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PANDEMIC Interview Questions & Answers! (How have you developed during the pandemic — both personally and professionally?) by Miss Kaykrizz


In this blog,

  • I am going to cover a common interview question that is being asked during the pandemic: How have you developed during the pandemic — both personally and professionally?
  • Example Answer to this difficult pandemic interview question.
  • Tips on how to answer the question correctly.
  • Further resources to help you succeed

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Question: How have you developed during the pandemic — both personally and professionally?

Employers are always looking to hire people who are very creative and solutions-oriented. They want to know that you can make the most out of a bad situation.

Interviewers will also want to know how you personally coped with the pandemic and the challenges they presented. Be honest about the roller coaster journey you had,

Trust is earned with vulnerability and stories. Show that you are human, a future colleague they can relate to.”

 a simple way for sharing such stories is using the acronym:  C.A.R.


  • Challenge: Yes, you were in a challenging situation, but you made the best of it.
  • Action: Share when you took action to step up beyond your core role or had the curiosity to learn.
  • Result: Talk about the final positive result you obtained.

BUT BEWARE OF 1 THING: While honesty is encouraged, it is also important to keep some challenges private — especially when they involve previous employers.

“No matter how unsatisfactory ... your ex-employer’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, you should never share how you feel about it with your potential employer,”

“Even if you had good intentions, your interviewer will develop a negative perception of you and would prefer not to hire you to protect the organizational culture,” 

Speaking of employers, another common question they ask is “Why do you want to work for our airline” I have a video tutorial on how to answer that as well in this channel, I will put it in the description r the cards for you to check out after watching this video.



As we all know the pandemic has been a very challenging time for everyone,

I have dealt with these challenges in my personal and professional life.

MY PERSONAL Challenge: Dealing with loss. I lost my uncle and a dear friend from childhood during the pandemic and it has been devastating for all of us.


Action: This made me value life more and be more conscious of how I take good care of my health. So I started to change my eating habits, making sure I get enough sleep and took up a new sport as my exercise activity.


Result: We can never take back what we lost, the best thing that we can do is keep their stories alive, learn from them and try to move on and be a better version of ourselves. That is why since the pandemic I have lost a few pounds, learned a new sport (tennis) and really appreciate life more by being active and being with nature as much as I can.


ON  A PROFESSIONAL LEVEL MY CHALLENGE WAS- because of the restrictions we were ordered to work from home. It was a challenge to adjust to this new normal as I tend to overdo work since I am always at home with my laptop. 

A- I had to learn to keep a work life balance by managing my time wisely and learning how to close shop by implementing routines like dressing up for work even if I am just at home and dressing down when its time to wind down. Keep my distractions at bay when its time to work and keep work away when its time for a break.


R- the result is that I have become more efficient in managing my work -LIFE balance. That way I am more productive and happy while doing my job.

If you are curious what are the Types of cabin crew interview questions they ask during the interview. I have a full video tutorial about the 3 types of questions you need to prepare for here: It will be on the cards and the description box

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On the next blog: I will be doing an interview tutorial for the question: What have you learned about yourself during pandemic?

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