the middle like earth tone to do my contouring. I tend to have a really white hairline when I do my makeup so I’ll start it there. Then on the cheeks and also on the chin. Of course on the nose line as well. We need to contour our nose, especially if you’re Asian or you’re a Filipino. This is a must!

Now we will move on to the eyebrows. I’m using Anastasia Pomade in dark brown and I’m using brush number 14. I really like this, coz I’ve always been struggling witAir Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZh my non-existent eyebrows and I have done some research (of course). So far this has been the most suggested. Dip the tip of the brush relines the brows. Line carefully starting from the bottom of the brow. I like Pomade coz you can use it artistically as if you are drawing little hair on your brows. It gives additional hair on our non-existent brows. Also, you can make it very dark to make a statement and that is very nice if you are going for an interview. Sometimes you want to have statement brows. You don’t want it to look as tough as those pencils. Pomade gives a very different texture than the pencil. Also, it lasts longer even you sweat. Unless you remove it by hand. In front, it should always be lighter than the middle and last part of the brow. You’ll have your instant brows.

Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZ

Another of my secret weapon for the eyebrows is the Benefit Gimme Brow. I love using it because it really puts the hair up together and it gives more definition on eyebrows. It gives a thicker look. Apply concealer underneath and above the brow to make it pop and make the eyebrows cleaner.

We will move on to the eyeshadows. I like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion for the eyeshadow. With it, it really keeps the eyeshadow colors. If you are going for an interview and it take you the whole day process, it’s nice to have a primer so the makeup would stick and last longer. For my base, I going to use pinkish brown color. I’m using eyeshadow palette is Maybelline The Blushed Nudes. I’m going to put it all over my eyelid. I’m going to use shade Naked 2 for the outer layers. Start at the outer layer the eye to create depth. Also, makeup depends on what kind of eyes you have. I’m going to use the maroonish brown color in Maybelline The Blushed Nudes and apply iAir Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZn the middle part to make it pop a little bit. Now we have to highlight underneath the eyebrows. I’ll use the white shimmery one. Apply it on the area where we put concealer. Also outside of it to highlight, on top of the darker eyeshadow. Lastly, I’m going to use the base that we used underneath my eyes. I’m using an angled brush to put it on the waterline to give an accent.

Now let’s move on the eyeliner. I don’t know about you guys but for me, I don’t like to touch my eyes with my hand. I simply use a beauty blender. I usually line only the half of my eyes (outer side through the middle). My eyes are little bit chinky but they’re big. I’m trying to capitalize on that to make it look bigger. Doing a half line actually give that illusion that your eyes are bigger. Use the angled brush to blend out.

If I do a full eyeliner, I really look weird. I look sassy. So if your face is something like that, you have to work with that. I want to look gentle and charming so I won’t do a full eyeliner. It will make my eyes stronger and we don’t want to look strong during the interview. We want to look friendly and appAir Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZroachable. I’m using Catrice Liquid Eyeliner. This is also from Germany. Most of my make up now, I bought from my vacation in Germany. I’m going to tight-line my eye using the eyeliner. I use liquid eyeliner coz my eyes are monolid. The gel ones don’t work for me coz it gets smudged easily. The gel eyeliner transfers to the upper lid when I blink. I do tight lining coz I find it best for my eyes. I don’t make my eyeliner too thick coz I’ll look too sassy. Going to put a little bit on the wing just for fun!?

I’m using Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler to curl my lashes. Shu Uemura really works and it’s durable. I’m going to use Face Shop Mascara sponsored by Regina my friend. She always give this to me during Christmas, Birthdays and New Year’s so I have a steady supply of FS mascara. It really makes my lashes longer.

Next step of the makeup process is doing the blush on. I’m going to do the Air Asia Open Day Interview Makeup and Hair | MISSKAYKRIZZblush on using the Naked Urban Decay Flushed Palette for the blush. This is a bronzer-highlighter-blush all-in-1. I’ll go for the Pink blush on. This is my “Go-To Blush” if I want to stand out. It’s for special occasion. That’s why I don’t usually use it every day. It complements the contouring. I like using the highlighter above the cheeks. Do it in a check motion to till the side of your face. Also put it on your nose bridge, temples and on your chin. Just apply few so we won’t look like a Stop Light. It really makes the difference on your makeup. Right?

For the lips, I’m going to use a Lip Liner by Kiko – Dark pink lip liner. This really defines my lips. Air Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish TutorialIt looks clean when you use a lip liner before a lipstick. I only use this again for special occasions.I will put it all over my lips so it will hold my lipstick longer. I want to put another lipstick on top of it so the makeup will look astonishing. If it goes beyond, you can use a cotton buds to clear it up nicely. It’s No. 314 from Kiko. I’d like to use the Urban Decay Mega Matte in Crank. Actually, it just says Mega Matte but it really feels like it’s not super matte. Semi-creamy and semi-matte. My lips don’t get dry on this. I really like this. I like the combination of this lipstick and lip liner.

