Flight Attendant Blogs

  • FA Interview Question: Why did you choose to apply for our airline?

    Why did you choose to apply for our airline? What are the things you know about the airline? What are the information you need to know about the airline? Who is the CEO of the company? What is the airline’s history, culture, and tag line? How to properly explain your answer?

  • Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview: Tips Day 1

    How to apply in Qatar airlines? What to expect on day 1? What should I do? What are their standards? What are the tips to pass the day 1 assessment? How can I pleased the recruiters?
  • How to prepare for Flight Attendant Interview?

    This article is about answering FA interview questions with flying stars? A flight attendant applicant must able to answer different types of questions given by the interviewer, such as the basic questions, airline related questions, situational and emergency related questions, suprised questions, and behavorial or open-minded questions.