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The latest Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Hiring Process 2022

Spilling the tea on the latest  Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Hiring Process 2022

Hi dear #flyfam aspirants!

On today's blog I am sharing an interview with a successful Qatar Airways applicant as she spill the tea on the latest Cabin Crew Hiring process that happened here in the Peninsula Hotel, Philippines and spoiler alert! They are coming back next month so get all the details if you want to prepare.


What to expect on the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Hiring Process 2022?


Open doors at 8:00 am.

Before 8am there are a lot of applicants already

waiting time:

2 hours outside of the hotel

2 hours inside the hotel

Height Check before entering the interview room.

1-on-1 interview with IPAMS (agency) personnel

Hiring for Cabin Crew, Ground Staff and other position was done at the same recruitment so they write something on your resume.

MNL was written on her resume. It turns out it means she was recommended for the cabin crew position.


Lunch Break and come back.

Once back from lunch they were grouped by 12 people and after that they already asked everyone to fill up the official application form with Qatar Airways.

waited for 3 hours more

12 people inside the room. We were asked about our scars, no exam, no group activity then they already announced the 6 that will be asked to stay and 6 that were eliminated.

the 6 of them left inside the room were given the job offer already.


Total day processing: 1 day process only.

Among the 6 in their group, 1 was a fresh graduate and 5 of them have ex crew experience.



Tips for the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Hiring Process 2022

-Don't give up because you never know who will be interviewing you the next time.

- Practice your smile, in the mirror with your eyes so you know how you look like when you are smiling.

Your smile is the first thing that the interviewers will see when you are applying.

-Practice your posture

-Keep advancing yourself so if you apply you will be ready for the opportunity


Watch the full interview here: 


Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Hiring Process




If you are looking for tips and ideas on how to pass the cabin crew interviews, I would recommend for you watch/listen/read to the "10 things I would do differently if I were applying for the Cabin Crew Position today" if you want to have a bigger picture on how the recruitment has changed and have not changed and my strategy for the current times that we are in.

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