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What is the Criteria for Cabin Crew?

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What is the Criteria for Cabin Crew

What are the recruiter’s criteria for a cabin crew applicant? Here I will share the criteria based on my experience. First, the non-negotiables. These are the information printed and posted on the job advertisement such as in airline’s social media accounts. 

Physical Aspect

1. Height:

Philippines - 5’3” ft; International - 158 cm; Reach Test 212 cm

2. Weight - Your height should corresponds to standard weight based on BMI, Body Mass Index which mainly calculates if you are acceptable or not. Saudi airlines is strict on this unlike PAL, PAL Express, and Qatar Airway.

3. Fitness - You should also pass the medical fitness test. If you have an asthma, your anemic, or you have scars on your lungs then you are not fit. Domestic and international airlines set different standards based on the country’s policies like in the Middle East, they will not allow a cabin crew with scars on lungs.

4. Grooming - Definitely, you must have that professional look and image of a flight  attendant like you make-up, well-ironed clothes, and fixed hair.



1. Teamwork - You must be able to work in a team setting. Why? Because being a flight attendant requires you to do - your daily grind will always be to work with the captain, co-worker, supervisor, and ground crew.

2. Customer Service - You are the face and front liner. You therefore represents the image of the airline. You deal with passengers who are hungry, thirsty, sad, tired, sleep deprived, or has no one to talk to. When a customer is frustrated, you must not add fire in it but rather resolve and make him/her calm down.

3. Flexible - Flight attendant’s schedule is not an 8am-5pm job, but instead you have to work at night, morning, or be in the places with cold weather or be in desert. Also, there are times that your scheduled will be changed, either earlier or cancelled.

4. Confidence Level - They will ask you to do group or individual  presentation like ramp exercise by modelling. They want to ensure that you will be able to carry yourself in front of a lot of people and imposed the airline’s rules and regulations. You are like a live show which people looks at whether you like it or not. Also, there are times that you are the barer of some news on flight delay, emergency, etc.

5. English skills - Not about proper construction of sentences but rather your communication skills. You must have basic English communication skills in speaking to avoid misunderstandings or even accidents which may result to airline’s liability.

6. Educational requirement - To apply as a flight attendant, you must be able to finished high school. In the recent post at Facebook that PAL now accepts K12 graduates. While PAL Express requires college graduate. I suggest you can have a good study habit to answer CAAB officers whom asks you about safety, security and emergency measures questions.

Desirable traits

1. Responsible to do tasks with accountability

2. Understanding to do customer service

3. Great speaking skills to do flight announcements, must be well-versed and well-spoken.

4. With positive outlook in life to work 12-hr shift.

5. Lifestyle shows how can you sustain yourself as an independent and strong being.

Basically, the application won’t be that easy for interviews, tests and examinations by looking at these above mentioned criteria. You, yourself can able to assess it beforehand if you are qualified or not. Being a flight attendant is not just the physical aspects such as looks and makeup but rather with enough skills and traits to be able to the role professionally as she/he represent as the face and image of the airline.

This is about recruiter’s criteria for a cabin crew applicant based on my experience which are non-negotiable in terms of physical aspect, skills, and desirable traits as the best fit candidate as flight attendant, and you can watch it here.

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