Now we’re going to fix my hair. Air Asia like their Flight attendants to put their hair down. That’s one of the things that makes them different. Make sure that you put your hair in a nice hairdo which is hanging loosely or freely. Don’t wear your hair up coz if you put it up, they will ask you to put it down. It’s better to put it down the best way possible instead of untying it there and may ruin your hairdo. You won’t have a hairdresser thAir Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish Tutorialere. I like to use a dry shampoo. Even after I have taken a shower, this texturizes and volumizes my hair. Let that soak in my hair. I’ll just brush up my hair. If you guys want to make your hair nicer, you can use a flat iron or you can curl it. Can hire a hairdresser like for a wedding? Yes, that will be nice as well. It wouldn’t hurt to have extra help during the day.  If it would boost your confidence and it would help you. If your budget permits then why not. Why not coconut? I’m just going to for a very casual short hair look because I can pull it off. Even I go to the interview like this. I’m just going to fix my hair to look casual but still volumized.

Air Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish Tutorial

Air Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish Tutorial

Air Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish Tutorial
Air Asia Open Day Interview Make-up and Hair |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines) Taglish Tutorial

Lengthy but this will be my final look (hair and makeup) for the Air Asia Cabin Crew recruitment day if I were to apply to them.


Here are the lists of the makeup that I used for Air Asia recruitment day:

1. Nuxe Moisturizer
2. Bio essence water
3. Naturactor Cover Face Foundation Concealer no. 130
4. Missha BB Cream
5. Douglas Contour Palette

1. Anastasia Pomade – dark brown
2. Brush no. 14
3. Benefit Give me Brow

1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
2. Maybelline The Blushed Nudes
3. Naked Urban Decay Basics

1. Pencil eyeliner
2. Catrice Liquid Eyeliner

1. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
2. Face Shop Mascara

1. Naked Urban Decay Flushed Palette – Pink Blush on
2. Naked Urban Decay Flushed Palette – Highlighter

1. Kiko Lip Liner – Dark Pink #314
2. Urban Decay Mega Matte – Crank

1. Dry Shampoo


You can also watch the video here!

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I will fly with you soon! ✈


xoxo Misskaykrizz ?

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What is in my Suitcase? | Flight Attendant Edition


What is in my suitcase?

Packing can be very stressful.

I know from my own experience that I tend to over pack my bags for most of my trips. Guilty!

However, good thing I have become a flight attendant and with practice that I have been able to eliminate a LOT of unnecessary stuff and now I am sticking to the basics!

On this video I have opened up my suitcase and show you guys all of my layover essentials.
The things that I always bring with me to any destination.
I packed my bag for both warm and cold weather and approximately a 24 – hour stay.

From my electronics, toiletries, what kind of shoes do I bring and the outfits that I pack to prepare for both warm and cold weather.
One thing I forgot to show in this video though are my pajamas! 🙂
Just a Fun fact ;p



What is in my handbag? | Flight Attendant Edition

Inspired by what is in my bag videos, I figured I would love to do one that is a Flight Attendant Edition.
In this video I talk about What is in my Handbag? The Essential things as a cabin crew / flight attendants.

Starting off with my travel documents and licenses.

Beauty essentials, the basics like my phone and wallet and a whole lot of little hack items that help me to always have a smooth and fabulous flight.

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Get Ready With Me: Flight Attendant Edition

get ready with me flight attendant

A few months ago I received a request from you guys for me to make updated Get Ready with Me video. I love watching Get Ready with me videos! So I figured I would like to make one that is a Flight Attendant Edition.

This is me getting ready for an actual flight.

I show you guys how I prepare, what I eat, How I do my hair and make up.

Enjoy loves!





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London Haul | Flight Attendant Shopping

London Haul is an idea that came about as I was vlogging in London.

As a girl, more than being a flight attendant shopping is one of the best activities that I enjoy. Especially if I am on new territory. 🙂

I just thought it would be cool to create haul videos on places that I would be visiting and what I would buy from there.

As a flight attendant I did notice some items are great to buy from a specific place.

I do hope to show you some of these during this haul video series that I will be making.


Thank you all for the positive comments and requests that you have sent me on my YouTube videos and that really inspires me to keep on creating for you guys!


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Room Tour 2016


It has been two years since I moved to the middle east. Now I would like to show an updated room tour 2016. Just to show you what my accommodation looks like.

For the love of room tours. 🙂

I will be showing you guys where I make my videos, How I set up my background and my lighting 😉

I have really nothing much to say about this video but go on ahead and enjoy!

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Flight Attendant Make-up Tutorial

flight attendant make-up tutorial
Make-up Tutorial is one of the most requested videos I get from you guys.
How does a flight attendant / cabin crew do her make-up for work?
I have received a request from you to show you how I would do my make-up for my work as a cabin crew / flight attendant.
So here is my answer to that request. I hope you find it useful!
If you have any other request for a video don’t hesitate to comment below! I read all your comments!
This is my first time to make a video that is a make-up tutorial. I  am actually a little nervous about it but I hope you guys like it and let me know what other kind of make-up tutorials you would like to see in the future!

