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Why You Did Not Get Chosen During The Cabin Crew Recruitment Even If You Did Everything Right?


Cabin Crew Recruitment

Have you ever tried going on a Cabin Crew Recruitment and you felt like everything went well except that you did not get the job? You have been racking your brain as to where it might have gone wrong but you just can't figure it out?

In this article, we will try to shed some light on that and will enumerate the ways the recruiter is evaluating you without you knowing it.

Here is a scenario: You woke up extra early to attend a  Cabin Crew Recruitment Day. You arrived at the venue super early and started lining up. Waited 2 hours for your turn for an interview, your turn came, you spent exactly 5 minutes talking to the recruiter, and then you are done.

You waited for the next day's invitation text but sadly nothing came. What went wrong? You replayed your 5-minute interaction in your head over and over but you just can't figure out what went wrong.

I have a few theories about why is that and let's go ahead and dive into it!

3 Theories Why You're OUT as a Cabin Crew Candidate

Here are the possible ways the recruiter has crossed you off from the potential candidate list without you knowing it.

Why You Did Not Get Chosen During The Cabin Crew Recruitment Even If You Did Everything Right?

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1. Body Language

Our body language says a lot about us without us actually saying anything. Recruiters are trained to read body language to figure out which candidate will be most fitting to the role. So even if we say the right things however we can't keep eye contact, we slouch, we frown unconsciously or cross our arms, etc. They may think this is a red flag and you might not get invited to the next round.

TOP TIP! Your body language evaluation does not start after the question is asked, you have to watch your body language the moment you enter the room, while waiting for your turn, and after the interview is concluded and you are on your way out to the door. The evaluation doesn't start or stop during the conversation and when I realized this on my application days it drastically changed my results! so keep in mind the interview does not start when you start talking. Sometimes it is called the impact interview and the key to this is to be mindful even before the talking starts.


Why You Did Not Get Chosen During The Cabin Crew Recruitment Even If You Did Everything Right?
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2. Not following Instructions

Due to the number of candidates coming at them at the level of a thousands a day, recruiters have devised ways to get to the quality candidates as soon as possible. One of their favorite ways of doing this is to put up instructions on the job advertisement or even say it during the opening announcement and evaluate who followed the instructions and who did not.

Some examples of this can be as simple as asking applicants to wear a short sleeve blouse over a blazer jacket during the day and those who did not follow will automatically be crossed out because an essential quality was missed. That is the ability to follow instructions. So no matter how good your make up is, or how well written your resume is, or how qualified your experience is, they are not afraid to cross you out just because of the fact that they have:

1. thousands of applicants to choose from and

2. they put more value on this quality over the rest.

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Why You Did Not Get Chosen During The Cabin Crew Recruitment Even If You Did Everything Right?

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3. Reactive Negativism

I give this phenomenon this funny name because you never know it was happening. You see during the interview you purposely want to be positive right? so you will never be negative or frowning on purpose. So what the interviewers will do is to try to catch you off-guard with questions and gestures that may trigger a negative reaction.

The first example is the question: What happened to your last application?

Obviously, the answer is that you did not get in that is why you are applying once again right?

However, if you answer in a negative light they will know your tendency to think in the negative.

The trick here is to frame your negative experience into a positive experience like: you learned a lot, you enjoyed the process, and you gained friends/ experiences.

The second example is during the physical inspection: Going super close to your face and asking you if that is a pimple or a scar.

We definitely can get caught off guard at this moment with the invasion of your private space and the frowning face of the recruiter. We naturally might back off, get offensive or admit to the scar or pimple.

This will  get you on the try again next time list because during this moment they feel like they saw your true nature. The trick here again is to always treat everything as a test and try to respond as positively as you can.

I have a friend who was asked if her lashes were fake( she naturally has thick lashes) the recruiter was in her face and frowning. Her initial response was to laugh at the question and reassured them it was real and even tugged at them laughing. She got through that round and made it to the final interviews.


If you want to watch a video version of this vlog go ahead and watch it here: https://youtu.be/2Ph1wCWSY6c

Why You Did Not Get Chosen During The Cabin Crew Recruitment Even If You Did Everything Right?


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