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What have you learned about yourself during pandemic? How to answer this question?


Interview Questions & Answers! (What have you learned about yourself during pandemic) by Miss Kaykrizz

In this blog, 

  • I am going to cover a common interview question that is being asked during the pandemic: What have you learned about yourself during pandemic? 
  • Example Answer to this difficult pandemic interview question.
  • Tips on how to answer the question correctly
  • Further resources to help you succeed

Hi I'm Ruth, and I help aspirants to simplify the complicated cabin crew interviews.

Before we start I want to invite you to download my freebie : 10 Cabin crew questions and sample answers. Here I listed the top 10 cabin crew interview questions and sample answers as well as an explanation of what the questions objectives are and how to formulate your unique answers. Get it now on misskaykrizz.com and I will also put it on the description box.

“The purpose of this interview question  is to gauge how you handle stressful situations and how you rise to the challenge”


You can answer this question in 2 ways:  

  1. the personal route and mention that you realized that you wanted to spend more time with your family

(insert my experience)

Speaking of personal questions, I did a video tutorial on how to answer: Why do you want to become a cabin crew member?I will put it in the description and cards for you to check out after watching this video.



  1. The professional route: share that you learned a new skill or spent time developing a new hobby.

(insert my experience)



 If your answer falls along more extracurricular lines, just be sure to tie it back to learnings and outcomes.


I  also did a video tutorial on how to answer: What challenges will the airline face in the future and how can you as the cabin crew help us overcome this?I will put it in the description and cards for you to check out after watching this video.


You don't have to make an elaborate and impressive answer to this question.  A simple answer that demonstrates vulnerability, honesty and a positive outlook in life would be enough like our sample answer coming up  right now



“Honestly, I have been overwhelmed with caregiving SICK FAMILY MEMBERS,  grieving our losses and  virtual schooling (or all of the above). 

What these past 2 years I have taught me is that I am  more resilient than I’d ever imagined and that when facing difficulties I can always take a deep breathe, let the panic pass and when I am calmer I come up with better solutions to the challenges.”

If you are curious what are the Types of cabin crew interview questions they ask during the interview. I have a full video tutorial about the 3 types of questions you need to prepare for here: It will be on the cards and the description box

Engagement: In the comments please share how you would answer this question and I will help you out on how to improve your answer for free!

Next MONDAY: I will be doing an interview tutorial for the question: Pandemic-Related Questions You Should Be Asking When It’s Your Turn

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If you want to mentally prepare for your interview and know what the airlines have been doing in the past and how I was able to get my job.


You can also watch a video version of this blog here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnc3F1BY6aU


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