THE PRODUCTS THAT I USED for this flight attendant make-up tutorial video:

Rimmel eyebrow pencil 002 hazel
Naked Basic 1 Palette http://ho.lazada.com.ph/SHFtA5
Gimme Brows by Benefit http://ho.lazada.com.ph/SHFtAN
Naturactor Face cover concealer http://ho.lazada.com.ph/SHFtAD
Mac Face Foundation in NC 30
Naked Basic 1 Palette http://ho.lazada.com.ph/SHFtA5
Sephora Blush On
Shade: Sweet on you
9to5 Lakme eyeshadow palette
Naked Basic 1  Palette
Maybelline Khol Eyeliner
NYX Glam Stick
Liquid Eyeliner:
Rimmel Exaggerated Liquid Eyeliner
Korean Mascara
What I use now: http://ho.lazada.com.ph/SHFtAd
Sephora Lip Cream 01
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/misskayk
Be a flight attendant Blog by Kaykrizz:  http://eepurl.com/bFktVH
If you have any questions for me:
Send me your question via twitter with the hashtag #AskKaykrizz
@misskaykrizz and be featured on my next video!!
**This video is not sponsored. Links to the products I use are affiliate links.
Without further ado, Here is the video! I hope you enjoy it!

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How I treated my Acne a.k.a. Pimples

how i treated my acne

Happy Holidays everyone! A few days ago I uploaded a video on my YouTube Channel  on how i treated my acne and pimples even if I am wearing make-up in my daily work as a Flight Attendant.

Struggling with acne and still have to wear make-up for work T-T

For those of you who can’t access the video here is a summarized written version of the video!

how i treated my acne
struggling with acne but still have to wear make up to work 🙁

First of all Acne affects all of us! young, old, girl, boy, people who wear make-up and those who doesn’t wear make-up at all. The common factor for all these demographics are most of them are undergoing some STRESS. It may be a personal struggle, emotional, mental or physical stress. It is a natural reaction for our body to break out. So on this how i treated my acne article. I based the treatment of my Acne with this fact.

Steps on how I treated my acne:

Step 1. PALEO Diet

I was looking for really treating the acne from the root cause not just for any quick fix which work at first and then back to the same problem all over again.
I found out about Paleo Diet and its a miracle worker for me.
I cleaned up my diet because really you are what you eat. This cleans up your system of toxins, gets your Hormones regulated and will get you healthier as well and cope with your Stress much better.

Step 2: Relaxation Techniques (De-stress  yourself)

Once your body is fed clean and healthy food, get your mind in line by distressing yourself. Each to is own, so I find out what works best for you to do this. Solving/ Facing your current problem or trials be the best way to do this. But I know not all can be done in one day, so for the meantime. Listen to relaxing music, see nature, play with your pet or babies. For me, The  best way to relax is  doing YOGA daily and Meditation with my aromatherapy oil burning in the room.
Find your distressing activity ASAP.

Step 3:Switch to Milder Products
I changed all my products to ones that are soap-free and for sensitive skin.
My facial cleanser, Hair shampoos and toothbrush.

Step 4: Clean Pillowcase and Beddings
Since we spend 6-10 hours sleeping and most probably with our face in contact with the pillows and sheets makes sense to keep these absolutely clean.
I change my sheets every 3 days when I was suffering from acne.

Step 5: Get enough Sleep
Sleep is really the best way to heal. Get as much as you can!!

One final say, Try to shift your focus on something else. For me and my experience, I struggled with acne for about 9 months and I noticed  when I finally gave up and stopped obsessing about them is the time that they eventually went away >.< True Story!

I wish you all clear skin all throughout 2016!

Love you all!


For those who wants to see the video, how i treated my acne? Check it out!

Note: This video and post is not sponsored

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Easy Hairstyles for your Cabin Crew Interview

Easy Hairstyles for your Cabin Crew Interview
Hey guys!
I am back with a hair tutorial for you.
Not just any hair tutorial but a Hairstyle tutorial but the Easy Hairstyles for your Cabin Crew Interview!
I noticed every time that I would post a picture of how I did my hair style for a flight in instagram (@misskaykrizz), a lot of you would comment and request for a hair tutorial video. I thought this would be really fun and finally got the time to do this and here I am super excited to show you this 😀
These hair styles are great for a cabin crew interviews because these are actually the approved hairstyles in my own airline.
Of course there are more hair styles than these for a cabin crew at work or a cabin crew interview but I chose to do the easiest ones! >.<

The styles are:

Donut Bun Hair Style
-with the use of a donut bun to make your hair look fluffier than it actually is.
French Twist
– the classic french twist is actually very flattering for some face shapes but will always give you that glamour girl style best with red lipstick.
Croissant Style
 -i newly discovered this hairstyle and I am obsessed with it. I love how easy it is to do and also very very girly.
If it is the first time that you would try these Easy Hairstyles for your Cabin Crew Interview it may take you 10-15 minutes to do it. But with practice these interview hair styles are easily done within 5 minutes. I can guarantee this personally! That is the reason why I love these styles so much!
I would like to show you how I did each style in the video so I hope you can watch it and
I hope you enjoy the video as much as how I enjoyed making it!
Here is the video: